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Saddles with IDP™ from Saddlemen

Saddlemen seats have long been noted for their comfort, style and quality. The innovators at Saddlemen have been hard at work, designing new styles and adding new applications for the latest models. More than 100 new styles and designs have been added so that Saddlemen has the perfect saddle for your bike and riding style. All of the new designs are a result of our Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP™), which takes styling cues from each motorcycle and incorporates them into the contours and patterns of each new seat. What you get is a seat that looks and fits perfectly on your bike - no generic, “one size fits all” styling.

Not only does Saddlemen offer a great looking seat, they were able to create a more comfortable ride that is noticeable from the moment you get on. Almost two decades ago, Saddlemen was the innovator of SaddleGel™ for motorcycle seats, bringing over a gel technology widely used in medical applications. Now widely copied, but not duplicated, SaddleGel™ provides indisputable comfort. Adding to the comfort is their SaddleHyde™ covering, a glove-soft, leather like material that has the right amount of stretch built in to make better use of the SaddleGel™ underneath. Rounding out the comfort package is the Split-Cushion, which separates the vertical lumbar support area from the horizontal seating surface, eliminating the “hammock” effect found on conventional motorcycle seats.

Custom seat builds and modifications have been Saddlemen specialties since the founding of our company.

Our technicians have years of experience in seat design, customization and refurbishing, and whether in an all-new seat made from scratch, or providing subtle tailoring, recovering or reshaping of an existing stock seat, Saddlemen professionals have helped thousands of riders improve the comfort, utility and appearance of their machines' seats.

Saddlemen custom Harley motorcycle seat for Ultra

Saddlemen's proven design methods and superior materials and features work together to enhance the riding experience. We also have access to a excellent range of premium-grade cover materials, both synthetic and natural, to suit the widest range of tastes and specifications. Our foam formula offers the best combination of support, long life and comfort on the market.

One of our constant sources of work is providing seat refurbishing and modification services to the riding public, no matter what type of machine they ride. Whether replacing the cover on a favorite seat, installing our famous SaddleGel™ inserts for added support and comfort, reshaping a stock saddle for better ergonomics, or upgrading seat performance and durability with our top-of-the-line foam, Saddlemen has years of experience, know-how and workmanship ready to help.

Saddlemen regularly performs motorcycle seat repair and recovering for existing seats and foam modification, too

An example of recovering existing seats... These flat track racing seats, for a Saddlemen sponsored rider, are receiving custom tailored and embroidered covers, as seen before final mounting. Also, the seat on the right demonstrates some of the possibilities of foam modification and upgrading regularly done here at Saddlemen.

Careful planning by experienced Saddlemen craftsmen ensure that the SaddleGel gel seat insert and variable density foam contours will be perfect before a seat is ever touched

Measure twice, cut once. That's how the old-but-true saying goes. Our experienced craftsmen are not just skilled but also methodical in their work. At left, in our workshop, a seat due for reshaping and SaddleGel™ installation is carefully pre-planned, with contours, cuts and insert areas all spelled out before any blade or tool gets near the foam. At right, another seat shows our renowned gel pads installed, awaiting final re-covering.

We've recently added new seat styles to our product range with our Sport Bike lines. To go along with these new seat models, we are now offering to upgrade and convert existing saddles to match the styling and quality of these innovative aftermarket seats. The images below come from one of our first custom "Track" style seat projects, for a 2004 Honda RC51, from the start of 2010. Click HERE for the story behind this seat.

Honda RC51 with new Saddlemen Track style aftermarket motorcycle seat for sport bikes

Anyone interested in having an existing seat re-covered, or its foam upgraded, reshaped or otherwised modified, should contact our sales and technical staff, here, in our California offices, either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or by telephone (Pacific Time Zone) at (800) 397-7709, during normal business hours. One of our technicians can then go over the options available to acheive each owner's desired solution, along with cost and turnaround estimates.

Typical touring motorcycle seat customizations include adjusting passenger seating area height, altering lumbar support orientation,lowering seat crown, narrowing the seat nose, narrowing passenger seat width, adjusting passenger area seat lip, and tailoring rider seating surface including dishing the seating area

We pride ourselves on our experience and ability to custom fit our seats (especially our touring saddles) for the needs of the widest variety of riders. Height, weight, build, riding style and habits can all influence the effectiveness and comfort of a seat. Our sales staff and craftsmen know the right questions to ask, and the answers for providing the best solutions for each individual.

Our standard American-made production run seats are hand-built and designed for comfort and optimal seating position, with years experience behind them, and Saddlemen's innovative combination of proven materials. Like even the best made piece of clothing, tailoring sometimes is needed to suit the individual "wearer," or can make a "good" seating setup just about perfect.

Adjustments can be made to improve many aspects of the riding experience. The forward area of a seat can be narrowed to help provide better leg reach to the ground when stopped. Lumbar supports can be adjusted to improve the rider's seating position, front-to-rear. The shape of the seating surface can be customized to relieve sources of discomfort. Over many years, our staff has found solutions for all kinds of individual issues.

Potential buyers with concerns about comfort, seating position and styling can contact our knowledgeable sales staff at our California offices and factory. A brief conversation can answer many questions, and provide a basis for creating a seat for the best ride possible. We can also discuss options for cover materials, stitching and ornamentation.

For a specific consultation, and a quote, our experienced Sales Department representatives can be reached during normal Pacific time zone business hours at (800) 397-7709.

One of our most popular types of customization we offer is the installation of SaddleGel™ padding into seats. Gel installs offer the signature benefit of Saddlemen seats for those who wish or need to keep their original seat.

An informative look at our heritage, and an insight into how we build our seats, and Saddlemen's rich racing heritage.

Quality Seat Craftsmanship
Since 1987

Saddlemen™ seats have set the standard for style in the motorcycle industry. Innovation, quality and value are designed into every seat we make. When it comes to motorcycle seating comfort, nothing compares to a Saddlemen™ seat at any price. Thousands of satisfied customers will agree on this point. Our deep wide buckets have been painstakingly refined over years of development to put you in the optimal riding position for long days in the saddle or a short jaunt down the road.

Saddlemen™ offers the widest ranges of seats in any price range, from upholstery seat kits (a new seat foam and upholstery cover) to the top of the line Road Sofa™. Our Road Sofa™ and Explorer™ family of saddles have our exclusive Split Cushion design that virtually eliminates tail and hip bone pain caused by the sling effect present in other seats. Saddlemen™ pioneered innovative options such as SaddleGel™, which absorbs movement and vibration, the patented Ergo Channel designed to support riders on the bottom of their pelvic girdle and minimize pressure on any soft tissue (perineum) and the passive air adjustable back-rest makes Saddlemen the unparalleled leader in motorcycle seat innovation.

The development of our Integrated Comfort System (ICS) that balances the combination of important feature as the seat’s contoured design, SaddleGel™, Black Magic™ foam, SaddleHyde™ and other compliant coverings address all seat comfort issues - optimal support, perennial relief, shock absorption and vibration isolation to provide a high level of comfort and freedom from anatomical issues while simultaneously providing signature styling.

Our company manufactures every Saddlemen™ in the U.S.A. by skilled craftsmen using strict standards. Whether you’re looking the ultimate touring seat for long distance riding, or something low and slammed to the ground Saddlemen™ has the seat for you.

Saddlemen's proprietary Black Magic Foam Production Process

Black Magic™ Foam

With decades of experience in foam pouring and formulation, Saddlemen has engineered the perfect and only matched motorcycle seating foam that works in conjunction with SaddleGel™ and SaddleHyde™ for maximum riding distance and pleasure.

Saddlemen’s proprietary Black Magic™ foam with its high resilient properties maximizes your motorcycles suspension package by collapsing just enough to conform to the rider’s body shape. In turn it helps to equalize the pressure to allow good blood flow. Combined with our precisely engineered molding cavities, our 3 part system is carefully molded with a skin that resists penetration by rain or perspiration. All completed in house under the careful supervision of train technicians to guarantee a perfectly contoured seat with every pour.

Foams can look the same or feel even better, but buyers beware!

Foam 101

Foam is a very effective supportive material for use in a motorcycle seat; however it must be several inches thick to be comfortable.

If you believe that softer is better, it is a mistake. In fact if it feels cushy, in time you could potentially be sitting on the baseplate. This can often be mistaken that your seat is too hard but actually the foam is not supporting you. Therefore using properly engineered foam is paramount to prevent injury and provide proper support.

There are a handful of foam types and solutions that are used in motorcycle construction.

Re-bond Foam is a combination of pieces of foam that are glued together creating a solid piece. Its original intent was to provide an affordable solution to pad carpets by combining the scrapes from other foam manufacturing processes into a solid layer. Re-bond became common to old school seat builders for its availability, not for its comfort or function. Re-bond can be very dense and makes a better cushion to walk on versus foam for your motorcycle seat.

Memory foam has flooded the market with its initial comfortable hand. This product is used often in mattresses and pillows where the climate can be controlled however for motorcycle seats it is not recommended. Memory foams are very sensitive to temperature and it tends to be firmer in colder environments and softer when warmer. The weight of the rider under most conditions will cause the memory foam to compress beyond its usefulness and even bottom out causing potential discomfort or even worse - injury.

Air Bladders are becoming more common. In static environments, the compressive properties that are used in hospital beds or wheel chairs apply to air bladders effectively in distributing your weight evenly and providing a comfortable surface to sit on. Motorcycling however is not static as you lean and shift constantly requiring both support properties of both compressive and shear. Also the lack of dampening causes bouncy performance that can be undesirable in motorcycling. **patch kits are required.

More common to seating are either the open or closed cell foams.

Open cell foams contain passages that are connected to each other. They can easily fill with whatever surrounds it, air and even water. Though open cell foams create a relatively comfortable seat, it is not the best choice.

Closed cell foams do not have connected passages but actually closed bubbles. The foams are very dense, water resistant and have a high compressive strength with little give.

No one foam type or single property can adequately provide the support and comfort that Saddlemen’s Integrated Comfort System (ICS) provides. It’s a careful balances that combines the important feature of a formed contoured design, SaddleGel™, Black Magic™ foam and SaddleHyde™ that address all seat comfort issues - optimal support, perennial relief, shock absorption and vibration isolation to provide a high level of comfort and freedom from anatomical issues while simultaneously providing signature styling.

Saddlemen's proprietary Black Magic Foam

As important to the foam formula is having the proper equipment to mix and dispense the foam into its mold. Foam formulas require a chemical reaction to expand and harden in its finished shape. The multi part formulas require machines that will mix and dispense to precise requirements to reproduce the same consistency each time. Saddlemen’s customized high-pressure dispensing equipment insures all foams will meet our comfort standards.

*Warning* stay away from companies that hand mix and pour or hand shape a seat using blocks of foam as the foam quality or the comfort cannot be adequately foreseen nor guaranteed.

Motorcycling is the ultimate excuse to sit …….... A Saddlemen seat turns your ride into a journey.

Why Your Motorcycle Needs SaddleGel™


Why your motorcycle seat needs SaddleGel!

Without question SaddleGel is the most important breakthrough in motorcycle seating technology in decades. This amazing product will increase the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle, creating the comfort necessary to ride all day. Every type of riding is more enjoyable, from touring to dual sport, canyon carving to street cruising.

When it comes to motorcycle seat comfort technology, nothing compares to a Saddlemen seat with SaddleGel. The proprietary SaddleGel technology was gleaned from the medical industry with specific origins in wheelchair pads and hospital beds. The gel was used (and still is) to prevent bedsores for those confined to beds for long periods of time and for people in wheelchairs—some for their whole lives. Know anyone that rides as much as a person confined to a wheelchair?

In the early ‘90s, the experienced riders at Saddlemen figured out a way to incorporate all the benefits of gel into a motorcycle seat and quickly learned it was far more comfortable than standard seats for a variety of reasons. For one, SaddleGel isolates engine and road vibration, a common cause of rider fatigue. Saddlegel is a molded solid with fluid-like properties that will not slide to one side or move around in your seat like air or water in a plastic bag; instead the proprietary design eliminates pressure points at the hip bones and tail bone by evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the seat. Otherwise, pressure points or “hot spots” can hinder blood flow, causing pain and discomfort. Normal circulation is never lost on a seat with SaddleGel, and it keeps your rear end comfortable on a long ride, and ready to respond quickly as road conditions change.

Saddlemen SaddleGel is extremely advantageous, but we were able to maximize the benefits of it by developing a seating comfort system around it. Our integrated seat designs include a selection of materials that work together to make our seats as comfortable as possible, while still giving your bike show-quality style.

SaddleGel Seat Construction
  • Particularly good in low profile seats
  • Superior to foam alone
  • Floats rider on seat
  • Eliminates road shock and vibration
  • Dissipates weight evenly
  • No hot spots
  • Maximizes time in saddle
  • Exclusive composite construction

Each individual component works
together as a system.


Whether you’re looking for a large, touring seat for long-distance riding, or something low and slammed to the ground, SaddleGel gives you unsurpassed riding comfort. If SaddleGel isn’t in your seat it can be on your seat. Saddlemen’s original SaddleGel Gel Pads are available in three sizes to fit on top of your seat or anywhere else you want to use them.

All Saddlemen Seats are made in the USA!

FAQ: SaddleGel™ by Saddlemen

Q: How does Gel work?

A: SaddleGel™ equalizes body pressures by conforming to the unique shape of an individual’s body, eliminating pressure points. SaddleGel™ also absorbs shock and vibration, unlike air or bladders.

Q: How does gel compare to foam?

A: Foam is a very effective material for use in a motorcycle seat; however it must be several inches thick to be comfortable. Foam works by collapsing under pressure until it conforms to the shape of the body above. In turn this equalizes pressure, like SaddleGel™, but it must be thick and soft to be most comfortable. When seat height is an issue, denser foam must be used to lower height and this tends to be uncomfortable to many people.

Q: Do your SaddleGel™ seats use foam also?

A: Yes, SaddleGel™ and foam are used in combination to maximize comfort and durability. A foam and SaddleGel™ combination bring out the best features of both the gel and foam.

Q: Will Gel Deteriorate?

A: SaddleGel™ is a specially developed Gel manufactured to strict tolerances for use on high mileage motorcycles. SaddleGel™ was tested for several years and many different formulations were tried and rejected. Saddlemen has found only two formulations that are satisfactory and we use them both. There are Gels available that most certainly do not survive on a motorcycle but these did not pass our stringent requirements and were rejected. Saddlemen offers a lifetime guarantee on SaddleGel™ and with tens of thousands of pieces sold over a period of five years, only a handful have ever been returned!

Q: Will the Gel leak or freeze?

A: SaddleGel™ is not a free flowing liquid and will not leak if cut or punctured. In fact, Saddlemen cuts and trims Gel to fit different seat applications. SaddleGel™ will not freeze. It is even used in Snowmobile applications to minus 40 °F.

Q: Is the Gel toxic?

A: There are no toxic or dangerous concerns with the use of SaddleGel™.

Q: What happens with Gel in hot or cold temperatures?

A: SaddleGel™ is heavier and denser than standard seat foams and will therefore absorb more heat or cold than foam: a hot seat stays hot longer than a seat without SaddleGel™. However, SaddleGel™ does not cause heat to build up, as our competitors would like you to believe. We do recommend that a SaddleGel™ seat be protected or covered from the hot sun during long stops. However, high or low temperatures will not harm the seat.

Q: The Gel feels hard or dense to my touch, shouldn’t it be soft?

A: No, SaddleGel™ isn’t meant to be soft, it is meant to equalize pressure under your body, eliminating pressure points or hot spots. If you push down with 10 lbs. pressure with your finger (or 150 lbs. with your buttocks) the gel will push back with the identical 10 lbs. (or 150 lbs.) except it will be equally spread across your finger (or buttocks). While you won’t feel the benefits of Gel with your finger (or when you first sit on a Gel seat), you will notice how much better you feel when you dismount your bike.

Q: Isn’t the Gel the same Material used in implants and other medical devices?

A: No, contrary to what some of our uneducated competitors would like you to believe, SaddleGel™ is vastly different than medical implant, or breast, silicones. It was, however, developed in conjunction with the medical and sporting industries. Gel was first developed to prevent bedsores and the discomfort of immobile patients confined to hospital beds and wheelchairs, and like on a motorcycle seat, it is very effective. The sporting industry uses similar Gels to absorb impact in running shoes, motorcycle gloves, re-coil pads for guns, horse saddles and on bicycle seats. Although these benefits are utilized to the maximum on our motorcycle seats, our SaddleGel™ was developed specially for motorcycles. Gels developed for other uses have no place on a motorcycle seat.

Q: If gel is so good, why don’t other motorcycles companies also use Gel?

A: Two main reasons:

First we have not shared our development secrets with other seat companies and, without experience, improper Gels would likely be selected. This could damage their reputation and harm the consumer (beware of start up copy cat Gel motorcycle seats, such products may be inferior).

Second, since other motorcycle companies don’t have SaddleGel™, they must use their best sales techniques to present their foam or bladder seats as positively as possible. Finally, outside of motorcycle seats, Gels are widely accepted and successfully used. We believe other major motorcycle companies will eventually develop satisfactory Gels and introduce their versions. However, in the meantime, our development continues and we will stay ahead of the crowd.

Q: Does Gel work well on very thin seats?

A: Yes, although thicker seats with more foam and Gel are generally the most comfortable, SaddleGel™ is very effective in thin or low profile seats. If you need a low seat to reach the ground, or if you like the low look, SaddleGel™ is a true savior with the most comfort possible in a thin seat.

Choices of material coverings

Covering the Black Magic™ foam and SaddleGel™ combination with its sleek styling and contour fitted cover that has been engineered into each Saddlemen seat brings us to the final section of our integrated comfort system.

Vinyls, leathers and velours are all not made the same. Specific traits make up the look, feel and durability of each substrate. Some will stretch in one direction and some will not stretch at all. Others will resist the harsh UV of the sun and others will transform with temperature. These reasons require specific attention to the covering so it will provide the best support and comfort that is necessary for long days in the saddle or a short jaunt down the road.

There are two basic approaches to seat coverings. One is to incorporate the most suitable seating material into the seat itself, usually through the selection of appropriate seat panel inserts. The other approach is the addition of a cover, such as sheepskin, over the seat. Each methods has some benefit, but generally the selection of a seat insert will provide the best breathability, durability, appearance, cost and will not affect seating height or position.

There are four basic material choices for seat panels, each with different features.

New is the offering of SaddleHyde™ a recently developed material that possesses the softer grain and subdued gloss of the highest-grade leathers. The new SaddleHyde™ offers the best characteristics of both leather and vinyl: the supple feel and rich look of leather, and the durability and low maintenance characteristics of vinyl. SaddleHyde™ is offered exclusively by Saddlemen. SaddleHyde™ is available in black only and has superior water, sun and weather resistance. SaddleHyde™ is the most compliant covering available and the best choice if you are an avid rider.

Vinyl, also known by the common trade name Naughahyde™, is the least expensive, has easy maintenance, is very durable and offers the best color matching options. However, vinyl is not breathable and in hot weather can be quite uncomfortable due to temperature and moisture build-up. Saddlemen vinyls are the highest quality available and provide excellent match to the original factory seat colors.

Velour is a fabric that is an excellent choice for motorcycle use. Velour is used on many cars, except the lowest cost models, because of its superior seating qualities. Velour has maximum breathability, great looks and is the most comfortable in hot or humid weather. The velour used by Saddlemen is virtually weatherproof because it is formulated from Nylon™, has a latex backing and is treated with heavy-duty outdoor grade Scotch Guard. Furthermore, the foam used underneath the velour has a non-porous skin. Saddlemen velours are impervious to casual rain, drying quickly after a rain. Rain covers are recommended for extended parking or storage. Velour is slightly more expensive than vinyl, but is usually well worth the extra cost.

Leather is the most luxurious seating material and is the most expensive. Leather breathes better than vinyl, but not as well as the velours. Leather needs periodic treatment with conditioners to prevent deterioration, especially when subjected to rain and harsh sun. Leather is easy to clean and is weather resistant when properly conditioned. Leather insert saddles should have rain covers when standing in the rain. Leather breaks in gradually with use and conforms to the driver and passenger, sometimes developing stretch marks or chafing as it molds in shape. Leather is attractive and feels good; features that many believe are worth the extra cost and care required.

Color Selection

Special order saddles are available in vinyl, leather and velour to color match or complement your stock and the paint scheme of your motorcycle. When placing your order, our salesperson will review the color options with you to make sure you receive a seat that looks as good as it feels. If non-standard colors are requested, we will send you material samples to aid you in your color selection. Regardless of the colors you choose, you can be assured of receiving a great looking seat that will improve the look of your motorcycle, not just change it.

Saddlemen's Split Cushion Design

A Saddlemen split cushion seat is divided into separate flat seat support and backrest platforms. Saddlemen separates and divides the seat into two functions; one a vertical surface for back support and the other a horizontal platform to softly support the butt. The flat portion permits the rider to sink into and comfortably float upon the SaddleGel filled seat while the lumbar rest provides support unaffected by the compression caused as the rider settles into position.


On conventional seats, any rider depression of the flat platform pulls the lumbar portion of the seat forward and cramps the rider’s position, often resulting in a condition fondly known as a “wedgie.” The Saddlemen split cushion prevents this and provides comfort – mile after mile.


Passive Back Rest

Once again Saddlemen hits the bull’s eye in riding comfort. The air adjustable driver back rest (Passive System) is adjustable for thickness and firmness by simply pushing the button on the side of the back rest cushion. The backrest still tilts forward for easy passenger mounting and also has a set screw for fine tilt adjustment. With the adjustment of the air system you couldn’t ask for a more comfortable seating position.


Another YouTube video looks inside our Southern California factory showing a wide range of the processes we use to make our seats.

Style, Craftsmanship, Comfort

Saddlemen manufactures unique saddles with style, comfort and craftsmanship; professionally designed by enthusiasts who understand and participate in the passion of motorcycling. Saddlemen blends artistry and engineering to provide show-quality seats that also improve the comfort over the stock seat. Every seat is manufactured from the ground up in the USA, and closely inspected before leaving our facility. Saddlemen has been making seats for three decades and many of their craftsmen have more than thirty years of seat making experience to insure that you get the best seat available – the perfect blend of style, comfort, craftsmanship and value.

It is important to realize that a “good” seat must have a balanced combination of these characteristics. A great looking seat that hurts the rider is worthless for anything except a show. A comfortable saddle that falls apart in six months is a poor investment and similarly, a comfortable saddle that you are embarrassed to show your riding buddies is not very satisfying.

But the decision of which seat to buy must consider even more. Not only does Saddlemen make great seats, they are quickly and easily available at reasonable prices. With Saddlemen, you can get it all! Let’s look at each of these concepts and how they apply to making the decision to buy a Saddlemen seat for your bike.

Style - Saddlemen seats look like they are part of the bike, certainly not an after-thought.

Custom designs and multiple colors are available to match, highlight or contrast any color combination, factory or custom. Look at the Tattoo™ or Endangered™.

Comfort - Because motorcycle manufacturers continually provide uncomfortable seats as standard equipment, custom aftermarket seats are designed to provide increased comfort. Saddlemen makes high performance, comfortable saddles because of their combination of exclusive SaddleGel™ and Black Magic™ foam expertly molded with carefully shaped contours that fit the driver and passenger. Well-contoured seats that float the riders' weight over a large area is the primary reason that Saddlemen seats are special.

SaddleGel™, used exclusively by Saddlemen, has been developed over the years to provide superior support and dampen road vibrations. SaddleGel™ is especially beneficial for thinner seats where foam alone is not sufficient to provide comfort. SaddleGel™ designs are firm to maintain seat shape but at the same time are compliant (soft) enough to allow the seat to automatically adjust shape (conform) to equally support each individual's unique body form. Saddlemen seats are firm, but not hard.

Saddlemen uses a premium Black Magic™ foam and SaddleGel™ combination because together they effectively perform three simultaneous functions: One, the foam/gel cushion must conform to the rider’s butt to equalize pressure and improve the fit. Second, it must separate the rider from the hard and uncomfortable frame. Third, this gel and foam cushion must act as a shock absorber to dampen out road bumps and vibration. Finally, the SaddleGel™ cushion is durable, lasting for many years and miles; indeed SaddleGel™ is guaranteed for life. If it ever deteriorates or fails to perform, it will be replaced free of charge!

The combination of SaddleGel™ and foam out performs and out lasts all competitors’ products. While other manufacturers tout the superiority of closed cell construction throughout their seats, such foams are generally too hard and inflexible for seat use and are commonly found in the construction industry where rigidity is important.

Take a soft saddle on a serious ride and you'll find yourself begging for a harder saddle. Why? Soft doesn't necessarily mean more comfortable. Fit is everything and a harder seat will maintain its shape and fit. You've probably pushed on a saddle with your thumb to test the way it compresses. Unless you regularly sit on your thumb, this isn't the best strategy.

Painstaking development has resulted in seating contours that comfortably spread the riders' weight over a large area, preventing local hot spots and discomfort. These contours are gentle and relaxing, vastly more comfortable than the original factory seat and many other custom seats. Seat contours are a primary reason that Saddlemen’s seats are special.

Craftsmanship and Construction- Saddlemen use only the best materials and craftsmen to manufacture their saddles. Only the best materials, developed by years of experience and testing to withstand the harsh elements of sun, water, road grime, and gasoline are utilized. These materials are specially created for durability, carefree use and comfort.

Saddlemen Black Magic™ foam is specifically formulated for motorcycle use and resists collapsing on long rides and will not decay with age. This proprietary one piece polyurethane foam is carefully molded at the Saddlemen factory with a skin that resists penetration by rain or perspiration. Other seat companies use often use general purpose “off the shelf” foams that are cut and glued together, losing many of the benefits of the Saddlemen process.

The exclusive Black Magic™ foam and SaddleGel™ construction is the most important component of comfort and durability. This specially molded foam utilizes a closed cell outer-wall that maintains the foam shape and seals the softer open celled inner chambers against dirt and other contaminants. This combination of open cell foam for soft comfort and dense closed cell walls for support is superior to all other foam designs. SaddleGel™ is molded in place during the foaming process and will never leak, displace or wear-out with heavy use; that is why it carries a lifetime warranty.

Saddlemen uses two basic cover materials. The first, SaddleHyde™, stretches in four directions to accentuate the comforting feel of the SaddleGel™ based cushion, is easy to maintain and is very durable. Motorcycle seats require special cover construction; the best are designed for stretch and compliance. Simply, stiff vinyls or thick leather is uncomfortable because they mask the cushioning effect of the foam. Second, the soft leathers used by Saddlemen are comfortable, luxurious and attractive; features that many believe are worth the extra cost and care required. Each cover is carefully hand sewn and artisans with years of training assemble the seat.

The seat bases under most original seats are made from a thin, flexible polyethylene plastic that provides inadequate seat support. Saddlemen seats use rigid molded ABS or hand laid fiberglass that provide the strength needed for a quality saddle. All seats with the optional backrest are built on specially reinforced bases with a lifetime warranty.

Saddlemen is owned and staffed with riders. Much of our staff is active in riding groups both on and off road, collect or show their bikes. Our combined experience with all forms of motorcycling makes Saddlemen a superior company. We understand what works and what doesn’t.

Superior value and great performing product at a good price, these are the principles that you have come to expect from Saddlemen and nothing less.

Saddlemen rain covers are designed to protect your motorcycle seat from water and dirt - perfect for long trips where unexpected rain and inclement weather often intrude.

Billet seat mounting knobs, fender washers & protective tape connect your seat to your motorcycle's rear fender and protect the fender's finish. Comfy Saddle passenger seat pads add comfort to your existing seat and don't miss the Versa Mount system.

Saddlemen offers six styles of non studded and four styles of studded sissy bar pads featuring chrome plated studs in various sizes designed to match many of our motorcycle seat and luggage items.

Tank and fender trim is a great way to customize your motorcycle and provide an extra level of protection to the paint.

Saddlemen cleaning & care products are made especially for cleaning and conditioning your motorcycle seat, luggage, even riding apparel. Our cleaning and care products leave no film and are safe and effective for use on all Saddlemen seats and bags.


Testimonials - Don and Linda R. - GL1800 Goldwing

“Our Saddlemen gel seat makes a long day in the saddle doable”
Don and Linda R.

Ahwahnee, California
GL1800 Goldwing

Testimonials - Dan L. - - Harley-Davidson Fatboy

“After several hours of riding, I was trying to figure out why my back wasn’t sore. I adjusted the backrest forward, to maintain an upright sitting position, and allowed me to lean back as I rode. This helped relieve back stress. For a good looking seat with great lumbar support and a comfortable ride, this is the seat for you.”
Dan L. owner of
Lake Forest, California
Harley-Davidson Fatboy

Testimonials - Russ M. and Don R. - XR650L

These guys are serious dual sport enthusiasts and demand the best for their long distance machines. Back from a 1600 mile Baja excursion that tested them with long days in the saddle. No complaints about their seats!
Russ M., left
Don R., right
XR650L’s with Saddlemen SaddleGel installed

Testimonials - Dave S. - Suzuki SV650

“The seat is very comfy, and looks awesome. The seats are EXACTLY what I wanted!”
Dave S.
Suzuki SV650

Testimonials - Steve L. -  Yamaha 450 - Dennis T. - DRZ400

“Big difference between the stock seat and the gel seat in comfort on our long rides”
Steve L.Yamaha 450, left
Dennis T.DRZ400, right
Members of the Orange County Dualies MC

Saddlemen Products Warranty

How do I obtain warranty for my Saddlemen product?

Saddlemen warrants that its products are free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. A lifetime warranty applies to SaddleGel, seat pan and seat backrest components. If you experience problems with your Saddlemen products, please contact us directly. Certain provisions apply and these are specified in our warranty policy.


Warranty Click here for PDF download of the Saddlemen Warranty Policy

Saddlemen prefers to handle all warranty claims directly with you, the end user.

Please DO NOT return any product until you have contacted us at (310) 638-1222 and received an RGA number authorizing return. Our Warranty Representative will explain our warranty and return procedures, and answer any questions.

Products that are found to have defects in material or workmanship and that comply with the provisions of the warranty policy will be repaired or replaced at Saddlemen’s discretion.

Saddlemen does not offer refunds for products bought through our dealers. Saddlemen does not cover the cost of returning products for warranty, nor will call tags be issued. Products repaired or replaced under warranty will be returned surface freight prepaid by Saddlemen.