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Adventure TOUR seats feature Saddlemen's GEL comfort layer, progressive density foam, water and crack-resistant cover - maintains original factory seat height adjustment


Saddlemen’s new, specialized seat family that was developed for Adventure riders who want to rack up big miles in comfort. Durable marine grade vinyl and bright accent stitching with a supple upper-foam layer produce a seat that is as effective as it is stylish. The combination of the GEL comfort layer and progressive density foam with a GEL-Channel design cover provides riders with the support and perineal nerve relief needed for long saddle time. Seat sets and one-piece seats include integrated luggage mounting points or strap kits to attach the perfectly matched Saddlemen Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo to the pillion portion of the seat.

  • Hybrid seat design combines SaddleGel interior, progressive density foam and a GEL-Channel design cover to provide Adventure Touring riders with unparalleled comfort and control.
  • Seats using Saddlemen’s GEL-Channel (GC) technology have a center channel that relieves seating pressure on the perineal area, increase blood flow, thus keeping the rider comfortable in the saddle for longer time.
  • Using a very large GEL pad for additional foam support and vibration damping, these GC-style seats offer the ultimate comfort available for a Travel Enduro.
  • Each high quality seat has durable construction and styling that is as unique as it is functional.
  • The rugged carbon-fiber weave and smooth vinyl cover holds up to hard use and still retains its good looks.
  • Each seats’ covers are designed and stitched to match Saddlemen’s highly functional Adventure PACK luggage family.
  • Every cover is constructed with durable, marine-grade vinyl that resists water and cold-cracking.
  • Integrated bag/cargo mounting points on the pillion portion of the Adventure-class seat sets make it easy to attach Saddlemen’s Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo.
  • Maintains original factory seat height adjustment (if so equipped).
  • Most applications are also available with low-profile rider seat profile.
  • A solo rider-seat, rather than a full two-piece set, is available in some applications (see below).

NOTE: Some mid-sized applications feature a non-GC, smooth-top saddle to maximize comfort as compared to the original, narrow seat. These seats also include a luggage/cargo mounting strap set that installs or removes in seconds from the seat.

Adventure TOUR Solo Rider's Seats

Packing extra cargo on your Travel Enduro and don’t need the pillion seat? Or are you just a lone rider on the long highway? You can just obtain and mount just the front rider’s seat from Saddlemen’s popular Adventure TOUR two–piece seat sets. These solo rider seats mount perfectly, with or without the standard pillion in place, and maintain the original seat’s height adjustment feature. Most solo rider seats are also available in standard or low-profile heights and, like all of the Adventure TOUR seats, perfectly match the appearance of Saddlemen’s Adventure PACK soft-luggage.

F800GS (twin)/F700GS (twin)/
F650GS (twin) 08-13
One piece seat 0810-13591 $399.95
G650GS (single) 01-07/
G650GS (single) 09-13
One piece seat 0810-13601 $399.95
R1200GS 04-13 (Oilhead only)
2013 water-cooled not yet available
Two piece seat set 0810-1355 $549.95
Two piece seat set-Low Profile 0810-1356 $549.95
Solo Rider's Seat 0810-1357 $349.95
Solo Rider's Seat-Low Profile 0810-1358 $349.95
MultiStrada 1200 10-11 Two piece Seat Set 0810-1361 $529.95
Adventure 950/
990 03-13
One piece seat 0810-13621 $399.95
One piece seat-Low Profile 0810-13631 $399.95
V-Strom DL1000 02-13/
V-Strom DL650 04-11
One piece set 0810-1364 $399.95
V-Strom DL650 12-13 One piece set 0810-1365 $374.95
Tiger 800 11-13 One piece seat 0810-13662 $399.95
One piece seat-Low Profile 0810-13672 $549.95
Explorer 1200 12-13 Two piece seat set 0810-1368 $549.95
Two piece seat set-Low Profile 0810-1369 $549.95
Super Tenere XTZ1200 12-13

Two piece seat set 0810-1370 $549.95
Solo Rider's Seat 0810-1371 $349.95


1 Smooth seat cover; does not feature GEL-Channel design
2 Does not have height adjustment feature, available in low-profile design


The Adventure TOUR seat is a hybrid design that combines Saddlemen's exclusive elements of a GEL comfort layer and progressive density foam with our newest GEL-Channel saddle design that delivers unparalleled comfort and control. Designed using advanced engineering, this family of seats is for the active and discriminating adventure rider. Each seat contains features that complement the motorcycle, in several cases resolving the original seats’ design challenges:

Saddlemen seat covers on Adventure TOUR bikes are durable and resist water and cold-cracking


Every cover is constructed with durable, marine-grade vinyl that resists water and cold-cracking. All of Saddlemen’s marine-grade covers are unfazed by the elements, detergents or fuel. Water simply wipes away from the center section with a brush of your hand and the cover dries quickly.


Saddlemen GEL exceeds the comfort of 3 inches of foam and our progressive density, closed cell foam prevents injury and provides proper support

Foam & GEL:

Saddlemen’s GEL technology resides in each seat and each inch of it exceeds the comfort of three inches of conventional foam. Our progressive density, closed cell foam never absorbs water and has been carefully sculpted and tested for maximum riding performance. NOTE: Smooth seat cover does not feature GEL-Channel design.


Adventure TOUR motorcycle seats fit better than your stock seat because they are constructed on strong, hand laid fiberglass that provides the strength needed for a quality saddle

Foundation (Pan, Brackets & More):

Each Adventure TOUR seat is designed to fit better that a stock seat because it is constructed on strong, gel-coated fiberglass pan with plated steel brackets for a superb fit. Our motto of “fitting better than stock” is apparent each time you mount the seat. If you’re going on an adventure, your seat can’t let you down.


The integrated bag or cargo mounting points on the pillion seat of your Adventure TOUR motorcycle seat allows you the flexibility you need for any riding mission

But wait, there’s more:

Because each riding mission needs flexibility, we’ve designed in integrated bag or cargo mounting points on the pillion seat that link up with our Adventure PACK luggage and other tail bags. These features and more make the Adventure TOUR the seat you need to circumnavigate the globe.


The Kevin Schwantz Signature Series Sport Bike seat is a Chicane-style aftermarket motorcycle seat that features Kevin's famous #34 as well as his signature embroidered on the grippy seat cover which is perfect for aggressive riding

  • Feature Kevin Schwantz’s world famous #34 as well as his signature embroidered on the seat
  • No-nonsense Chicane-style seat with a gripper cover and firm progressive density foam that’s ideal for track-day and racing use
  • Patented channel design for added style and comfort
  • Made in the U.S.A.
CBR600RR 07-12 0810-1313 $314.95
ZX6R 09-12 0810-1314 $314.95
ZX10R 08-10 0810-1314 $314.95
ZX10R 11-13 0810-1353 $314.95
GSX-R600/700 08-09 0810-1352 $314.95
GSX-R600/750 11-12 0810-1315 $314.95
675 09-12 0810-1316 $314.95
YZF-R1 09-13 0810-1317 $314.95

By Peter Starr in Health Care Weekly Review, Michigan Edition, February 25, 2013, Volume 29, Issue 8


Editor’s note: This article is a continuation of the research by Peter Starr, Editor-at-large for Health Care Weekly Review™, on the subject of prostate cancer.

In the nine years that I have been studying natural healing modalities for the reversal of prostate cancer without conventional treatments, I have also learned about ways we men can change elements of our life to reduce the risk of inflammation, that in turn will help your prostate. I am not talking here of diet and supplements but the other part of our lifestyle, namely exercise, the way we move and the way we sit.

I have ridden a bicycle for most of my 70 years and along with so many bicyclists I have ridden with the hard leather saddle that has the prong that protrudes forwards under the genitals. This style of seat creates a pressure right at the perineum area, which is directly below the prostate. In fact if one rides for a long time – usually several hours, that area of the body can “fall asleep” and give a tingling sensation caused by the restriction of nerve energy and blood flow. Abuse of this area can extend upwards to the prostate and can become the root cause of inflammation, which in turn may increase the potential of other prostate disease.

I have known some dentists that sit for long hours working on patient’s teeth in seats that also create unwanted pressure on the perineum. Many suffer from similar symptoms as the bicyclists and experience unwanted outcomes and disease. Given this knowledge, it behooved me to seek a solution.

On a recent business trip to Italy to interview some Italian doctors about attitudes towards natural prostate cancer treatments I came across a dentists chair that had a gaping hole in the middle. I immediately recognized the advantage for men who spend a long time sitting – no pressure on the perineum area. I learned that the seat was inspired by an American design of horse saddles from the 1850s – the McClellan Trooper saddle. If anyone needed relief it would have been cavalry riders! I brought this Italian dentist’s seat back to my office.

Next I went shopping for a bicycle seat that would achieve similar results and I found it on the internet from a Canadian company. As a life-long motorcycle rider who enjoys long rides, I had to acquire a seat for my motorcycle, and thanks to Tom Seymour of Saddlemen I got that too. Now Saddlemen offer many models of motorcycle seat with this central relief. See the attached photos and understand that we live in a world of great stress and toxicity. Sometimes it is the simple and doable things that can make a difference.

Be conscious of how you treat your body and you might just avoid another reason to contract a chronic disease.

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Brand Fitment: Yamaha
Model FitmentRoadstar /Midnight/Silverado XVS1600-1700
Year Fitment: 1999-2012

Heat up your ride with our one-piece Profiler Tattoo seat, the ultimate low-profile, slammed seat for two with our custom Tattoo flame and 3-D effect stitch pattern.

Sales price $314.95
Sales price without tax $314.95