Custom Seats

Custom seats mean many different things to different people and as a manufacturer with four decades of seat building experience, Saddlemen can create a special seat with a combination of features to match any riders needs or dreams. Building custom seats from scratch, modifying factory stock original seats or redesigning one of our own off the shelf customs are all in a days work for Saddlemen technicians and craftsman.

Our technicians have years of experience in seat design, customization and refurbishing, and whether in an all-new seat made from scratch, or providing subtle tailoring, recovering or reshaping of an existing stock seat, Saddlemen professionals have helped riders with almost every bike type improve the comfort, utility and appearance of their machines' seats.



There are many levels and types of customization available. A seat can change appearance or style, riding position, height and comfort - the look and feel of a bike in general.  Seats can be fine tuned for rider sizes and and how the bike is ridden. When a custom seat is created, additional features, such as beackreats, gel channel or luggage tie down points, can be added at the same time.
Following are a list of custom features that Saddlemen can to consider


  • Comfort – the number one reason for ordering a custom seat
    • Reshape contours to relieve pressure points and improve seating position
    • Install softer or harder foam to provide better cushioning and support
    • Install Saddlegel to absorb shoch and vibration and spread pressure over maximum area
    • Slight changes in width can make moving around on bike easier, improve control; slimmer nose contours make it easier to reach the ground because the legs are cloer together and not spread apart.
  • Gel Installation - One of our most popular types of customization we offer is the installation of SaddleGel™ padding into seats. Gel installs offer the signature benefit of Saddlemen seats for those who wish or need to keep their original seat.
  • Style – many different looks can be created through the appropriate use of
    • Stitching
      • Patterns
      • Embroidery
      • Stitch colors
    • Seating surfaces / panels are available in leathers, exotic skins, suedes, flexible sythetics and fabrics, each with a different look and feel
    • Seating panels and sides  are available in multiple textures, grain patterns and grippiness
    • Cover colors
    • Foam contours and configuration
      • Solo
      • Two up
      • Slammed
      • Plush
      • King and queen
    • Size or height
  • Seat Heater – very popular in luxury cars, heated seating is now available for all your original saddle or any Saddlemen custom.
  • Riding postion and ergonmetrics
    • Height – sit higher or lower on the bike,improving how  feet and hands fit bars, pegs and controls
    • Seat width, especially at the nose affect how the legs spread and reach the ground
    • Angle or slope of seat platforms can prevent sliding foreward or back during acceleration or braking
  • Traction – makes it easier to move side to side, front to back (more slick) or increase traction to assist the rider from sliding (more sticky).
  • Features – additional features such as adding a driver backreat, gel channel or luggage tie down anchors can be added.
  • Position / Shape
    • Contours or “bumps” to prevent sliding or to make seat more aerodynamic
    • Move closer or further away from bars and controls
  • Hardness – softer or harder foam compounds affect comfort and control.
  • Custom – if you can think of it, Saddlemen can probably do it.
  • Refurbishing – seats grow old, worn and torn. The ravages of sun and weather dry out and oxidize covers until thy fade or crack. Rough use or tools mistakenly left in pockets can tear covers. Dogs and other animals can eat of scratch covers and foam. Yaers of highway use adds high mileage and compressed foms. Whatever the reason, Saddlemen can resore a seat to better than new condition.

Potential buyers with concerns about comfort, seating position and styling can contact our knowledgeable sales staff at our California offices and factory. A brief conversation can answer many questions, and provide a basis for creating a seat for the best ride possible. We can also discuss all of the available options for cover materials, stitching and ornamentation.
To order or for consultation, our experienced Sales Department representatives can be reached from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM Pacific time Monday to Friday at (800) 397-7709.



Different types of motorcycles are customized in different ways. While the following option summaries do not list all of the options available, they provide a good starting point for a customization project for your Touring Bike, Adventure or Sport Bike.

We pride ourselves on our experience and ability to custom fit our seats (especially our touring saddles) for the needs of the widest variety of riders. Height, weight, build, riding style and habits can all influence the effectiveness and comfort of a seat. Our sales staff and craftsmen know the right questions to ask, and the answers for providing the best solutions for each individual.Adjustments can be made to improve many aspects of the riding experience. The forward area of a seat can be narrowed to help provide better leg reach to the ground when stopped. Lumbar supports can be adjusted to improve the rider's seating position, front-to-rear. The shape of the seating surface can be customized to relieve sources of discomfort. Over many years, our staff has found solutions for all kinds of individual issues.

Saddlemen Gel Channel Custom Program

Want a personalized seat? Check Saddlemen's Sportbike or Adventure TRACK listings, find the seat application for your motorcycle, select the cover material and thread color and call us with your needs. We'll build your seat just the way you want it - and if you want it even more custom, we can do that too!


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