Kevin Schwantz Brand 34 Signature Series Seat

    Brand Fitment: Kawasaki
    Model Fitment: ZX10R (08-10) & ZX6R (09-15)
    Year Fitment: 2008-2015

    Saddlemen Part #: 0810-K044
    Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 0810-1314
Price: $315.00

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Saddlemen’s line of Sportbike Seats are designed specifically for the rider that needs a seat that can do everything—canyon carving, track days, or commuting. Most of these stylish seats feature Saddlemen’s Gel Channel (GC) technology (patent pending) that incorporates a split piece of SaddleGel and a channel in the base foam to relieve seating pressure on the perineal area, increase blood flow, and keep the rider in the saddle longer. These seats offer high quality, light weight construction and styling that’s second-to-none. They are most likely the best performance-increasing value item you can apply to your motorcycle.

  • Each seat features World Road Racing Champion Kevin Schwantz’s world famous #34 as well as his signature embroidered on the seat.
  • Similar to Saddlemen’s CHICANE-style seat with a gripper cover, the BRAND 34 seat differs as it features GEL inserts with a progressive density foam so it can serve well on both track-day or regular street riding.
  • The rider’s seat height mimics the original seat, but with a specially shaped nose that helps the rider’s feet touch the ground better at stops.
  • In most cases the pitch of the seat’s foam is revised to eliminate the rider from being forced into the fuel tank while riding.
  • Slightly bucketed in the rear section to contour to the rider’s body for better control during aggressive riding.
  • Each seat is supplied with a specially BRAND 34 de-bossed logo pillion cover you can install on your bike’s passenger seat that matches your new front seat.
  • Even easier to keep clean, water wipes away from center GEL channel: dries in minutes.
  • Custom colors and other modifications available, just contact Saddlemen.

Seat Dimensions

Typical Outline – Your Seat May Vary
9.5" 13.5" 15"



Saddlemen seats use rigid molded ABS or hand laid fiberglass that provide the strength needed for a quality saddle. Professionally engineered by enthusiasts who understand and participate in the passion of motorcycling, each pan is specifically molded to fit to the frame and bodywork of each model motorcycle. Our blend of artistry and engineering provides the best foundation for unique saddles with style, comfort and craftsmanship.


Key Features:

  • Chrome, Zinc or Powder coated brackets

  • Strategically bumpered to protect painted surfaces

  • Gel coated Fiberglass or Rigid ABS construction

  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all seat bases




Without question SaddleGel is the most important breakthrough in motorcycle seating technology in decades. This amazing product will increase the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle, creating the comfort necessary to ride all day.

Black Magic™ Foam

With decades of experience in foam pouring and formulation, Saddlemen has engineered the perfect motorcycle seating foam for maximum riding distance and pleasure.

Cover Technology

Covering the Black Magic™ foam and SaddleGel™ combination with its sleek styling and contour fitted cover that has been engineered into each Saddlemen seat brings us to the final section of our integrated comfort system.

Style, Craftsmanship, Comfort

Saddlemen has been making seats for three decades and many of their craftsmen have more than thirty years of seat making experience to insure that you get the best seat available – the perfect blend of style, comfort, craftsmanship and value.



2009 Kawasaki ZX1000E Ninja ZX-10R
2008 Kawasaki ZX1000E Ninja ZX-10R
2011 Kawasaki ZX1000F Ninja ZX-10R
2010 Kawasaki ZX1000F Ninja ZX-10R
2011 Kawasaki ZX1000F Ninja ZX-10R ABS
2010 Kawasaki ZX1000F Ninja ZX-10R ABS
2015 Kawasaki ZX600P Ninja ZX-6R
2014 Kawasaki ZX600P Ninja ZX-6R
2013 Kawasaki ZX600P Ninja ZX-6R
2012 Kawasaki ZX600R Ninja ZX-6R
2011 Kawasaki ZX600R Ninja ZX-6R
2010 Kawasaki ZX600R Ninja ZX-6R
2009 Kawasaki ZX600R Ninja ZX-6R
2009 Kawasaki ZX600R-A Ninja ZX-6R Monster Energy

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