Convenient On And Off Motorcycles Great For Air Travel Too

3515-0079 wide 3515-0079 Front & Back

Smooth rolling wheels and retractable handle make this bag perfect for airline travel


3515-0079 Features 3515-0079 Wheels

Our SaddleStow™ motorcycle luggage line is designed to be at home on the widest range of machines and offers the perfect look for cruising the highway. Style is not the only concern - function is paramount in the design of each SaddleStow item. A perfect blend of rugged materials make this luggage tough, weather-resistant and long lasting. Our unique combination of features set these bags apart from all others.

The SDP2600 features:

  • Brand new, fully adjustable sissy bar mounting system goes on in seconds over any size and style sissy bar pad; once adjusted for your size pad, you never need to adjust again
  • Rigid construction holds bag shape even when empty
  • Top carry handle, backpack straps and shoulder strap for easy toting off bike
  • Top cargo straps for attaching Saddlemen roll bag (sold separately) or for strapping down jacket, rain gear, etc.
  • Top pocket office organizer and lockable zipper pulls
  • Constructed of UV-, water-, and weather-resistant 1200 denier Saddle Tuff™ and leather-like vinyl panels

Dimensions: 18" wide x 21" high x 11.5" deep.

Measures 2,600 cubic inches

MSRP: $169.95

Providing More Flexibility And Options For Securing Motorcycle Luggage

Saddlemen has always strived to provide convenience, value and adaptability with our luggage lineup. The Versa-Mount yoke continues that tradition.

Versa-Mount adjustable motorcycle bag and luggage mounting system

Saddlemen Versa-Mount System

Model: 3550-0117

Suggested Retail Price: $24.95

The easy-to-use Versa-Mount yoke and harness system fits under the passenger area of two-up seats, allowing the attachment of a sissy bar bag, rack bag or seat bag to a motorcycle without the use of a sissy bar or rack. The two-piece construction enables the yoke to be adjusted to fit a variety of passenger area seat widths and includes a one-inch-wide security strap and D-rings to insure that luggage will stay put on almost any motorcycle with a one-piece, two-up seat.


Versa-Mount yoke and harness system

  • Easy to install and easy to remove
  • Attaches to almost any bike in seconds
  • Adjustable straps feature chromed, spring loaded hooks
  • Can be used with many types of luggage
  • No sissy bar or rack necessary
  • Considerably adds to the amount of potential luggage a bike can carry without modification
  • Matching luggage available

Available through Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited at dealerships nationwide, and at


Versa-Mount adjustable motorcycle bag and luggage mounting system

A downloadable, printable version of the Versa-Mount instruction sheet is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format at this link.


Saddlemen-Sponsored Flat Trackers Cory & Shayna Texter's Grandfather Was 85

Ray Texter - Funeral Notice

We at Saddlemen received word Wednesday night of Ray "Tex" Texter's (above, at right) death. We have had the honor of sponsoring the current generation of racing Texters, and working with the family's racing team. The recent loss of Randy Texter this past summer makes the loss even tougher. Our sympathies go out to all the Texter family, along with the many friends and colleagues of this veteran of the motorsport community.

Below is the message and information we received from Cory Texter.

Sad News From Texter Racing

I wanted to let all of my sponsors know that my grandfather Ray "Tex" Texter passed away last night. He was 85. It is only four months ago that his son, my father, also passed away on August 30th. They were the only reason I have any involvment in racing that I do now. My Dad & Grandpa were the ultimate father/son team through-out my Dad's career. Pop Texter tuned the wrenches and my Dad was the rider. Without things I have learned from both of them over the years, I would not be at a level now where I can continue to further my racing career alongside my sister.

RLT Racing will have another angel looking down on us in 2011. I can't thank all of you enough for helping us this coming season. Without you guys, we would literally have nothing to go racing... However, you will see Shayna and myself at every race next season and we are coming at the competition hard. We have been riding, training and ready to get going. Daytona is only two months away and we are very excited for what 2011 brings. Our goal is to be on the podium and win, gain exposure and have fun. The last couple years have been hard for us and with the things we have been dealing with have really dampened our focus at the track.

Photo [above] from L to R: Shayna, My Dad, Al Wilcox (legendary flagger), and Pop Texter.

Services for Pop Texter are at Charles F Snyder Funeral Home.3110 Lititz Pike. Lititz,PA 17543 (if you attended my dads its at the same place).

Viewing Sunday 2:00-4:00 & 6:00-9:00

Viewing Monday 10:00-11:00 & Service at 11:00


Cory Texter

RLT Racing #65

AMA GNC Dirttrack


Since our founding, we at Saddlemen have been an enthusiastic sponsor of motorsports. And while the focus can often appear to be on machines and specialty parts, the heart and soul of the sport, and what makes it great are the people involved: racers, devoted technicians, team owners, and fans - people like "Tex" Texter.


Saddlemen Sponsors Mike Vils' 1913 Excelsior With Custom Seat & Luggage


Saddlemen was proud to sponsor Mike Vils' restored 1913 Excelsior motorcycle on his successful completion of the 2010 Cannonball Run.

Mike rides his Excelsior more regularly than most people ride their modern bikes, but that's where he ran into some challenges. As it turns out, not many companies make luggage specifically designed for 1913 motorcycles - of any brand.



In an effort to carry his gear across the United States, Mike visited our factory before the run to see what we might be able to do for him. Not surprisingly, we didn't have any specific-fit bags, but we were able to subtly modify some existing bags to fit and function perfectly.

Starting on Friday, September 10th, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 45 pre-1916 motorcycles set off on a two-week rally across the nation, with 37 riders and machines completing the trip 16 days later in Santa Monica, California. The course ran just under 3.300 miles.

After his jaunt accross the nation, Mike stopped by Saddlemen HQ to show us how well his luggage held up on the road.



Since it's founding in 1987, Saddlemen has been an enthusiastic sponsor of motorsports, and we are committed to continuing this tradition in all sorts of various ways; whether we're making bags for a vintage "Cannonballer," or making fork slider covers for an XR1200 flat track racer, Saddlemen is always supporting motorcycle racing and motorsports in all forms.


Gene Romero's West Coast Flat Track Series Opens Calendar Year In Las Vegas With Cement Short Track Races

RACES_11_Flyer_new resized

Saddlemen is proud to continue our sponsorship of Gene Romero's West Coast Flat Track Series event, including the upcoming Las Vegas races.

Since it's founding in 1987, Saddlemen has been an enthusiastic sponsor of motorsports, and are committed to continuing this tradition.

Scheduled Friday and Saturday nights, January 7th and 8th, in the Events Center at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This season opener boasts four classes of exciting competition; the K&N Open, the Saddlemen Vintage Class, the Top Gun 450 and the Classic Open.

The races will run on a challenging 1/8 mile track right on the polished concrete of the arena floor with over 150 of the best flat trackers in the country. Gates for the races open at 6:30 p.m. and racing begins at 7:30 p.m. each night.

In conjunction with the races is the 20th Annual Las Vegas Vintage Motorcycle Auction (the world’s largest) starting on Thursday, January 6th.


Rookie Rider Guides Moroney Team's Harley To 2010 Honors

PJ Jacobsen - Saddlemen Rookie

Press Release issued by - Moroney's Harley Davidson 1800-FASTHOG


PJ Jacobsen and Moroney’s 1800-FASTHOG Have an Impressive 2010 Year with Rookie Honors


PJ Jacobsen aboard the Moroney’s1800-FASTHOG Harley Davidson XR750 showcased his abilities in his rookie year of 2010.

Jacobsen, who has a full time career in road racing, was given the opportunity by long time sponsor Pat Moroney of Moroney’s 1800-FASTHOG to enter into a select number of flat track races which did not interfere with his road race schedule. The Moroney’s team was given the green light by the AMA who had granted Jacobsen his GNC license at the age of 16. The team included: Dyno George and Rich Hansen to prepare the bikes, Bob Weiss of Weiss Racing to turn the wrenches at the track, and Pat Moroney to assist Weiss and Jacobsen on race strategy.

The team would not have much time to get the bikes and rider ready. Jacobsen had never sat on the legendary Harley Davidson XR750 prior to his first race at the Springfield Mile. The team had set out to Springfield with the idea of getting some seat time. Not only did they accomplish their goal, but Jacobsen was at the top of the charts after qualifying. This would be only the beginning of the amazing race series the team and Jacobsen committed to. By the season finale in Prescott, AZ Jacobsen had qualified for four out of the five AMA Grand National Championship events and had the fastest qualifying time. They had looked to just make it to the main but at every event Jacobsen was running at the front, chasing the leaders for the podium position.

Jacobsen, achieving a stellar series, also brought home the prestigious 2010 AMA Saddlemen Rookie of the Year award which has been won by many of the famous flat track racers.

Bob Weiss“PJ is so relaxed before the start of each race. Nothing seems to bother him. I will tell you, he showed everyone what he has! It was a pleasure to work with him. PJ’s day will come and he will get a win under his belt.”

PJ Jacobsen“I could not have done it with out such a great team. Thank you to George and Rich back at the shop and Bob Weiss and Pat Moroney for putting this all together. The motorcycles ran great and best of all we had fun doing what we love. Thanks again to the Moroney’s 1800-FASTHOG team. Thanks for so much fun.”

Pat Moroney“I love to watch my Harleys run well and do their job. PJ really twists them to the limit and pushes the reliability of the equipment. It makes me smile that my team can put together a winning motorcycle.”PJ is a very talented young rider and ranks up there with some of the best I have had ride my Motorcycles.

# # #

Saddlemen is pleased to support Flat Track Racing and is proud to award PJ with this year's AMA rookie honors. Since it's founding in 1987, Saddlemen has been an enthusiastic sponsor of motorsports, and are committed to continuing this tradition.


Comfort, Convenience, Universal Fit, Exceptional Styles & Great Value

Saddlemen’s SaddleGel™ technology has been around for decades, and in the last few years, there have been other companies out there that have copied our idea—but we don’t mind. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery—which is further proof we’ve been doing it right all along —but then we knew that. So when it comes to getting the perfect holiday gift for the rider in your life, why not get a genuine Saddlemen™ SaddleGel™ pad?

It’s easy to justify the value of a SaddleGel pad; you get so much for relatively little money. SaddleGel Pads far exceed the comfort of a stock seat by dampening vibration and absorbing shocks from rough roads. They’re easy to use and fit almost every bike ever made, so there are never any fitment issues— they work every time. Plus, they’ll work with more than one bike. You can move it from your big-twin cruiser to your sport bike in seconds and back without any tools.

Our Saddlegel™ Pads are available in three standard sizes, made to work with the widest range of machines: Extra Large (12.5" length x 15.5" rear width x 8.5" front width), Large (10.5" length x 14" rear width x 8" front width) and Medium (9.5" length x 8" rear width x 6" front width).


Gel Stretch Pad  Preview

Saddlemen's original soft-stretch cover pads maximize SaddleGel™ efficiency, and feature a non-slip underside. Quick-disconnect harness system mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed. Stretchable cover adds to comfort, responsiveness and performance. Available in our three standard sizes.


l Sheepskin Preview

Synthetic sheepskin cover pads soften your ride. Cool in summer and warm in winter - an excellent compliment to SaddleGel™ support and comfort. Zero upkeep, man-made materials make them as care-free as they are comfortable, and eliminates the issues natural sheepskin can have when wet. Pad also features a non-slip bottom. Available in three standard sizes.



Our 3-D molded design helps pad conform quickly and comfortably to rider's anatomy. Center channel reduces pressure to prevent numbness and discomfort. Exclusive air canals increase cooling and breathability. "Comfort foam" top layer maximizes SaddleGel™ efficiency. Features soft, resilient, non-slip underside. Available in three standard sizes.


Gel Pillow Pad  Preview

Saddlemen™ Pillow Top SaddleGel™ Pads have a nostalgic button-tufted style. They feature an extra-soft layer of pillow foam on top of Saddlemen's famous SaddleGel™. Features non-slip underside. These comfortable, strap-down gel seat pads look perfect on top of most cruisers. Available in our three standard sizes.


All of our external gel pads feature our quick-disconnect harness system, which mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable and comfortable.


Los Angeles Area Bartels' Harley-Davidson Unveils Artist's Custom Painted V-Rod


Recently, Saddlemen created a custom seat for a one-of-a-kind, uniquely painted V-Rod, produced by Southern California artist, Jack Armstrong. The premiere event was hosted by Bartels' Harley-Davidson of Marina Del Rey. Among the notable attendees was actor Lorenzo Lamas, and a number of celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts.


For this high-profile project, the builders wanted an excellent seat. Saddlemen was pleased to create a top-of-the-line saddle, based on our proven seats for V-Rods, featuring our famous design sense and innovative construction and technologies.

We at Saddlemen enjoy creating unique motorcycle seats and luggage for the widest range of special projects. Custom work like this has been an important element in the growth and evolution of our product lines. We invite you to contact us about any custom project on the horizon.


New Fitment For 1997-2007 Model Year Harley-Davidson Touring Machines


The latest version of our Slammed Pro Tour Seat is now available for purchase from Todd's Cycles, as well as Saddlemen, and will soon be available through Drag Specialties affiliated dealers.

It's designed to fit Harley-Davidson Baggers/Tourers for the 1997 to 2007 model year range, and features the same top-of-the-line layout and materials used with our initial Signature Seat, for 2008-2010 models (shown at left).

The Pro Tour Slammed seat (aka the Todd’s Cycle Signature Series seat) for earlier model Harley-Davidson Street Glides and other bagger models is now available. The seat is a “short nose” bagger saddle, so it works great on Street Glides and Road Kings, but can also be mounted to the Electra and Road Glide models as well.

Designed in collaboration with Todd Silicato, noted custom bike builder, and founder of Todd's Cycles of Huntington Beach, California, these seats are the ultimate low-profile, bagger seat that still combines proven Saddlemen comfort, support and great looks.

Specifically, the new version Slammed Tour Pro, (Saddlemen #11995), is built to fit FLHX & FLHTC models, while also fitting FLHTC, FLHR, FLTR and FLHT designations. They are designed to look best and mate with the center dash of the Street Glide and Road King, models, and they will also fit other "long-nose" Harley-Davidson Touring machines, but there will be a gap between the seat’s nose and the center dash. The seat will fit bikes fitted with, or without, saddlebag guards.

Saddlemen is proud to work with respected designers and builders like Todd, combining manufacturing experience, acclaimed style, and the knowledge of what riders need and want, to create the best seats possible. Look for more Saddlemen Signature Series Seats in the near future.

Whether for motorcyles off an assembly line, or the latest custom race bike, Saddlemen offers a wide range of top-of-the-line seats , as well as our expert customizing and refurbishing services. Along with seating solutions, our ever-expanding range of innovative motorcycle luggage provides great quality with unsurpassed value.


Huntersville, North Carolina Shop Hosts Party With Music, Prizes & Displays

Saddlemen's Gary Smith, our cross-country technical expert and customer service pro, will be at Easy Eddie's Motorcycle Service & Lounge in Huntersville, North Carolina this weekend, October 22nd through the 24th. Easy Eddie's is celebrating their 10th Anniversary with giant party on Saturday.


As part of the event, Gary will be manning a Saddlemen product display in conjunction with the travelling Drag Specialties truck, run by one of our primary distributors. Saddlemen items will be available for purchase inside Easy Eddie's, as seen in the photo above.

As always, Gary will be available for information and to consult riders about Saddlemen seats and luggage.

Easy Eddie's is located at 12125 Statesville Road, (Highway 21), in Huntersville, right off Interstate 77. Their telephone number is (704) 875-2501.

Throughout the year, coast to coast, Saddlemen experts, like Gary, visit dealerships and rallies to show the riding public the excellent range of versatile products in our luggage and motorcycle seat lines. We invite you to come and say "hello," and let us show you the value and inventiveness that has made us a motorports leader.