A Special Thanks To Lloyd Brothers Racing On Their 2010 Season


Saddlemen's president, Tom Seymour, is proud to congratulate everyone at Lloyd Brothers for their great year.

Here are a few words from Tom:

Mike and David Lloyd have made tremendous contribution to flattrack and Saddlemen acknowledges their special effort.

First, David and Mike’s participation was fueled purely by their passion for racing with no other ties or connection to the motorcycle industry.

Simply, they put in money, energy and time but received nothing in return except the joy of being involved in flattrack - the greatest racing sport on this planet.

They contributed significantly to dirt track racing, expecting nothing but a sense of job well done in return.

Their achievements were monumental. With a limited budget, a new team and a production bike never before raced on dirt, they won a GNC race, threatened to win at nearly every event they attended, brought Nicky Hayden and Ducati to the Indy Mile and nearly won the AMA championship – a bid principally derailed, literally, by a thrown chain.



Their Ducati victory was the first time in 29years that a readily available production engine won a Grand National Twins race. Limited production, flat track race-only Honda RS750 and Harley-Davidson XR750s had won every other GNC Twins National since 1981.

Of course, it is also appropriate to also recognize their team, especially lead rider Joe Kopp – a true gentleman and racing icon.

Other members included: riders Larry Pegram and Aaron King, crew members David Gamble, Kevin Atherton, Rob Kopp and Dave Weaver.

They achieved much with little except their passion. Their involvement has enriched our chosen sport.

Mike and David Lloyd, thank you for being a part of our sport!


Whether for motorcycles off an assembly line, or the latest custom race bike, Saddlemen offers a wide range of top-of-the-line seats , as well as our expert customizing and refurbishing services. Along with seating solutions, our ever-expanding range of innovative motorcycle luggage provides great quality with unsurpassed value.


Vintage 1913 Bike Completes Two-Week, Cross-Country Endurance Run


Saddlemen congratulate Mike Vils on his completion of this year's Cannonball Motorcycle Endurance Run, riding a beautifully maintained 1913 Excelsior motorcycle. We are also proud that Mike made his coast-to-coast trek with a Saddlemen seat, and using Saddlemen luggage.

Starting on Friday, September 10th, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 45 pre-1916 motorcycles set off on a two-week rally across the nation, with 37 riders and machines completing the trip 16 days later in Santa Monica, California. The course ran just under 3,300 miles.


Above: Mike with his Excelsior during a stop near Flagstaff, Arizona. Photo courtesy of friend-of-Saddlemen Nick Trumbo.

We plan to post an interview with Mike about the rally, and his interest in vintage motorcycles, in the near future.

Whether for motorcyles nearly a century old, or for the latest new bike off the assembly line, Saddlemen offers a wide range of top-of-the-line seats , as well as our expert customizing and refurbishing services. Along with seating solutions, our ever-expanding range of innovative motorcycle luggage provides great quality with unsurpassed value.


"Slammed Pro Tour" For 1997-2007 Harley-Davidson Touring Models Nears Release


During the next few weeks, a new version of our Slammed Pro Tour Seat will be available for purchase.

This saddle is designed to fit Harley-Davidson Baggers/Tourers for the 1997 to 2007 model year range, and features the same top-of-the-line layout and materials used with our initial Signature Seat, for 2008-2010 models (shown at left).

Designed in collaboration with Todd Silicato, noted custom bike builder, and founder of Todd's Cycles of Huntington Beach, California, these seats are the ultimate low-profile, bagger seat that still provides acceptable comfort, support and riding endurance for touring.

Specifically, the new version Slammed Tour Pro is built to fit FLHX & FLHTC models, while also fitting FLHTC, FLHR, FLTR and FLHT designations. They are designed to look best and mate with the center dash of the Street Glide and Road King, models, and they will also fit other Harley-Davidson Touring machines, but there will be a gap between the seat’s nose and the center dash. The seat will fit bikes fitted with, or without, saddlebag guards.

Saddlemen is proud to work with respected designers and builders like Todd, combining manufacturing experience, acclaimed style, and the knowledge of what riders need and want, to create the best seats possible.


Dealership Hosts Display In Conjunction With Big Motorcycle And Music Event


No rest for Saddlemen's "road warrior" technical and sales expert, Gary Smith. The weekend after running our display in Reno, for Street Vibrations, this weekend finds him half a continent away at Pig Trail Harley-Davidson in Rogers, Arkansas, for the annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ gathering.

Our display will be with the Drag Specialties truck, run by one of our primary distributors.

Saddlemen items will be available for purchase inside Pig Trail Harley-Davidson, located at 2409 Hudson Road, in Rogers Arkansas. Their toll-free phone number is (877) 633-9797.

Gary is looking forward to meeting lots of riders, and enjoying the festivies.

Saddlemen has a commitment to meeting the motorcycling public, and providing them with quality information and advice about our products. Visits to local dealerships and motorsports stores are valuable opportunities to see how our luggage and seats are being used, and what riders want and need to improve their experiences.


Carson City Harley-Davidson Hosts Our Display With Distributor Drag Specialties


Saddlemen was on hand with the travelling Drag Specialties display truck for the Reno Street Vibrations Rally at nearby Carson City Harley-Davidson during the big gathering. Our customer service representatives report huge, enthusiastic crowds enjoying events across the Reno/Sparks/Carson City area.


Our Gary Smith, left, and Jerry Beaty, left, (standing with our frequent Drag Truck neighbor, Jay Brainard of Jaybrake) are shown inside Carson City Harley-Davidson next to the shop's excellent display of Saddlemen products.



Our thanks go out to our excellent hosts, the owners and staff at Carson City Harley-Davidson, and as always to the people who run the Drag Specialties truck throughout the year, and the other vendor representatives.

Saddlemen sales, customer service, and technical representatives travel across the country throughout the year, at rallies and dealer events large and small. These event appearances are a great opportunity to meet more motorcyclists, and show how our products, both seats and luggage, can help improve their riding experience.


Busy Saturday At Los Angeles Area Metric Machine Retailer's Parking Lot Event


Saddlemen was pleased to take part in Del Amo Motorsports' massive annual parking lot sale, on Saturday, September 25th. We ran one of the many displays outside the Redondo Beach store, showing our motorcycle seats and motorcycle luggage.


Above: One of the event's promotional models graces a Yamaha R6, one of the two bikes we brought along for "test sits" on our latest, innovative Saddlemen sport bike seats.

Del Amo 2010 - Combo Crowd

It was a very hot September day, and we were pleased to meet so many riders and their families who came out to enjoy the day, along with the excellent deals, sights, sounds and product displays.


Our thanks to the ownership and staff at Del Amo Motorsports for being great hosts, and giving us the opportunity to show our product lines to the motorcycling public of Southern California.


Winner Has Choice Of Two Sizes Of Latest Motorcycle Luggage Release


During our appearance, Saturday, September 25th, at Del Amo Motorsports' 8th Annual Parking Lot Sale , we will hold a raffle to give away one of our two new "Tunnel Bag" motorcycle luggage pieces. These new additions to our luggage line offer excellent value, quality and flexibility: whether for bikes with smaller rear pillions, or wider rear seats.

Our booth will be located outside the Redondo Beach dealership during all the activity of this gigantic sales event.

We look forward to meeting lots of riders, and showing them the quality of our products, and how they can improve their riding experience.


Saddlemen Tech Expert At Carson City Harley-Davidson For "Reno Street Vibrations" Fall Rally

Demonstrations Of Saddlemen Products At Major Nevada Dealership


Saddlemen product line "guru" Gary Smith will be on hand this weekend (through Sunday) at Carson City Harley-Davidson during the big Reno Street Vibrations Rally.

Carson City Harley-Davidson is located nearby to Reno, just south off of Highway 395, at 2900 Research Way, in Carson City. Their telephone number is: (775) 882-7433(RIDE).

Saddlemen sales, customer service, and technical representatives travel across the country throughout the year. We value the chance to show our motorcycle seats and luggage to riders from coast to coast. It's a great opportunity to meet more motorcyclists, and show how our products can help improve their riding experience.


Refurbished Touring Seat For 1991 Machine Gets Enthusiastic Approval From Owner


Saddlemen recently received an e-mail from satisfied customer Jim B., of Virginia. Jim had us refurbish and re-cover one of our Road Sofa touring seat packages, and sent comments and photos our way after he installed it on his GoldWing.

"The seat is simply amazing - the workmanship is second to none, the fit on the bike is superb (even better than the old, OEM factory seat) and the comfort is something that, unless you’ve tried it, you may never know how comfortable you could be over the one size fits all, factory molded vinyl seat.



I think others may think the seat is an on the shelf item, but when they call to order like I did, then you learn that your company actually asks you questions in regards to your height & weight to make the seat an exact, ‘your size’ seat, that will fit & wear perfectly for years to come.

I ride my bike year-round unless it is icy out, so my bike is starting to get up there in mileage and some paint fade, but I can tell you my seat is perfect in fit & comfort and a real pleasure to enjoy while out on my ‘ol Wing.

Thanks again for the superb customer service and going beyond the distance to make sure everything was done correctly and professionally, and in a very timely manner.





Our thanks to Jim for his feedback and continued patronage. We're pleased to know the seat works so well for you.

Whether producing a brand-new seat from one of our popular seat lines, or customizing or refurbishing, an existing seat, we at Saddlemen look forward to helping improve the riding experience of our customers. That's the cornerstone of our business. We hope we can improve your ride as well...

Redondo Beach's Del Amo Motorsports' Parking Lot Sale:
Saturday, September 25th

Saddlemen will be on hand for Del Amo Motorsports' 8th Annual Parking Lot Sale, outside of the South Bay dealership. We'll be operating a display booth, showing our motorcycle seats and motorcycle luggage. To let people get a feel for our quality saddles, we will have a cruiser and a sport bike at the display for "test sits."


A wide range of manufacturers will be there, and plenty of product will be available (on sale) inside the dealership.


Del Amo Motorsports is located at 2500 Marine Avenue, in Redondo Beach, right off the 405 Freeway in the South Bay. Their toll-free phone number is (866) 460-5261.


We look forward to meeting the riding public, and getting the opportunity to show Saddlemen quality first hand.


We at Saddlemen are proud to work with respected retailers (like Del Amo Motorsports) and our distributors across the country. We hope motorcyclists everywhere will visit their local dealerships and motorsports stores for Saddlemen motorcycle luggage and seats.