Our Latest Storage Option Lets You Protect Your Helmet When It’s Not Protecting You!

Saddlemen Custom Helmet Case

Keep an eye open for Saddlemen’s most recent addition to our motorcycle luggage line, the great new Custom Helmet Case.

Designed to work equally well as a handy travel tote and for long-term storage, these ultra-convenient cases combine our legacies of innovative features and materials, combined with top-notch value. You spent plenty for your “hat,” we want you to keep it looking like new.

  • A great way to carry, store and protect any size street helmet!
  • Perfect, safe helmet storage for home and garage.
  • Great for carrying an extra helmet on a bike, or in an automobile.
  • Sturdy, solid construction with rugged, protective exterior.
  • Fits largest and smallest street bike helmets.
  • Protects helmets from drops, hits, scuffs and dings.
  • Soft, non-scratching inner liner.
  • Museum quality protection for collector helmets or custom paint jobs.
  • “Impact Isolation Hammock System” isolates and cushions helmet.
  • Vented to air dry helmet – helping to keep it fresh until next use.
  • Carry handle, D-rings and removable back pack straps included.
  • Easy to carry on bike or on back.
  • Molded polyurethane shell for great leather like look and secure protection.
  • Unique design and molded leather grain surface looks stylish and “right.”

The new Custom Helmet Case is available across North America through the thousands of retailers in the Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited networks, or through this website.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.


High Desert H-D Retailer A Great Source For Saddlemen Products And Information

Harley-Davidson of Victorville

We recently received New Year’s greetings from a great Saddlemen retailer, Harley-Davidson of Victorville. Located high up in the desert country east of Los Angeles, H-D of Victorville sits right off major Interstate 15 at the Roy Rogers Drive exit.

Their Parts Manager, Lou Berg, is a knowledgeable long-time rider, and veteran of many years with Southern California area motorcycle dealerships. He’s quite familiar with the Saddlemen product line, and can help direct you to the right seat or luggage item for your needs and taste.

Dealerships and shops like Harley-Davidson of Victorville, and people like Lou are key to helping the riding public learn about the quality and value of Saddlemen motorcycle seats and luggage. We gladly direct attention their way, and give them a big “thank you” for the great job they do representing us across North America.

Whether you cruise across long stretches of open desert highway, or commute around town, Saddlemen has products to help.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.


Retailer Tries Our King Seat – Back Pain And Discomfort Left Behind

Dan Ludwig, owner of OneStopMoto.com sells lots of Saddlemen seats and luggage. After hearing all the positive comments about our saddles, he decided to give our King Seat a try on his Harley-Davidson to see if it would improve his riding experience.

Dan contacted us to let us know how the seat worked for him…

OneStopMoto.com Saddlemen King Seat OneStopMoto.com Saddlemen King Seat OneStopMoto.com Saddlemen King Seat OneStopMoto.com Saddlemen King Seat

“I just installed a new Saddlemen King Seat with backrest on my 2001 Fat Boy. I have been shopping for a new seat for some time – because of back soreness after only an hour or so riding.”

“I heard a lot of hype about this seat, so I decided to give it a try, but not expecting too much. Well, I was pleasantly surprised.”

“After several hours of riding, I was trying to figure out why my back wasn’t sore. I noticed I was not sitting on my tail bone like most seats. I understand this is attributed to the unique “split-cushion” design of the King Seat. Keeping your weight off your tailbone is critical to keep the seat comfortable and your back in check, especially for long rides. Additionally, I adjusted the backrest significantly forward (yes, you can do this with the King Seat) which helped me maintain an upright sitting position, and allowed me to lean back and rest as I rode, without being way back on the bike. I believe this also helped to relieve back stress.”

“Bottom line is this. If you want a good looking seat with great lumbar support to relieve back pain, and a comfortable ride, this is the seat for you.”

We are always happy to hear such positive feedback. Our goal and design philosophy has always been to provide greater comfort and more enjoyable riding time for our customers. We know what our technology and craftsmanship can do, and it’s gratifying to see that our seats are helping the riding public improve their time on the road.

For more feedback from real riders, please check out our Testimonial page.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to your motorcycling experience.


With 2009 “In The Rear View Mirror,” We’re Looking Ahead, Geared Up For Continued Growth And Innovation In 2010

As the year draws to a close, we at Saddlemen want to thank our customers, the shops and dealerships across North America that sell our products, our fine distributors, and the riding public in general for their continued patronage and interest in our motorcycle seats and luggage lines. We are proud to serve you for another year, and plan to continue for years to come.

In 2009, we continued to introduce top-of-the-line new products, such as our BR1800 back seat and sissy bar bag; our EXR1000 Drifter and EXR1000 Desperado models to our line of roll bags; and new motorcycle seats, like our latest additions to our Pro Tour saddle line for Harley Davidsons.

We will continue releasing innovative, exciting new products in 2010. Our motorcycle luggage line will continue to expand, as we debut new items with the features, inventiveness and value the public has come to expect from Saddlemen. We’ll also introduce a wide range of high-quality, tend-setting seats and luggage designed for even wider ranges of motorcycles, for a new “audience.”

This last year also brought Saddlemen a proud new milestone to our long-standing commitment to race sponsorship. Saddlemen-sponsored motorcycle racer Jared Mees had a great 2009 season, winning the year’s AMA Twins Flat Track title. We will continue this tradition of support for motorsports in 2010, and will offer frequent news updates and web links about the riders we proudly sponsor.

We at Saddlemen send everyone best wishes for the new year, with plenty of riding enjoyment!

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable – now, and in the future.


We’re Keeping Our Holiday Hints List Active For Post-Christmas Shopping Ideas

Saddlemen Post-Christmas Shopping Ideas

From all the people at Saddlemen, we would like to offer our best Holiday greetings, and best wishes for the New Year to everyone visiting our site, and to all of the great dealers across North America and the staff of our distributors that do such a great job all year long providing our products to the riding public!

At the start of the holiday shopping season, Saddlemen created a special section on our website, offering a printable list of many of our popular, and most economical items. We’re going to keep the list available, along with the special spotlight page on the web site, for post-holiday shopping help.

Our goal is to help out the rider looking to add the perfect compliment for that new bike, or new accessories that showed up under the tree (without breaking the bank).

For those wanting to shop online, this “Holiday Gift Values” section highlights some of our best values, readily available for quick shipping.

We offered another bit of help by putting together our printable PDF flyer for potential Saddlemen buyers to take to any local shop to help order items featured in our suggestion list. This will assist any shop that works with the major distributors, Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited, to immediately identify and correctly order the desired item.

We’ll keep the special section running on the website, and continue to offer the PDF for downloading, because we know that holiday shopping doesn’t always end with Christmas!

We invite you to see, and give the gift of, what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.


Our External Gel Pads Provide Proven Relief, Reduce Vibrations, Absorbs Shock, And Relieve Seating Pressure Points

Is the seat on that new holiday gift motorcycle uncomfortable? Does the seat on your “old reliable” have you continually stopping for relief during long rides? Consider our Saddlemen gel pads.

Saddlemen Comfort Gel Pads

Saddlegel™ Comfort Pads make any motorcycle seat into a touring seat. A state-of-the-art material, brought over from the medical industry, that will never freeze, crack, dry out, leak or melt, Saddlegel™ is designed to evenly distribute a rider’s weight across the full surface of the pad, eliminating annoying pressure points and “hot spots” for uncommon comfort. Our gel pads also provide excellent shock absorption and insulation from vibration. Saddlemen™ gel pads are available in a variety of cover types and sizes to fit most touring motorcycles, sport bikes, cruisers and even off-road bikes and ATVs.

Saddlemen gel pads come in four varieties: our Original Advanced Comfort Seat Pads, comfortable Advanced Comfort Fleece Covered Seat Pads, our recently added Tech Memory Foam Seat Pads, and our popular Pillow Seat Pads style. Each type is available in three standard sizes.

The easiest way to get the comfort benefits of Saddlegel™ technology is to strap one of our pads onto your existing seat. Your ride will be much nicer, so you can spend more time on your bike. These gel pads are proven by tens of thousands of satisfied motorcycle and other powersport riders worldwide for decades!

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.


OneStopMoto.com Discounts Saddles For Harley-Davidsons & Imports During Big Christmas Sale

Our friends over at OneStopMoto.com are big sellers of Saddlemen items. They wanted to let everyone know that they are running a Christmas Sale, offering great discounts on dozens of Saddlemen seat models for Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yahama motorcylces.

Dan Ludwig of OneStopMoto.com

Above, Dan Ludwig of OneStopMoto.com in front of their Lake Forest, California headquarters. They do great business selling our products. In fact, Dan says that recently they’ve been averaging about 20 sales of Saddlemen seats per month!

Saddlemen motorcycle seats, luggage and other related products are available through thousands of retailers across the United States and Canada, as well as numerous excellent online retailers, like OneStopMoto.com. With the support of local shops, web-based sellers, and our top-notch distributors, the Saddlemen brand continues to grow in sales and public awareness. Whether bought from a neighborhood store, an internet source, or directly from us, we appreciate the business of the riding public, and stand behind and warranty our products.

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.


At Vancouver, Washington’s Columbia Harley-Davidson Customer Interest Strong During Pre-Christmas Shopping Rush

We recently got a “Season’s Greetings” message from our friends, and Saddlemen retailers, at Columbia Harley-Davidson, up in Vancouver, Washington. They reported having a very busy season, and continued strong interest in motorcycles and aftermarket items.

Columbia Harley-Davidson

Above, Columbia Harley-Davidson on a typical December afternoon, and two of the knowledgeable staff that handle Saddlemen products on a daily basis: left, Parts Manager Brent Stowe, and at right, Chris Keeney.

Located right off Interstate 5, just north of the mighty Columbia River in Vancouver, Columbia Harley-Davidson has been serving the states of Washington and Oregon since 1945. We value and appreciate retailers and dealerships like Columbia H-D, who provide Saddlemen products to the motorcycling public all across North America.

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to help make riding more enjoyable.


“Valentino Rossi” Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Unveiled At Long Beach Show

At the recent Long Beach Cycle World International Motorcycle Show, Don Emde, publisher of Parts Magazine and project leader for the build, unveiled an attention-getting, street-legal, custom Yamaha, the Rossi/Riders For Health Yamaha R1, built to be auctioned for charity next year.

Proceeds will benefit the Riders for Health organization. Saddlemen was pleased to make and donate a special custom seat and pillion for this unique machine, and proud to be among the top-of-the-line aftermarket manufacturers asked to participate in its creation for the Friends Of Riders For Health organization.

Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1

The bike’s concept is to be a one-of-a-kind “Track Day” sportbike, wrapped in famed racer Valentino Rossi’s AGV “Five Continents” graphics. This machine boasts numerous upgrades from major aftermarket firms. When auctioned, the eventual buyer will receive all needed “street legal” items currently off the bike, as well as a second full set of body work and windscreen.

Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1
Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Saddlemen Seat on Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1

Click on the gallery images above to see them at full size.

More details are available on the project’s fact sheet and press release.

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable – just as we’ve done for the Rossi/Riders For Health Yamaha R1 custom machine.


Two Staffers Ride Out To Desert Dealership

Jerry Beaty on the road to Palm Springs Harley-Davidson

On a recent Friday, Saddlemen’s Stan Alicki and Jerry Beaty hit the road to pay a weekday visit to our friends out at Palm Springs Harley-Davidson, long-time sellers of Saddlemen products. With the weather getting chilly at higher elevations, the guys bundled up and rode out east.

In front of Palm Springs Harley-Davidson

Our Director of Sales, Stan Alicki, with P.S. H-D’s Service Manager, Lonnie, at left, and Parts Manager, Eric at right. While there, Stan and the dealership staff went over ideas for a new Saddlemen display for the near future.

Stan Alicki and Jerry Beaty at Palm Springs Harley-Davidson

Saddlemen’s Stan (left) and Jerry (right) with their Harley-Davidsons.

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.