An Invitation To Share Your Bike-Related “Good Dog” And “Bad Dog” Stories

Invitation for Bike-Related Stories

Out on the road, at motorcycle rallies and sales events, and in feedback from our customers, we constantly see and hear that “bike people” are quite often “dog people” as well. We would like to read about the fun and funny adventures and misadventures people have had with their four-legged friends. Send us an e-mail with a picture attached, and we’ll post some of the best stories online to share with the riding public.

Our e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – we hope to share some fun shaggy dog tales soon…


As previously posted, the Joker Machine / Cody Racing / JRM Bonneville Bike ran at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trails August 30th through September 3rd at the Bonneville Salt Flats, in an AMA & FIM sanctioned event, to break the speed record for the MODIFIED ALTERED FUEL 500 CLASS M-AF.


Click on the images below to see them full size…

Joker Machine's Modified Speedway Joker Machine's Modified Speedway Joker Machine's Modified Speedway Joker Machine's Modified Speedway

Joker Machine’s Geoff Arnold reports on the run at the record with rider Billy “The Bullet” Hamill:

“Well we are back from Bonneville. What a week! As you may already know we ran 144.2 mph. This is not bad but the record still stands at 145.2 mph… mph short, what a bummer. But what a great week, Billy and I learned so much. Going to Bonneville is like no other experience you will ever have, it’s unreal. You get up everyday at 5:00 am and get done a 6:00 pm. Being on the salt all day is about as hard a days work you will ever have. One of the coolest things about working there is meeting all the people. Everyone from the fellow competitors to the AMA staff was great and made Billy and I feel very welcome. Making new friends and seeing old ones turned it into a bitchin' week and one to look forward to for next year. I highly recommend going to Bonneville if you get the chance. It’s worth it to check it out once in your life. You’ll dig it.

Also this would not be possible without Dennis Manning and his staff at BUB for putting on such a great race. All the volunteers and the AMA folks, great job and thank you. And for Billy and me one big thanks to our sponsors, who without them we would be lost and would have never gotten as close to our goal as we did. My wife Diane Rawson, without her it just wouldn’t happen. Come on – she put up with Billy and me for week on the road – what a trooper.”

Saddlemen is proud to have provided a custom-made seat for this machine.  Here’s to setting the record next year!


Challenging the Roads of the “Roof of the World”

Saddlemen Gel Pads High Altitude Road

Saddlemen Gel Pads Himalayan Camp

Recently, a friend of Saddlemen, Joe Bonnello, was one of a group of five trail riders braving the highest roads in the world, in the northwestern Himalayan mountains, on Indian-made Royal Enfield motorcycles. Joe made sure to take along a Saddlemen Gel Pad when challenging these largely unpaved roads. “I thank you from the bottom of my ass. Without the gels, I would not have survived,” said Bonnello. “The shocks on those Enfields are simply non-existent!”

The group conquered the highest road on Earth, the Khardungla Pass, listed at nearly 18,400 feet above sea level! Located in the northern-most province of India, Jammu and Kashmir, this area borders both Pakistan and China, and is only about 500 miles straight east from Kabul, Afghanistan!

The distinctive, bright yellow landmark and road safety signs seen in some of the photos are from the HIMANK organization, and often use “Burma Shave” style slogans to encourage safety on these wild roads.

Check out the photographs linked below. Give them a mouse-click to see them full size.

Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas
Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas
Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas Saddlemen Gel Pads in the Himalayas

To help better inform the public about the benefits of SaddleGel, we have an “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) page to our website’s support area. For more info check the following link at

Why Your Motorcycle Seat Needs SaddleGel!

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We at Saddlemen want to thank everyone involved in the recent product sales training briefings and Super Showcase hosted by the Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited team for their top-notch hospitality and support. These events were held from August 19th through the 23rd in Madison, Wisconsin.

Saddlemen Thanks Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties

Above, at our Super Showcase booth in Madison, speaking with members of the Parts Unlimited sales team, are, left to right, Saddlemen President Tom Seymour; our traveling technical and sales expert, Gary Smith, and our Marketing Director, Greg Friend.

The Super Showcase was a great opportunity for us to familiarize the people of the Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties team from across the country with the models and features of our luggage and seats – especially our newest items.

These sales professionals are vital to us, in seeing that Saddlemen products are made easily available nationwide, along with providing assistance and information they share with both customers and motorcycle shops. We truly appreciate all the enthusiasm and attention they showed during our formal presentations and informal chats about our growing product line.