Saddlemen’s Convenient Gel Pads – The Perfect Solution For The “Comfort Challenged” Seat

Our External Gel Pads Provide Proven Relief, Reduce Vibrations, Absorbs Shock, And Relieve Seating Pressure Points

Is the seat on that new holiday gift motorcycle uncomfortable? Does the seat on your “old reliable” have you continually stopping for relief during long rides? Consider our Saddlemen gel pads.

Saddlemen Comfort Gel Pads

Saddlegel™ Comfort Pads make any motorcycle seat into a touring seat. A state-of-the-art material, brought over from the medical industry, that will never freeze, crack, dry out, leak or melt, Saddlegel™ is designed to evenly distribute a rider’s weight across the full surface of the pad, eliminating annoying pressure points and “hot spots” for uncommon comfort. Our gel pads also provide excellent shock absorption and insulation from vibration. Saddlemen™ gel pads are available in a variety of cover types and sizes to fit most touring motorcycles, sport bikes, cruisers and even off-road bikes and ATVs.

Saddlemen gel pads come in four varieties: our Original Advanced Comfort Seat Pads, comfortable Advanced Comfort Fleece Covered Seat Pads, our recently added Tech Memory Foam Seat Pads, and our popular Pillow Seat Pads style. Each type is available in three standard sizes.

The easiest way to get the comfort benefits of Saddlegel™ technology is to strap one of our pads onto your existing seat. Your ride will be much nicer, so you can spend more time on your bike. These gel pads are proven by tens of thousands of satisfied motorcycle and other powersport riders worldwide for decades!

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.