An Inside Look at Custom Seat Production

A Saddlemen Specialty:
Building New Seats To Order, From Scratch

Saddlemen Custom Seats Shaping Seat

At Saddlemen, our factory staff are constantly building our popular production seat models, with all of their variety, for a wide range of motorcycles. Another side of our work is putting together specially-built seats for our customers. Whether it is a special request for an exotic cover material, a new replacement seat for a rare, modified or older bike, or a saddle designed to be "just so" for a particular rider, or designers, crafts people and customer service staff are enthusiastic about taking on the challenges of creating something new and special. With many years of experience in creative seat design and modification, our technicians can offer expert advice and answers, and know the right questions to ask the potential buyer to make them the best saddle possible.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Pan Touch-up

We often start by producing a brand-new fiberglass base. This allows us expand the options for seating position, layout and appearance, and doesn't limit us to creating a seat based off of a stock pan. Our technicians have decades of experience in designing and producing new seat bases. We're so confident in the quality and durability of our custom fiberglass pans, that Saddlemen guarantees them for life.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Foam on Bike

The largest structural component of a seat is the foam, and it can make the biggest difference in its performance. Saddlemen designers are experts at optimizing the shaping and making alterations to provide the customer the best seat for their riding needs and requirements. We use a specially formulated foam for all of our seats.  This foam is much more supportive and durable that the foams used in most stock seats.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Black Foam with Inserts

Saddlemen's pioneering technology has been the use of our Saddlegel inside of our seats. Standard in our production seat models, it is also an extremely popular feature for people building custom seats, and retrofitting gel pads into existing seats. The same care we use in shaping our seat foam goes into the placement and layout of our Saddlegel pads, offering the best support and weight distribution available.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Cover Fitting

The final touch on any seat is the cover.  Our skilled designers and sewing technicians have been making stylish and durable covers for our seats since Saddlemen was founded.  We offer an exception range of natural and synthetic materials and fabrics to complete our custom saddles, and have the experience to make them work. Our customer service team can help go over the available options.

Our designers and crafts people enjoy the opportunity to work on unique projects, and the challenges and variety they offer.  Custom work also adds to Saddlemen's "knowledge base," and sparks our creativity.  We welcome the chance to help riders create the best seat to meet their riding needs and/or desired looks.