We Are Ready To Help: Delivery Options, Special Shipping Instructions and Damage Claims

At Saddlemen, our customer service and sales staff make it a top priority to be helpful and understanding when dealing with shipping and warranty issues.

Sometimes, though, odd things happen that don’t quite fall into the range of usual, day-to-day shipping or warranty issues. When a new or unusual situation arises, we take note, and when practical, pass it along to all our staff as well as our customers.

We recently received an email from a customer in Minnesota, inquiring about the possibility of purchasing a new replacement driver’s backrest for a just-purchased Saddlemen Explorer seat to fit his Harley Davidson. The seat was delivered to his home while he was at work, and it seems he ran into a toothy complication after the package arrived.

Dog Eats Saddlemen Seat

Saddlemen seats and luggage… Best tasting motorcycle accessories on the market?

While the package was delivered in good condition, as the photo taken by our customer shows, it got an unexpected reception. We aim to make our seats irresistible, but this wasn’t quite what we had in mind…

Whether ordering online, or over the telephone, customers always have the option of choosing an alternate shipping location, such as their work address, or the home of a friend, neighbor or relative.  We also will pass along special delivery information to our shipper, UPS, with each order, including directions on the exact location to leave the package.

In the rare event that a package is damaged en-route in shipping, before arriving, our customer service representatives and office staff are ready to handle the claims process to make the final resolution as quick, fair and painless as possible.

One final note… Despite the total destruction of the backrest piece, the main seat section survived the “attack” completely undamaged.