Custom Seat Work: A Saddlemen Specialty

One Size Does Not Fit All… Saddlemen’s Years Of Customizing Experience – Ready To Optimize Your Ride

Saddlemen Custom Seat Work

At Saddlemen we pride ourselves on our experience and ability to custom fit our seats (especially our touring saddles) for the needs of the widest variety of riders. Height, weight, build, riding style and habits can all influence the effectiveness and comfort of a seat. Our sales staff and craftsmen know the right questions to ask, and the answers for providing the best solutions for each individual.

Our standard American-made production run seats are hand-built and designed for comfort and optimal seating position, with years experience behind them, and Saddlemen’s innovative combination of proven materials. Like even the best made piece of clothing, tailoring sometimes is needed to suit the individual “wearer,” or can make a “good” seating setup just about perfect.

Adjustments can be made to improve many aspects of the riding experience. The forward area of a seat can be narrowed to help provide better leg reach to the ground when stopped. Lumbar supports can be adjusted to improve the rider’s seating position, front-to-rear. The shape of the seating surface can be customized to relieve sources of discomfort. Over many years, our staff has found solutions for all kinds of individual issues.

Potential buyers with concerns about comfort, seating position and styling can contact our knowledgeable sales staff at our California offices and factory. A brief conversation can answer many questions, and provide a basis for creating a seat for the best ride possible. We can also discuss options for cover materials, stitching and ornamentation.

Our experienced Sales Department representatives can be reached during normal Pacific time zone business hours at (800) 397-7709.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding (and travel in general) more enjoyable.