Modifying And Refurbishing Existing Seats: Saddlemen’s Tradition Of Skill, Pride & Care

Providing “TLC” For Well-Worn, Damaged And Uncomfortable Seats

At Saddlemen, one our constant sources of work is providing seat refurbishing and modification services to the riding public, no matter what type of machine they ride. Whether replacing the cover on a favorite seat, installing our famous Saddlegel inserts for added support and comfort, reshaping a stock saddle for better ergonomics, or upgrading seat performance and durability with our top-of-the-line foam, Saddlemen has years of experience, know-how and workmanship ready to help.

Saddlemen Modifying and Refurbishing Seats

An example of recovering existing seats… These flat track racing seats, for a Saddlemen sponsored rider, are receiving custom tailored and embroidered covers, as seen before final mounting. Also, the seat on the right demonstrates some of the possibilities of foam modification and upgrading regularly done here at Saddlemen.

Saddlemen Modifying and Refurbishing Seats

Measure twice, cut once. That’s how the old-but-true saying goes. Our experienced craftsmen are not just skilled but also methodical in their work. At left, in our workshop, a seat due for reshaping and Saddlegel installation is carefully pre-planned, with contours, cuts and insert areas all spelled out before any blade or tool gets near the foam. At right, another seat shows our renowned gel pads installed, awaiting final re-covering.

Anyone interested in having an existing seat re-covered, or its foam upgraded, reshaped or otherwise modified, should contact our sales and technical staff, here, in our California offices, either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or by telephone (Pacific Time Zone) at (800) 397-7709, during normal business hours. One of our technicians can then go over the options available to achieve each owner’s desired solution, along with cost and turnaround estimates.

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.