Our Real Life Research & Development Work

Product Testing With Saddlemen Rider/Employees

Saddlemen - Jerry Beaty and Harley-Davidson FLH

Saddlemen’s Jerry Beaty, an avid long-distance rider, with his trusty Harley-Davidson FLH – a frequent testbed for potential products and upgrades.

Saddlemen was founded by riders, and has many enthusiastic motorcyclists on staff. This has been an excellent resource over the years, especially in product development.

Whether testing new concepts in seat design, trying out new cover materials, conducting routine quality control checks on foam and SaddleGel formulations, or “torture testing” luggage lines before they enter production, we have continually benefited by having riders involved in all stages of research and development.

Nothing beats getting the immediate, experienced feedback of a veteran motorcyclist after a full weekend on the road with a new bag, or weeks of daily use with a potential seat upgrade. Our philosophy of “for riders, by riders” has served us, and our customers well ever since we went into business.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding (and travel in general) more enjoyable.