Saddlemen Motorcycle Luggage Offers Variety, Performance And Styles Not Just For Cruisers

Our luggage lines offer choices beyond buckles, studs and glossy, nostalgic materials. From soft, durable and tough nylon fabric to hard, durable plastic, our always-expanding range of storage options is available for all types of bikes.

Saddlemen Sport Panniers and Sport Top Pack

Our Sport Panniers and Sport Top Pack have a modern, stylish look combined with high-quality construction and weather resistance.

Saddlemen TS3200 Deluxe Sport Tailbag

The TS3200 Deluxe Sport Tailbag brings the ease and flexibility of a collapsible duffel bag to any machine. High quality fabric and plenty of convenient and versatile attachment options make this a great storage option for almost any bike..

Saddlemen Fastback Touring Bags

Our three sizes of Fastback Touring Bags - Small, Medium, and Large, combine fabric with a rigid frame, and can be used as back seat bags, or secured to a luggage rack. They feature full side openings for convenience, interior mesh pockets and large zippered pouches outside. Includes rain covers and backpack straps.

Saddlemen Tank Bags and Map Pouches

Saddlemen also offers a wide range of ultraconvenient Tank Bags, either with magnetic attachment or suction cups. These are designed to offer the easiest access available when on the road, with features like transparent map covers, waterproof cable ports for earphones and gadgets.

Saddlemen Hard Case Luggage

Recent additions to our luggage family are our Hard Case Luggage cases. Tough and streamlined, these come with versatile and easy-to-use mounting systems to secure to luggage racks, and allow fast attachment and removal.

Saddlemen R850 Roll Bag

The R850 Roll Bag is made for use with most of our touring bags. Made with rigid reinforcement, it keeps its shape empty or full, and is the perfect option for “just enough” storage on the road.