Saddlemen External Gel Pads Cushion Any Ride

Our Comfort Pads Bring The Benefits Of SaddleGel To Any Motorcycle Seat

Saddlegel™ Comfort Pads make any motorcycle seat into a touring seat. A state-of-the-art material, brought over from the medical industry, that will never freeze, crack, dry out, leak or melt, Saddlegel™ is designed to evenly distribute a rider’s weight across the full surface of the pad, eliminating annoying pressure points and “hot spots” for uncommon comfort. Our gel pads also provide excellent shock absorption and insulation from vibration. Saddlemen gel pads are available in a variety of cover types and sizes to fit most touring motorcycles, sport bikes, cruisers and even off-road bikes and ATVs.

Our Saddlegel™ Pads are available in three standard sizes, made to work with the widest range of machines: Extra Large (12.5″ length x 15.5″ rear width x 8.5″ front width), Large (10.5″ length x 14″ rear width x 8″ front width) and Medium (9.5″ length x 8″ rear width x 6″ front width).

Saddlemen Original Soft-Stretch Cover Gel Pads

Saddlemen’s Original Advanced Comfort Seat Pads maximize SaddleGel™ efficiency, and feature a non-slip underside. Quick-disconnect harness system mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed. Stretchable “Spandura” cover adds to comfort, responsiveness and performance. Available in our three standard sizes.

Saddlemen Synthetic Sheepskin Cover Gel Pads

Advanced Comfort Fleece Covered Seat Pads soften your ride, are cool in summer and warm in winter – an excellent compliment to SaddleGel™ support and comfort. Zero maintenance, man-made materials make these pads as care-free as they are comfortable, and eliminates the issues natural sheepskin can have when wet. Pad also features a non-slip bottom. Available in our three standard sizes.

Saddlemen 3-D Molded Gel Pads

Our Tech Memory Foam Seat Pads helps pad conform quickly and comfortably to rider’s anatomy. Center “ergo channel” reduces pressure to prevent numbness and discomfort. Includes exclusive air canals for increased cooling and breathability. “Comfort foam” top layer maximizes SaddleGel™ efficiency. Features soft, resilient, non-slip underside. Available in our three standard sizes.

Saddlemen Pillow Top SaddleGel™ Pads

Saddlemen™ Pillow Top Seat Pads have a nostalgic button-tufted style. They feature an extra-soft layer of pillow foam on top of Saddlemen’s famous SaddleGel™. Features non-slip underside. These comfortable, strap-down gel seat pads look perfect on top of most cruisers. Available in our three standard sizes.

All of our external gel pads feature our quick-disconnect harness system, which mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable and comfortable.