Saddlemen (As Usual) A Big Hit At Sturgis

Lots Of Sales And Lots Of Interest At Motorcycling's Biggest Event


Saddlemen's Stan Alicki reports that our Sturgis rally booths were almost cleaned out of product by the end of the show. Saddlebags, sissybar bags, other luggage and seats sold briskly. The rest of the staff at Saddlemen, back in California, want to thank our team for the rally, Gary, Jerry and Stan for their great work! Below, are images of our thinned out stock display at our J & P Cycles booth in town at Sturgis.



Sturgis-2010-Customer-101 Sturgis-2010-Customer-11 Sturgis-2010-Customer-1
Sturgis-2010-Customer-21 Sturgis-2010-Customer-14 Sturgis-2010-Customer-13
Sturgis-2010-Customer-7 Sturgis-2010-Customer-9 Sturgis-2010-Customer-8
Sturgis-2010-Customer-2 Sturgis-2010-Customer-3 Sturgis-2010-Customer-4
Sturgis-2010-Customer-18 Sturgis-2010-Customer-6 Sturgis-2010-Customer-12
Sturgis-2010-Customer-19 Sturgis-2010-Customer-15 Sturgis-2010-Customer-5
Sturgis-2010-Customer-20 Sturgis-2010-Customer-17 Sturgis-2010-Customer-16

Click on the images above to see a cross-section of happy new Saddlemen luggage and saddlebag owners from the show.

We'll continue to be out across the country all through the year. Most often, we'll be affiliated with a Drag Specialties, display, and will always be looking forward to answering questions and proudly showing what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.