From Kitty Hawk to Santa Monica, Cross-Country Cannonball Run On Pre-1916 Motorcycles

Saddlemen Sponsors Mike Vils' 1913 Excelsior With Custom Seat & Luggage


Saddlemen was proud to sponsor Mike Vils' restored 1913 Excelsior motorcycle on his successful completion of the 2010 Cannonball Run.

Mike rides his Excelsior more regularly than most people ride their modern bikes, but that's where he ran into some challenges. As it turns out, not many companies make luggage specifically designed for 1913 motorcycles - of any brand.



In an effort to carry his gear across the United States, Mike visited our factory before the run to see what we might be able to do for him. Not surprisingly, we didn't have any specific-fit bags, but we were able to subtly modify some existing bags to fit and function perfectly.

Starting on Friday, September 10th, near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 45 pre-1916 motorcycles set off on a two-week rally across the nation, with 37 riders and machines completing the trip 16 days later in Santa Monica, California. The course ran just under 3.300 miles.

After his jaunt accross the nation, Mike stopped by Saddlemen HQ to show us how well his luggage held up on the road.



Since it's founding in 1987, Saddlemen has been an enthusiastic sponsor of motorsports, and we are committed to continuing this tradition in all sorts of various ways; whether we're making bags for a vintage "Cannonballer," or making fork slider covers for an XR1200 flat track racer, Saddlemen is always supporting motorcycle racing and motorsports in all forms.