Saddlemen Product Spotlight: Bag And Luggage Accessories Add Versatility And Convenience

While most interest and attention directed towards Saddlemen products is normally focused on “big” items like our motorcycle seats and motorcycle luggage, we also provide a number of “little” products that can improve the performance and experience of using Saddlemen products.

Saddlemen Bag and Luggage Accessories

Our Bag & Luggage Accessories section offers items that can fine tune the mounting, securing and performance of our motorcycle storage products:

  • The same styles of bungees and straps that come with our SaddleStow luggage line are available separately, whether for added stability and security, or to replace lost or damaged pieces.
  • Saddlebag liners add another layer of protection for your valuables, and let you quickly unload your bike without having to remove your bags.
  • Alternate saddlebag “yokes,” like our Versa-Mount, give the rider more choices and convenience.
  • Turn signal relocator kits are available to allow the mounting of saddlebags on many of the hardest-to-fit motorcycle models.
  • We also offer specially formulated cleaning and conditioning sprays for our synthetic and natural leather materials.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology (and attention to the “little things”) can do to make riding more enjoyable.