Saddlemen Seat Reviewed: A Ride Fit For A King?

Retailer Tries Our King Seat – Back Pain And Discomfort Left Behind

Dan Ludwig, owner of sells lots of Saddlemen seats and luggage. After hearing all the positive comments about our saddles, he decided to give our King Seat a try on his Harley-Davidson to see if it would improve his riding experience.

Dan contacted us to let us know how the seat worked for him… Saddlemen King Seat Saddlemen King Seat Saddlemen King Seat Saddlemen King Seat

“I just installed a new Saddlemen King Seat with backrest on my 2001 Fat Boy. I have been shopping for a new seat for some time – because of back soreness after only an hour or so riding.”

“I heard a lot of hype about this seat, so I decided to give it a try, but not expecting too much. Well, I was pleasantly surprised.”

“After several hours of riding, I was trying to figure out why my back wasn’t sore. I noticed I was not sitting on my tail bone like most seats. I understand this is attributed to the unique “split-cushion” design of the King Seat. Keeping your weight off your tailbone is critical to keep the seat comfortable and your back in check, especially for long rides. Additionally, I adjusted the backrest significantly forward (yes, you can do this with the King Seat) which helped me maintain an upright sitting position, and allowed me to lean back and rest as I rode, without being way back on the bike. I believe this also helped to relieve back stress.”

“Bottom line is this. If you want a good looking seat with great lumbar support to relieve back pain, and a comfortable ride, this is the seat for you.”

We are always happy to hear such positive feedback. Our goal and design philosophy has always been to provide greater comfort and more enjoyable riding time for our customers. We know what our technology and craftsmanship can do, and it’s gratifying to see that our seats are helping the riding public improve their time on the road.

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We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to your motorcycling experience.