Saddlemen-Sponsored Racers Henry Wiles And Jake Johnson Make News At Springfield

Wiles Wins TT, Johnson Victor In Mile

AMA Pro Racing News Release

Wiles Walks to Springfield TT Win in Round Four of AMA Pro K&N Grand National Championship

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (May 29, 2010) - The AMA Pro K&N Grand National Championship presented by came to the Illinois State Fair Arena for round four of nineteen. Near record heat greeted the large crowd of spectators and the action on the race track proved to be just as heated.

Defending GNC Singles Champion, Henry Wiles continued his Arena domination as he pushed his # 1 Kawasaki USA / Don’s Kawasaki backed entry to an easy win after passing early leader, Jared Mees, who was aboard his #21 / Lucas Oils backed Honda, on lap ten.

“After a really tough day, I fell three times in that right hander, The National was pretty easy,” said Wiles. “I was just following Jared trying to stay smooth and all of a sudden the opportunity was there to take the lead.”

Making his first appearance of 2010, # 28 Shaun Russell had his Fox Valley Cycle / Greg Crow Racing backed Honda in third until lap nine. Latus Harley-Davidson / Moto Concepts’ # 3 Joe Kopp slipped by the transplanted Californian and set out after Mees.

Once in front Wiles steadily pulled away, finally winning the race by almost five and a half seconds. The scrap for second went down to the wire as Kopp took over on lap 24 and held on to an eight-tenths of a second margin at the end.

Russell barely held on to fourth as # 42 Bryan Smith was closing fast on his Kawasaki / Monster Energy Drink / Werner Springsteen Racing Baked Kawasaki.

# 5 Jake Johnson (Zanotti Racing / Leo Vince Honda), # 2 Kenny Coolbeth (Bettencourt’s Honda / Jason Perry Honda) and Scott Powersports / Pit Posse’s # 10 Johnny Lewis rounded out the top eight.

Dave Burks Motorsports’ # 87 Mick Kirkness made the most of his provisional start bringing his Suzuki home ninth just ahead of # 45 Jesse Janish on his Woody Kyle Racing / Mid-Cities Motorsports backed Kawasaki.

Earlier in the night the all important points-paying Dash for Cash went to Mees as he got a quick lead in the four-lap race and easily outdistanced Kopp and Russell.

The twelve-lap Pro Singles race was dominated by #95C JD Beach on his Red Bull / Top 1 Oil backed Honda. The real excitement came on the last lap as series points leader # 24P Jeffery Carver pushed his Van’s Yamaha / GYTR backed Yamaha from fourth to second on the last lap.

# 91Y Weirbach Racing / General Engineering’s Mike Martin and defending Series Champion, Rod Lake Racing / Mike Velasco’s # 1 Brad Baker had been battling over second the whole race only to have Carver storm by on the last lap.

Carver’s second-place finish extend his points lead in the AMA Pro Pro Singles series to twelve points over Baker with Beach another ten back.

With four different winners in four races, Joe Kopp holds a ten point lead over Jake Johnson in the AMA Pro K&N Grand National Championship presented by series point standings. Sammy Halbert and Henry Wiles are just another three and four points back.

Action moves over the historic Springfield Mile on Sunday.

RESULTS: May 29, 2010

GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DASH FOR CASH (4 laps; 6 riders): 1. Jared Mees (Hon); 2. Joe Kopp (Hon); 3. Shaun Russell (Hon); 4. Sammy Halbert (Yam); 5. Bryan Smith (Kaw); 6. Henry Wiles (Kaw).

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES MAIN (12 laps; 18 riders): 1. JD Beach (Hon); 2. Jeffery Carver (Yam); 3. Mike Martin (Hon); 4. Brad Baker (Hon); 5. James Rispoli (Hon); 6. Tyler O’Hara (Hon); 7. Eric Stump (Hon); 8. Gerit Callies (Hon); 9. Mike Avila (Hon); 10. Jacob Constantine (Hon); 11. Josh Chisum (Hon); 12. John Long (Suz); 13. Mike LaBelle (Hon); 14. Mike Poe (Kaw); 15. Jake Shoemaker (Suz); 16. Shane Narbonne (Hon); 17. Conner Anderson (Hon); 18. Jeremy Hamilton (Hon).

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP POINT STANDINGS (After 4 0f 19 rounds): 1. Jeff Carver (80 pts / 1 win); 2. Brad Baker (68 / 1 win); 3. JD Beach (58 / 2 wins); 4. Mike Avila (53); 5. James Rispoli (46); 6. Mike Martin (39); 7. Stephen Vanderburgh (31); 8. Mike LaBelle (24); 9. (TIE) Gerit Callies / John Long (21).

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM MAIN (25 laps; 19 riders): 1. Henry Wiles (Kaw); 2. Joe Kopp (Hon); 3. Jared Mees (Hon); 4. Shaun Russell (Hon); 5. Bryan Smith (Kaw); 6. Jake Johnson (Hon); 7. Kenny Coolbeth (Hon); 8. Johnny Lewis (Hon); 9. Mick Kirkness (Suz); 10. Jesse Janisch (Kaw); 11. Sammy Halbert (Yam); 12. Chris Carr (Hon); 13. Cad Cose (Hon); 14. Rob Pearson (Yam); 15. Ion Stear (Hon); 16. Matt Burton (Yam); 17. Willie McCoy (Hon); 18. Steve Murray (Hon); Stevie Bonsey (Hon).

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM POINT STANDINGS (After 4 of 19 rounds): 1. Joe Kopp (80 pts / 1 win); 2. Jake Johnson (70 / 1 win); 3. Sammy Halbert (67 / 1 win); 4. Henry Wiles (66 / 1 win); 5. (TIE) Kenny Coolbeth / Jared Mees (64); 7. Johnny Lewis (45); 8. Bryan Smith (35); 9. Chris Carr (32); 10. Jethro Halbert (29).


AMA Pro Racing News Release

Johnson First Two-Time Winner of 2010 AMA Pro K&N Grand National Championship with Springfield Mile Victory

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (May 30, 2010) - Round Five of the AMA Pro K&N Grand National Championship presented by came to the Springfield Mile as the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association wrapped up their Memorial Day Weekend doubleheader. Clear skies and summer-like temperatures greeted the near capacity crowd and a large turn out of racers.

The obvious king of the hill was Zanotti Racing’s # 5 Jake Johnson as he dominated all day long. Johnson was the Fast Qualifier, Heat winner, Dash for Cash winner and led every lap of the 25 lap Grand National Main. “It’s scary when things go that well,” said Johnson. “You keep waiting for something to go wrong.”

Five races into the 2010 season, Johnson becomes the first two-time winner. Had it not been for Johnson’s perfection, the much talked about Werner Springsteen Racing / Kawasaki / Monster Energy Drink backed Kawasaki of # 42 Bryan Smith would have been the big story. On the heels of Joe Kopp giving Ducati their first Grand National win, Smith desperately wanted to do the same for Kawasaki, he had to “settle” for a well earned second, which is Kawasaki’s best finish ever in a GNC Twins race.

In a very non-typical Springfield Mile, Johnson kept a steady two-second lead all the way. Smith, who was riding a higher line than most, got close once, but that was short lived. “My line went away. I was chasing the moisture,” said Smith. “After that went away I was just trying to hang on.”

Smith fell back into a great battle over third as there were seven or eight riders keeping the Springfield tradition alive. Defending GNC Twins Champion # 1 Jared Mees had his Rogers Lake Racing / Blue Springs Harley-Davidson-backed Harley in the mix along with Moroney’s Harley-Davidson / 1800 Fasthog’s # 99B PJ Jacobsen, Harley-Davidson Motor Company / Screamin’ Eagle’s # 2 Kenny Coolbeth and ENI / Latus Harley-Davidson / Lloyd Brothers Motorsports’ # 3 Joe Kopp kept the large crowd entertained while Johnson cruised.

Jacobsen, who was making his first start in a K&N Grand National Twins race looked like a polished veteran all day until the last lap of the race. Jacobsen took the white flag in second place, but was then a sitting duck for the horde that was on his heels. Smith regained his second place, that he held most of the race, with Coolbeth, Mees and Kopp all charging through, dropping Jacobsen all the way back to a sixth place finish 2.450 seconds behind Johnson, but less than half of a second behind Smith for second.

The Pro Singles race was amazing. Eighteen 450cc single-cylinder rockets took off an a 12 lap adventure and when the checkered flag fell, no less than eleven riders were separated by less than one second.

Just as he had done last year, Price Truck Line / Kennedy Tires / Woody Kyle Racing’s # 22L Michael Toon came out of the pack on the last lap and drafted to the win. Toon had been in sixth position on lap eleven, but worked his way through the cluster to the front.

Cycle Dynamics / NPS Racing Engines’ # 71B James Rispoli was only six hundredths of a second behind. Weirbach Racing / General Engineering’s # 20T Mike LaBelle filled out the podium. Despite being the fast heat winner and leading the most laps in the main, Vans Yamaha / GYTR / Carver’s BBQ’s # 24P Jeffery Carver finished up fourth.

Red Bull / Top 1 Oil’s # 95C JD Beach and defending class Champion # 1 Brad Baker (Rod Lake / Mike Velasco / Brothers Powersports), Monster Energy Drink / Kawasaki / Werner Springsteen Racing’s # 29J Chaz Springsteen, Sunnyside Cycle Sales’ # 96B Cody Johncox, Lancaster Harley-Davidson’s # 25A Shayna Texter, Browns Cycle / Arlen Ness’s # 33E Mike Avila and TLC Racing’s # 81C Zakk Palmer were all under the proverbial blanket across the finish line.

The K&N Grand National Championship points race is really taking shape as Jake Johnson and Joe Kopp sit atop the leader board tied with 98 points. Kenny Coolbeth is sixteen back with Sammy Halbert and Jared Mees tied with 79 points.

Jeffery Carver’s fourth place finish was enough to keep him atop the Pro Singles points race. Carver has a 14 point lead over defending series champion Brad Baker with JD Beach 23 points down to the leader.

The AMA Pro K&N Grand National Championship presented by Series moves to Gas City, IN next week June 5 for a short track.

RESULTS: May 30, 2010

GNC DASH FOR CASH (4 laps; 6 riders): 1. Jake Johnson (H-D); 2. Joe Kopp (Duc); 3. Bryan Smith (Kaw); 4. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 5. Stevie Bonsey (H-D); 6. PJ Jacobsen (H-D).

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES MAIN (12 laps; 18 riders): 1. Michael Toon (Hon); 2. James Rispoli (Hon); 3. Mike LaBelle (Hon); 4. Jeffery Carver (Yam); 5. JD Beach (Hon); 6. Brad Baker (Hon); 7. Chaz Springsteen (Kaw); 8. Cody Johncox (Yam); 9. Shayna Texter (Hon); 10. Mike Avila (Hon); 11. Zakk Palmer (Hon); 12. Kurtis Lee (Hon); 13. Michael Bickerton (Hon); 14. Jake Shoemaker (Suz); 15. Brandon Laursen (Hon); 16. Jeremy Hamilton (Hon); 17. Tyler O’Hara (Hon); 18. Mike Martin (Hon).

AMA PRO MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM PRO SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP POINT STANDINGS (After 3 0f 19 rounds): 1. Jeffery Carver (95 pts / 1 win); 2. Brad Baker (81 / 1 win); 3. JD Beach (72 / 2 wins); 4. James Rispoli (65); 5. Mike Avila (52); 6. (TIE) Mike LaBelle / Mike Martin (40); 8. Stephen Vanderburgh (31); 9. Michael Toon (28 / 1 win); 10. Chaz Springsteen (27).

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM MAIN (25 laps; 19 riders): 1. Jake Johnson (H-D); 2. Bryan Smith (Kaw); 3. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 4. Jared Mees (H-D); 5. Joe Kopp (Duc); 6. PJ Jacobsen (H-D); 7. Sammy Halbert (H-D); 8. Chris Carr (H-D); 9. Larry Pegram (Duc); 10. Stevie Bonsey (H-D); 11. Willie McCoy (H-D); 12. Henry Wiles (H-D); 13. AJ Eslick (H-D); 14. Matt Weidman (H-D); 15. Rob Pearson (H-D); 16. Logan Myers (H-D); 17. Mick Kirkness (Suz); 18. Steve Murray (H-D); 19. Shawn Baer (Tri).

AMA PRO K&N GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED by MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM POINT STANDINGS (After 5 of 19 rounds): 1. (TIE) Jake Johnson (2 wins) / Joe Kopp (1 win) (98 pts); 3. Kenny Coolbeth (82); 4. (TIE) Sammy Halbert (1 win) / Jared Mees (79); 6. Henry Wiles (73 / 1 win); 7. Bryan Smith (57); 8. Johnny Lewis (45); 9. Chris Carr (43); 10. Jethro Halbert (29).

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