Comfort, Convenience, Universal Fit, Exceptional Styles & Great Value

Saddlemen’s SaddleGel™ technology has been around for decades, and in the last few years, there have been other companies out there that have copied our idea—but we don’t mind. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery—which is further proof we’ve been doing it right all along —but then we knew that. So when it comes to getting the perfect holiday gift for the rider in your life, why not get a genuine Saddlemen™ SaddleGel™ pad?

It’s easy to justify the value of a SaddleGel pad; you get so much for relatively little money. SaddleGel Pads far exceed the comfort of a stock seat by dampening vibration and absorbing shocks from rough roads. They’re easy to use and fit almost every bike ever made, so there are never any fitment issues— they work every time. Plus, they’ll work with more than one bike. You can move it from your big-twin cruiser to your sport bike in seconds and back without any tools.

Our Saddlegel™ Pads are available in three standard sizes, made to work with the widest range of machines: Extra Large (12.5" length x 15.5" rear width x 8.5" front width), Large (10.5" length x 14" rear width x 8" front width) and Medium (9.5" length x 8" rear width x 6" front width).


Gel Stretch Pad  Preview

Saddlemen's original soft-stretch cover pads maximize SaddleGel™ efficiency, and feature a non-slip underside. Quick-disconnect harness system mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed. Stretchable cover adds to comfort, responsiveness and performance. Available in our three standard sizes.


l Sheepskin Preview

Synthetic sheepskin cover pads soften your ride. Cool in summer and warm in winter - an excellent compliment to SaddleGel™ support and comfort. Zero upkeep, man-made materials make them as care-free as they are comfortable, and eliminates the issues natural sheepskin can have when wet. Pad also features a non-slip bottom. Available in three standard sizes.



Our 3-D molded design helps pad conform quickly and comfortably to rider's anatomy. Center channel reduces pressure to prevent numbness and discomfort. Exclusive air canals increase cooling and breathability. "Comfort foam" top layer maximizes SaddleGel™ efficiency. Features soft, resilient, non-slip underside. Available in three standard sizes.


Gel Pillow Pad  Preview

Saddlemen™ Pillow Top SaddleGel™ Pads have a nostalgic button-tufted style. They feature an extra-soft layer of pillow foam on top of Saddlemen's famous SaddleGel™. Features non-slip underside. These comfortable, strap-down gel seat pads look perfect on top of most cruisers. Available in our three standard sizes.


All of our external gel pads feature our quick-disconnect harness system, which mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable and comfortable.


Los Angeles Area Bartels' Harley-Davidson Unveils Artist's Custom Painted V-Rod


Recently, Saddlemen created a custom seat for a one-of-a-kind, uniquely painted V-Rod, produced by Southern California artist, Jack Armstrong. The premiere event was hosted by Bartels' Harley-Davidson of Marina Del Rey. Among the notable attendees was actor Lorenzo Lamas, and a number of celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts.


For this high-profile project, the builders wanted an excellent seat. Saddlemen was pleased to create a top-of-the-line saddle, based on our proven seats for V-Rods, featuring our famous design sense and innovative construction and technologies.

We at Saddlemen enjoy creating unique motorcycle seats and luggage for the widest range of special projects. Custom work like this has been an important element in the growth and evolution of our product lines. We invite you to contact us about any custom project on the horizon.