Saddlemen Sponsored Flat Track Race Team Makes History With Ducati

A Special Thanks To Lloyd Brothers Racing On Their 2010 Season


Saddlemen's president, Tom Seymour, is proud to congratulate everyone at Lloyd Brothers for their great year.

Here are a few words from Tom:

Mike and David Lloyd have made tremendous contribution to flattrack and Saddlemen acknowledges their special effort.

First, David and Mike’s participation was fueled purely by their passion for racing with no other ties or connection to the motorcycle industry.

Simply, they put in money, energy and time but received nothing in return except the joy of being involved in flattrack - the greatest racing sport on this planet.

They contributed significantly to dirt track racing, expecting nothing but a sense of job well done in return.

Their achievements were monumental. With a limited budget, a new team and a production bike never before raced on dirt, they won a GNC race, threatened to win at nearly every event they attended, brought Nicky Hayden and Ducati to the Indy Mile and nearly won the AMA championship – a bid principally derailed, literally, by a thrown chain.



Their Ducati victory was the first time in 29years that a readily available production engine won a Grand National Twins race. Limited production, flat track race-only Honda RS750 and Harley-Davidson XR750s had won every other GNC Twins National since 1981.

Of course, it is also appropriate to also recognize their team, especially lead rider Joe Kopp – a true gentleman and racing icon.

Other members included: riders Larry Pegram and Aaron King, crew members David Gamble, Kevin Atherton, Rob Kopp and Dave Weaver.

They achieved much with little except their passion. Their involvement has enriched our chosen sport.

Mike and David Lloyd, thank you for being a part of our sport!


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