Saddlemen-Sponsored Racer Wins "Indy Mile"

Bryan Smith, Riding A Kawasaki, Victorious At Major Flat Track Circuit Event


Above: Bryan at Indianapolis, dueling with Chris Carr (also sponsored by Saddlemen). Bryan’s custom-made Saddlemen racing seat can be seen at right.

Along with Bryan’s win, Saddlemen can also boast of sponsoring the entire podium for the twin-cylinder class, with Chris Carr and Kenny Coolbeth coming in second and third. In fact, the entire field was filled with Saddlemen-sponsored racers.

For more information and coverage of the race, check out AMA Pro Racing’s Indy Mile recap, and for more information about Bryan’s racing efforts, click on Bryan’s AMA Bio Page.

Saddlemen has sponsored racers, races and motorsports adventures since our founding. Keep an eye out for more success from more Saddlemen riders.