Saddlemen On YouTube: A Chance To Look Behind The Scenes At Our California Factory

Videos Show The Technology And Craftsmanship That Goes Into Making Our World-Famous Motorcycle Seats

A pair of videos, conveniently available to view on YouTube, offer excellent "backstage" views into how we make our seats here at Saddlemen.

The first clip spotlights Saddlemen-sponsored flat track racer Jared Mees, who, like dozens of racers over the decades, have proudly been supported by our company. The presentation also features commentary and insights from our President and founder, Tom Seymour, who walks the viewer through our state-of-the-art production and design methods.

Another presentation shows the processes and activities going on over a typical, busy day at our Southern California factory and R&D center. We're proud to be able to show the excellent work and commitment to quality that goes into the crafting and building of our American-made seats.

We hope these clips will give an insight into the expert, skilled work; top-of-the-line production technology; and pride in our product that are cornerstones of Saddlemen's business.