Saddlemen's New "Heels Down" Solo Seats Provide Increased Rider's Control And Confidence

Latest Design Positions The Rider Lower And Forward For Better Grip And Footing

Heels Down Motorcycle Seat


Saddlemen's newest addition to our popular range of solo seats, the Heels Down line, was created to offer improved seating position, footing and control, especially for shorter riders.

Available for recent model Harley-Davidson Sportsters, Softails and Dynas, our "Heels Down" are available as traditional solo seats, or can come equipped with adjustable, removable driver's backrests. Matching rear pillion seating pads are part of the line as well.

Heels Down is the perfect seat choice for smaller riders

Each saddle is low, wide and comfortable, with carefully designed contours that permit the rider to securely plant their feet when at a stop. The “Heels Down” line is now the perfect seat choice for smaller riders who desire comfort, style and improved control.

Saddlemen continues to refine and innovate our range of famous seats. From solo seats to long-range, two-up touring saddles, and whether "ultra-slammed" or offering maximum support, our American-made saddles are built with the rider in mind, by experienced riders ourselves.