Saddlemen’s Dominic Colindres Gets First Win at Castle Rock

Jared Mees led the way for Saddlemen riders in the GNC Expert Singles race at Castle RockJared Mees finished 2nd in the GNC Expert Singles race (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

Rancho Dominguez, Calif. - August 6, 2013 - Saddlemen rolled into Castle Rock Race Park with high expectations and racers vying for some crucial mid-season points. Just about the halfway point of the season, Round 6 resulted in four podium finishes highlighted by the first win of the season for Dominic Colindres in Pro Singles.

GNC Expert Singles

Jared Mees led the way for Saddlemen riders in the GNC Expert Singles race at Castle Rock. With just four races in the Expert Singles Championship every event is an opportunity for critical points.

Mees seemed to sense the urgency as he jumped out to grab the holeshot off the line. Mees was unable to hold the lead, however, and settled into third behind fellow Saddlemen rider Briar Bauman for a majority of the race. Bauman was pressing for the lead late in the race when he crashed, preventing him from finishing the race.

Steve Bonsey tool 3rd place, joinding Jared Mees 2nd, Henry Wiles 4th, and Brad Baker 5th.Steve Bonsey hit the podium for the first time this season at Castle Rock (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

Mees took 2nd place and Steven Bonsey joined him on the podium in 3rd. Henry Wiles started in 13th position but picked his way through the crowd to finish 4th, and Brad Baker rounded out the top-5.

With just one round remaining and a tight spread in the points standings the GNC Expert Singles title is anybody’s to claim. Brad Baker leads the group with 45 points, while Mees follows with 44, Wiles with 43, and Brandon Robinson with 42. Baker also leads the GNC Combined standings by a wide margin, with Wiles, Robinson and Mees all in the top-5.

Saddlemen GNC Expert Singles Results - Castle Rock
2. J. Mees; 3. S. Bonsey; 4. H. Wiles; 5. B. Baker; 8. S. Halbert; 9. K. Coolbeth; 10. M. Martin; 12. K. Kolkman; 14. R. Pearson; 15. D. Lawrence; 18. Briar Bauman

Saddlemen GNC Expert Singles Standings Top-10
1. B. Baker; 2. J. Mees; 3. H. Wiles; 4. B. Robinson; 6. M. Rush; 7. S. Bonsey; 8. K. Coolbeth

Saddlemen GNC Combined Standings Top-10
1. B. Baker; 3. H. Wiles; 4. B. Robinson; 5. J. Mees; 7. S. Halbert; 8. K. Coolbeth; 10. R. Pearson

Saddlemen rider Dominic Colindres led the race wire-to-wire and won at Castle Rock Race Park by more than two seconds.Dominic Colindres won the Pro Singles race for the first time this season (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

J&P Pro Singles

Saddlemen rider Dominic Colindres was dominant in his winning ride at Castle Rock Race Park. Colindres, who finished 4th in the Pro Singles class in 2012, has gotten his 2013 season off to a bumpy start with just one top-10 finish heading into Round 6. Starting in pole position, Dominic led the race wire-to-wire and won his first of 2013 by more than two seconds.

Bronson Bauman may have only turned 16 a couple months ago, and thereby qualified for AMA competition, but he is already showing that he belongs with his first career podium at Castle Rock. Bauman started in fifth but after working his way into second was able to cruise to a comfortable 2nd place finish.

The victory launched Colindres from 9th in the standings up to 4th, and with just five Pro Singles races left on the schedule both Colindres and Ryan Wells are within striking distance for the class title. Bauman continues to fly up the standings with solid results, this week cracking the top-10.

Dominic Colindres and Bronson Bauman on the podium at Castle Rock.Colindres (center) was joined by Bronson Bauman (left) in 2nd, the first podium of his career (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

Saddlemen Pro Singles Results - Castle Rock
1. D. Colindres; 2. Bronson Bauman; 9. R. Wells; 11. G. Callies; 13. C. Crowley

Saddlemen Pro Singles Standings Top-10
2. R. Wells; 4. D. Colindres; 6. S. Texter; 7. S. Vanderkuur; 9. Bronson Bauman

Round 7 of the 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track series is set for August 11th at Peoria TT in Illinois, and will feature the final race of the GNC Expert Singles Championship. Follow Saddlemen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.