Saddlemen’s Henry Wiles Makes History at Peoria

Brad Baker Claims GNC Expert Singles Title

Saddlemen racers on the podium at PeoriaSaddlemen swept the GNC Expert Singles podium at Peoria (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

Rancho Dominguez, Calif. - August 13, 2013 - The 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track Series hit the halfway point at the Peoria TT this weekend, and Saddlemen celebrated yet another class championship and podium sweep as well as an historical achievement.

AMA Pro GNC Expert Singles

The last time someone other than Henry Wiles won the Peoria TT, the Summer Olympics in Athens were wrapping up, gasoline prices were hitting record highs at around $2/gallon, and Facebook was just getting off the ground. The year was 2004.

Henry Wiles headed to Peoria, Illinois tied with AMA Hall of Famer Chris Carr for the most consecutive wins at a single facility with 8; both coincidentally at Peoria. Wiles was not only chasing the record, however. Just two points behind Brad Baker in the GNC Expert Singles standings, Peoria served as the fourth and final Expert Singles race of the season and Wiles was in as good a position as anybody to claim the 2013 title.

Saddlemen racer Henry Wiles wins again at PeoriaHenry Wiles won for the record-setting 9th straight time at Peoria (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

After being forced to qualify in a semifinal, Wiles was slotted in the third row as the GNC racers lined up for the start of the main event Sunday. Wiles kept his cool, however, meticulously picking his way through the field and charging into the lead on lap nine and holding on to beat Baker by more than three seconds.

Wiles claimed his 9th straight victory at Peoria, but the new record holder for most consecutive wins at a single facility fell just short of a second honor on the weekend. Saddlemen rider Brad Baker put in a strong 2nd place effort, enough to stay ahead in the points tally and claim the 2013 GNC Expert Singles title.

JD Beach returned to Flat Track competition for just the second time this year. Taking a break from his successful season in the Daytona SportBike class, Beach finished 3rd at Peoria. Briar Bauman finished in 5th.

Saddlemen racer Brad Baker is the 2013 GNC Expert Singles championBrad Baker took 2nd and claimed the 2013 GNC Expert Singles title (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

Brad Baker is the 2013 GNC Expert Singles champion, with Henry Wiles finishing in 2nd, Jared Mees finishing 3rd and Steven Bonsey finishing 5th. The six remaining rounds will decide the GNC Expert Twins and Combined champions, however Baker holds onto comfortable leads in both races. Sammy Halbert is in 2nd in the Expert Twins standings, while 2012 Champ Jared Mees joins Wiles in the Combined standings top-5.

Saddlemen GNC Expert Singles Results - Peoria
1. H. Wiles; 2. B. Baker; 3. JD Beach; 5. B. Bauman; 7. R. Pearson; 8. J. Mees; 15. M. Rush; 17. C. Cose; 18. B. Robinson

Saddlemen GNC Expert Singles FINAL Standings - Top-10
1. B. Baker; 2. H. Wiles; 3. J. Mees; 5. S. Bonsey; 6. B. Robinson; 7. M. Rush; 10. R. Pearson

Saddlemen's JD Beach finished 3rdJD Beach completed the Saddlemen podium sweep with a 3rd place finish (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

Saddlemen GNC Combined Standings - Top-10
1. B. Baker; 2. H. Wiles; 4. J. Mees; 6. B. Robinson; 8. S. Halbert; 9. R. Pearson; 10. K. Coolbeth Jr.

AMA Pro J&P Pro Singles

Saddlemen rider Dan Bromley led the charge in the Pro Singles race at PMC Race Park Sunday, leading early in the race before crashing on the jump during the fourth lap. Despite lining up at the back of a staggered restart, Bromley fought through the field to a 2nd place finish. It was Bromley’s second podium finish of the season, and he sits in 10th place in the standings.

Saddlemen’s Ryan Wells finished 7th at Peoria, adding precious points to his strong 2013 campaign. Wells has been the mark of consistency in the Pro Singles class this year, finishing in the top-10 in every event. Wells is tied for the class lead with just four events remaining on the Pro Singles schedule.

Dan Bromley placed 2nd at Peoria's Pro SinglesDan Bromley hit the podium with a 2nd place in the Pro Singles at Peoria (Credit: AMA Pro Racing)

Saddlemen Pro Singles Results - Peoria
2. D. Bromley; 7. R. Wells; 8. S. Vanderkuur; 13. C. Johncox; 17. D. Colindres

Saddlemen Pro Singles Standings - Top-10
T-1. R. Wells; 5. S. Vanderkuur; 6. D. Colindres; 7. S. Texter; 10. D. Bromley

Round 8 of the 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track Series next heads to Indianapolis for the Indy Mile on August 17, 2013. Follow Saddlemen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.