Saddlemen’s Brad Baker Takes GNC Combined Title at Pomona

Racers of the 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track season found themselves at the Fairplex in Pomona for the final race of the year.Saddlemen was out at the Pomona Half-Mile for the Flat Track Finale.

Rancho Dominguez, Calif. - October 14, 2013 - After a long season of hard work, tweaking and tuning, and traveling thousands of miles across the country, racers of the 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track season found themselves at the Fairplex in Pomona for the final race of the year. The final races in both the GNC and Pro Singles classes would pit several riders with championship hopes against one another, making for one of the most exciting nights of Flat Track racing in recent memory.

AMA Pro Grand National Championship

Saddlemen rider Brad Baker entered the final round with an 11-point lead in the GNC Combined standings, and stretched that lead further after earning best qualifier honors and winning the 4-lap Dash for Cash race. With even more of a cushion heading into the main event, Baker put on a dominant performance and proved that he’s very comfortable at the Pomona half-mile.

GNC Main Event rider line-up.Riders line up for the start of the GNC Main Event.

After trading the lead back and forth for several laps, a red flag resulted in a staggered restart and a 10-lap fight to the finish. Baker laid down fast lap after fast lap and took the checkers by nearly a second. Even though he didn’t need to win at Pomona to take the GNC Combined title, Brad Baker finished his incredible 2013 season in dominant fashion. Brad added the 2013 Grand National Championship to his 2013 GNC Expert Singles title and will put don the #1 next year as he looks to defend his title.

The young Briar Bauman put on a terrific performance of his own at Pomona. Bauman finished 3rd and found himself on the GNC podium for the first time in his short career. Bauman finished a solid season in style as he only missed one main event and finished 11th in the standings.

Saddlemen rider Brad Baker laid down fast lap after fast lap and took the checkers by nearly a second.Saddlemen rider Brad Baker finishes his season strong with a victory at Pomona.

Defending champ Jared Mees finished in fourth place at Pomona, and also finished in fourth in both the Expert Twins and GNC Combined standings. JD Beach rounded out the top-5 at the final race and despite only racing a partial season finished in the top-10 in both Twins and Combined.

Kenny Coolbeth Jr. put together an impressive season that saw ten top-10 finishes. He took the fifth spot in the Expert Twins and sixth in the Combined final standings. Fellow Saddlemen rider Henry Wiles was one of the highlights of the season with a record-setting performance at Peoria, and the two-time Singles champ finished sixth in Twins and fifth in Combined.

Saddlemen racer Brad Baker - 4th youngest GNC champion in Flat Track history.Baker became the 4th youngest GNC Champion in Flat Track history.

Saddlemen GNC Expert Twins Results - Pomona
1. B. Baker; 3. B. Bauman; 4. J. Mees; 5. JD Beach; 6. K. Coolbeth Jr; 8. R. Pearson; 9. B. Robinson; 10. J. Lewis; 11. K. Kolkman; 13. D. Crow; 14. M. Martin; 15. M. Weidman; 16. S. Halbert; 17. H. Wiles; 19. S. Bonsey

Saddlemen GNC Expert Twins Final Standings (Top-10)
2. B. Baker; 3. B. Robinson; 4. J. Mees; 5. K. Coolbeth Jr; 6. H. Wiles; 7. JD Beach; 9. S. Halbert; 10. J. Shoemaker

Saddlemen GNC Combined Final Standings (Top-10)
1. B. Baker; 3. B. Robinson; 4. J. Mees; 5. H. Wiles; 6. K. Coolbeth Jr; 8. JD Beach; 10. R. Pearson

Team Baker on the winner's podium at Pomona.Baker will don #1 next season as he attempts to defend his GNC Combined title.

AMA Pro J&P Pro Singles

The Pro Singles class was another source of exciting racing Saturday as Saddlemen rider Ryan Wells entered the final round within reach of the 2013 Championship. Just five points behind the leader, Wells needed to do well at Pomona and also get a little help. Wells did his part by finishing in second place but didn’t quite get the help he needed, missing out on the title by a single point. Wells’ amazing season saw a perfect record of top-10 finishes, including three podium appearances.

Rookie rider Bronson Bauman finished fifth at Pomona, and though he missed the first two races due to not being eligible to race at age 15, Bauman made the most of his partial season and finished eighth in class.

Saddlemen's Ryan Wells’ amazing season saw a perfect record of top-10 finishes although he finished one point shy of the Pro Singles title.Saddlemen's Ryan Wells finished one point shy of the Pro Singles title after an impressive season.

Defending Pro Singles champion Stephen Vanderkuur got off to a bumpy start this season but finished strong with three podium finishes. A ninth place finish at Pomona was enough to keep him in third in the standings at season’s end.

Fan favorite Shayna Texter also had her share of early-season trouble but bounced back with a pair of mid-season wins. Her four podium finishes and a seventh place on the Pomona Half-Mile gave her a career-best fourth place Pro Singles finish.

Saddlemen Pro Singles Results – Pomona
2. R. Wells; 5. B. Bauman; 6. D. Colindres; 7. S. Texter; 9. S. Vanderkuur; 15. A. Scaggs; 17. J. Monaco

Saddlemen Pro Singles Final Standings (Top-10)
2. R. Wells; 3. S. Vanderkuur; 4. S. Texter; 7. D. Colindres; 8. B. Bauman

Saddlemen is immensely proud of all of its riders for their hard work and dedication through this 2013 AMA Pro Flat Track season and looks forward to more racing success in 2014. Follow Saddlemen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.