Saddlemen's Tom Seymour Profiled in Drag Specialties Magazine

Drag Specialties Magazine profiled Saddlemen's Tom Seymour in its October 2013 issue.
A former racer and passionate and enthusiastic motorcyclist for 50 years, Seymour, and his business partner David Echert, focus on building great products, including seats meant to replace and improve on the stock saddle, and luggage designed specifically for the needs of riders.
“You want a product that people will buy. You have to have a unique combination of form and Behind The Scenes With Saddlemen’s Tom Seymour Passion Driven Business VendorProfile Tom Seymour mixed business with pleasure at the 2013 Sturgis Rally, taking a break from representing Saddlemen for a ride through the area’s scenic byways. Photo courtesy of Saddlemen Behind the Scenes: function. You have to make them work, which is the technical part, and you have to make them look good, which is the form,” Seymour says. “Not many Harley guys are going to walk in and buy an ugly seat, no matter how comfortable it is.”
Although he holds an engineering degree and an MBA, Seymour says his education is secondary to his motorcycling experience that counts most in running Saddlemen. As a rider, he knows what other motorcyclists are looking for.
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