Road Sofa Deluxe Motorcycle Touring Seats for Harley Davidson models - years of experience, the finest materials and cutting edge craftsmanship deliver uncompromising comfort

Road Sofa™ Deluxe Touring Seats

There is nothing like touring on a motorcycle. Now with the addition of a Saddlemen Road Sofa™ trips can be comfortable as the bike is stylish. Saddlemen Road Sofas™ are engineered to provide mile after mile of uncompromising comfort. Our development team has brought together years of experience, top of the line materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes resulting in a show bike appearance with unparalleled comfort. Road Sofas™ enhance the styling of the bike and by special order are available in your choice of factory color-matched vinyl, leather or elegant weather proof velour. No seat looks finer. The Road Sofa™ should be the first accessory to consider for your bike.

Additional accessories available for your Road Sofa Deluxe Touring Motorcycle Seat include centerline ergo channel, backrest and your choice of leather, factory color-matched vinyl or weather proof velour
Deep sculpted saddles made of Saddlemen's Black Magic Foam prevent injury and provide proper support

The deep sculptured saddles have the most refined contours ever developed, painstakingly perfected to provide comfortable, even support. The exclusive split-cushion saddle separates the lumbar support and seat cushions so they compress independently, reducing tail and hip bone pressure and the tendency to slide forward. Newer models features a centerline ergo channel for even further comfort.

Saddlemen's split cushion seat design provides excellent lumbar support and prevents the hammock effect common on conventional motorcycle seats

The optional built-in backrest has independent adjustments for fore-aft position, height and angle, removes instantly and folds forward. The backrest provides plenty of lower back support and does not interfere with the passengers legs. The removable pouch is standard with this option. Don’t accept anything less as you cannot buy a better seat. Winning show bike looks, luxurious comfort, top quality and innovative features, great reasons to choose Saddlemen.

Road Sofa™ Deluxe Touring Seats

  • Contours have been carefully developed over years of testing to provide mile after mile of riding pleasure
  • SaddleGel™ in front and rear increases comfort for both driver and passenger
  • Low-profile Road Sofa seats provide a lower driver and passenger seat position, 1 1/2˝ lower than regular Road Sofa or OEM seats
  • Supple SaddleHyde™ offers a combination of comfort, glovesoft leathery feel and weather-resistant, no-maintenance good looks
  • Large and comfortable passenger saddle. Prevents sliding forward.
  • Matching passenger backrest/Tour Pak pad covers complete the custom look (available as noted)
  • Exclusive, unique split-cushion design separates the seating surface from the lumbar support, reducing tailbone and back pressure for maximum long-range comfort
  • Seats can be ordered to fit your exact height, weight, leg length and riding style at no extra cost!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Heated Road Sofa Deluxe Touring Motorcycle Seats - five-level, remote controlled seat that connects easily to your bike's electrical system

Heated Road Sofa™ Deluxe Touring Seats also include:

  • Five-level heat adjustment using remote controllers that connect easily to bike’s electrical system
  • Independently controlled heating elements for rider and passenger
  • Integrated pocket/belt clip allows controllers to be mounted wherever handy, are easy to use even with gloved hand, and can easily be tucked out of sight when not in use
  • Brightly colored LEDs indicate level of heat
  • Seat’s styling and function is unaffected by switches or wiring


Road Sofa™ Deluxe Touring Seats for Harley-Davidson

Road Sofa™ Deluxe Touring Seats


For 08-13 FLHX, FLHR,
w/o driver backrest 0801-0622 $493.95
w/ driver backrest 0801-0623 $703.95
w/o driver backrest,
low profile
0801-0624 $493.95
w/ driver backrest,
low profile
0801-0625 $703.95
Matching Tour Pak
pad cover (King
Tour Pak only)
0821-0771 $61.95
For 97-07 FLHR,
06-07 FLHX Models
w/o driver backrest 0801-0077
w/ driver backrest 0801-0078 $703.95
For 97-07 FLT, FLHT,
FLTR Models (Except FLHX)
w/ Tour Pak pad
cover (King Tour
Pak only)
0801-0098 $556.95
w/ driver backrest
and Tour Pak
backrest pad cover
(King Tour Pak only)
0801-0099 $766.95

Heated Road Sofa™ Deluxe Touring Seats

For 08-13 FLHTC, FLHR
w/o backrest 0801-0675 $747.95
w/ backrest 0801-0676 $942.95
w/o backrest,
low profile
0801-0677 $747.95
w/ backrest,
low profile
0801-0678 $942.95
For 97-07 FLHR, FLHX
w/o backrest 0801-0681 $747.95
w/ backrest 0801-0682 $942.95
For 97-07 FLT, FLHT, FLTR Models (Except FLHX) w/o backrest 0801-0685 $806.95
w/ backrest 0801-0686 $999.95