SaddleGel Gel Pads make any bike into a touring motorcycle seat by providing easy to use gel seat comfort - in four seat cover styles or do-it-yourself raw gel

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Advanced Comfort Pads with SaddleGel™ make any motorcycle seat into a touring seat. SaddleGel was developed from a state-of-the-art material brought over from the medical industry; they immediately add increased comfort and make long or short rides even more enjoyable. SaddleGel™ evenly distributes a rider's weight across the full surface of the pad, eliminating annoying pressure points and "hot spots" at the hip and tail bones to provide uncommon comfort. The quick-disconnect system allows for easy removal of the seat pad upon reaching the destination for use at the stadium, a picnic bench, or anywhere else that might require some extra seating comfort. Since the harness remains in place, it is simple to reposition the pad on the motorcycle when you’re ready to go again. Not only are SaddleGel pads easy to use – just throw one over the seat - and inexpensive, they are nearly indestructible. If comfort is your concern, these pads are a great investment for your riding pleasure.


So Comfortable That You Will Want to Increase the Time You Spend in Your Saddle



What Makes SaddleGel™ So Comfortable?

SaddleGel™ is a Saddlemen exclusive; a highly refined visceoelastic gel formulation that was developed over many years to provide superior cushioning, support and dampening of road vibrations. The technology was borrowed from the medical industry where bed ridden or immobilized patients needed support to prevent bed sores and discomfort caused by poor circulation in soft tissues resulting from prolonged pressure in fixed positions. Like these patients, motorcycle riders sit in fixed positions, often for hours at a time, and experience pressure related discomfort.

However, the gels used in medical fields were unacceptable for the rigors of motorcycle use where heat and vibration threatened to destroy the gel. Saddlemen was able to formulate new gels that serve the motorcycle rider perfectly and SaddleGel™ will never freeze, crack, dry out, leak or melt; it is guaranteed for life.

Saddlemen also developed special covers, covers that are compliant and stretch to maximize the benefits of SaddleGel™. Unlike other manufacturers that use thick leathers or natural skins that won’t stretch, Saddlemen pads use only covers with comfort enhancing four way stretch. Imagine putting the beneficial SaddleGel™ under a board! Of course you wouldn’t notice the gel below! Many competitor’s covers are just like that board, maybe nice to feel with a finger or look at, but uncomfortable to sit on.

SaddleGel™ is increasingly used for comfort in aftermarket mobility applications. It is soft, pliable, comfortable, does not take a compression set and adds increased cushioning over traditional foam methods of cushioning. SaddleGel™ designs are firm to maintain seat pad shape but at the same time are compliant (soft) enough to allow the seat pad to automatically adjust shape (conform) to equally support each individual's unique body form.
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Lime Gelatin

“Yes, there is an uncanny resemblance, but Saddlemen’s SaddleGel Comfort Pads provide a much more comfortable seating experience than lime Jello on that long road trip. Quite frankly, though, it doesn't taste nearly as good.”