Saddlemen Racing

While most of the riding public thinks about Saddlemen and their motorcycle seats and luggage for comfort, style or touring, Saddlemen also has a strong interest and presence in the racing community. We’ve been sponsoring racers since the company was founded.

Saddlemen makes seats, fenders and bike covers because we are committed to racing. Competition products must be the best and without compromise; this is what Saddlemen does best. Racers expect to be number one, second is not a desired outcome; a philosophy shared by Saddlemen.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding (whether on the road or off) more enjoyable.


Sponsored Racers

Saddlemen Proudly and Enthusiastically Sponsors Motorcycle Racers and Racing Events Nationwide

Saddlemen has proudly sponsored more than a hundred racing competitors in several disciplines — flattrack, road race, land speed and endurance. Find information about Saddlemen's currently-sponsored racers in the Racing Sponsorship section.



Racing News

Saddlemen Racing News

Saddlemen has a rich racing heritage and avidly follows the Flat Track racing circuit. Saddlemen President, Tom Seymour, claims to be the sport’s #1 fan and has been since seeing his first race about 1963 in Middletown, New York.

Read all the latest news about Saddlemen-sponsored racers in the Racing News section.