How do I clean and take care of my Saddlemen products?

Cleaning and conditioning your Saddlemen™ Products

Your Saddlemen™ saddlebags require almost no maintenance, usually just a wipe with a damp cloth will make the bags look sharp, but to keep them looking their best, we recommend regular Saddlemen’s UltraWash Cleaner™ #3101, Saddlemen’s Seat and Saddlebag Conditioner™ #3102 and Saddlemen’s Fabric Conditioner™ #3103. These products are easy to use, are inexpensive and are specially blended to provide superior results on all Saddlemen™ products.


Saddlemen’s all new Seat and Saddlebag Ultra Wash™ #3101 combats grease, oil, dirt and stains. Ultra Wash was developed specifically to keep leather, SaddleHyde™, fabric, nylon and vinyl looking like new. Use on Seats, saddlebags, sissy bar bags, jackets and other motorcycle apparel.

Saddlemen’s all new Leather, SaddleHyde™ and Vinyl Conditioner #3102 prolongs the life of your seat, saddlebags and other accessories. Primarily developed to guard against UV and weather deterioration, fading and cracking, this new conditioner will keep your riding gear looking like new awhile prolonging the life of your items.

Saddlemen’s Fabric Conditioner™ #3103 was primarily developed to guard against weather deterioration and sunlight and will keep your riding gear looking like new. Water treats and UV protects all fabrics, including velour seats and SaddleStow™ saddlebags, sissybar bags made from SaddleTuff™.

For everyday cleaning and easy care while on the road, you can simply wipe down seats or bags with a clean, damp cloth. As with all leather, fabric or other synthetic materials, make sure to keep all products, especially saddlebags, away from extreme heat sources like your bike’s exhaust pipes.


All materials will fade to varying degrees when exposed to continuous sunlight, which contains harmful amounts of ultra violet light, commonly known as UV. Ultra Violet acts like a bleach by changing the intensity of pigmentation, or color, of exposed surfaces. All Saddlemen™ products are manufactured with UV protection. However, even the best materials will eventually fade if they are continually exposed to the damaging effects of UV light. This fading can be delayed almost indefinitely by adding UV treatments from time to time. Saddlemen™ conditioners 3102 and 3103 are perfect. Many other commercially available effective sprays and coatings can also be found, including Scotchguard.

Faded surfaces can be treated to regain their original black look by the application of other commercially available treatments, such as Doc Bailey’s Leather Black, which we have found to be very effective.