Adventure Track Seat- Lo-Pro (1 pc, 2up)

Brand Fitment: BMW
Model Fitment: F650/700/800GS (TWIN)
Year Fitment: 2008-2014


Lowered Foam Height

    Saddlemen Part #: 0810-BM10L
    Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 0810-1444
Price: $437.00

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The  Adventure TRACK seat is a hybrid design that combines Saddlemen's exclusive  elements of a GEL comfort layer and progressive density foam with our patented  GEL-Channel saddle design that delivers unparalleled comfort and control.  Designed using advanced engineering, this family of seats is for the active and  discriminating adventure rider. Each seat contains features that complement the  motorcycle, in several cases overcoming the original seats’ design challenges:
The waterproof WP-suede cover over the rider’s cockpit provides the proper amount of grip - an attribute that is essential when the road ahead turns rough. The passenger section (and some of the seats for the mid-sized dual sports) is covered with a tough grippy material that also keeps things in place and is supple to the touch. All of Saddlemen’s marine-grade covers are unfazed by the elements, detergents or fuel. Water simply wipes away from the center section with a brush of your hand and the cover dries quickly.
Foam & GEL:
Saddlemen’s GEL technology resides in each seat and each inch of it exceeds the comfort of  three inches of conventional foam. Our progressive density, closed cell foam never absorbs water and has been carefully sculpted and tested for maximum riding performance.
Foundation (Pan, Brackets & More):
Each Adventure TRACK seat is designed to fit better that a stock seat because it is constructed on strong, gel-coated fiberglass pan with plated steel brackets for a superb fit. Our motto of “fitting better than stock” is apparent each time you mount the seat. If you’re going on an adventure, your seat can’t let you down.
Easy to take extra cargo:
Because each riding mission needs flexibility, we’ve designed in integrated bag or cargo mounting points on the pillion seat that link up with our Adventure PACK luggage and other tail bags. We’ve added a gripper top cover to the pillion section of  the seat to aid in keeping your pack or passenger in place during your adventure.

These  Adventure TRACK features make sure that these seats are a vital accessory for the discriminating to use when circumnavigating the globe.

General Information

  • Hybrid seat design  combines SaddleGel interior, progressive density foam and a Gel Channel saddle  to provide Adventure and Dual Sport riders with unparalleled comfort and  control.
  • Saddlemen’s Gel Channel  (GC) technology (patent pending) seats incorporate a split piece of SaddleGel  and a channel in the base foam to relieve seating pressure on the perineal  area, increase blood flow, thus keeping the rider in the saddle longer.
  • Gel Channel seats offer  high quality, durable construction and styling that’s as unique as it is  functional.
  • The vinyl and rugged  micro-fiber suede cover holds up to hard use while providing a superb blend of  comfort and control (certain models feature a rugged gripper style cover).
  • Some seat applications,  such as mid-sized Dual Sport motorcycles, have a standard foam design (no GC)  with a gripper and vinyl cover better suited to rigorous riding.
  • Integrated bag/cargo mounting points on the pillion portion of the Adventure-class seat sets make it easy to attach Saddlemen’s Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo.
  • Most mid-sized Dual Sport applications also include a luggage/cargo mounting strap set that  installs or removes in seconds from the seat.
  • A solo rider-seat, rather than a full two-piece set, is available in some applications.
  • Most seats are also available in low-profile designs.

Specific Information

  • The height of the front portion of the seat mimics the original seat, but with a slightly longer cockpit and wider, contoured saddle for comfort.
  • A specially shaped seat nose has extra padding for comfort, yet is shaped to help the rider’s feet touch the ground better at stops.
  • The seat angle is revised to prevent the rider from being forced into the fuel tank.
  • Driver seat micro-fiber cover provides great balance between grip n’ slip for confinement control on or off-road.
  • Water wipes away from the seat and center GEL channel: dries in minutes.
  • Large GEL pads in the seat add extra comfort and act as a vibration damper during rough riding.
  • The rear section of the seat features a thicker, progressive density foam base and GEL for passenger comfort.
  • The pillion area is also stepped up higher than the original seat to provide a lumbar stop for the rider and to help improve the passenger’s view over the rider’s shoulder.
  • Pillion section gripper cover not only helps secure luggage or cargo, but adds passenger confidence by restricting unwanted movement or slipping.
  • Rugged, steel mounting hardware is pre-attached to seat; simply install the new saddle like the original seat
  • The gel-coated, marine grade fiberglass pan withstands the rigors of hard use.
  • Larger rubber pan bumpers guarantee vibration damping and long seat life.


Saddlemen seats use rigid molded ABS or hand laid fiberglass that provide the strength needed for a quality saddle. Professionally engineered by enthusiasts who understand and participate in the passion of motorcycling, each pan is specifically molded to fit to the frame and bodywork of each model motorcycle. Our blend of artistry and engineering provides the best foundation for unique saddles with style, comfort and craftsmanship. Click image for baseplate configuration for this model.


Key Features:

  • Chrome, Zinc or Powder coated brackets

  • Strategically bumpered to protect painted surfaces

  • Gel coated Fiberglass or Rigid ABS construction

  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all seat bases




Without question SaddleGel is the most important breakthrough in motorcycle seating technology in decades. This amazing product will increase the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle, creating the comfort necessary to ride all day.

Black Magic™ Foam

With decades of experience in foam pouring and formulation, Saddlemen has engineered the perfect motorcycle seating foam for maximum riding distance and pleasure.

Cover Technology

Covering the Black Magic™ foam and SaddleGel™ combination with its sleek styling and contour fitted cover that has been engineered into each Saddlemen seat brings us to the final section of our integrated comfort system.

Style, Craftsmanship, Comfort

Saddlemen has been making seats for three decades and many of their craftsmen have more than thirty years of seat making experience to insure that you get the best seat available – the perfect blend of style, comfort, craftsmanship and value.


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2011 BMW F650GS 800
2010 BMW F650GS 800
2009 BMW F650GS 800
2014 BMW F700GS 800
2013 BMW F700GS 800
2014 BMW F800GS
2013 BMW F800GS
2012 BMW F800GS
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2011 BMW F800GS Special Edition

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