For over two decades, California - based Saddlemen has been recognized as a leader in stylish, feature-rich motorcycle seats, bags and luggage, and accessories. Founded and staffed by lifelong riders, the company prides itself in offering a wide range of nostalgic, leading edge and contemporary styles guaranteed to meet every motorcyclist's needs.

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Instruction sheets for Saddlemen products including SaddleGel™ Seats, Bags & Luggage, SaddleGel™ Pads, SaddleGel™ Pad Fitment Guide, SaddleSkin™ Replacement Seat Covers, Sissy Bar Pads, and Tank and Fender Chaps

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Saddlemen™ builds great motorcycle seats and bags & luggage; stylish products that outperform both our competitors and your expectations. We’re an industry leader because we are enthusiasts who ride and test our products. We offer a broad range of great products you can use to personalize and improve your ride; take a moment to click one of the catalogs below to see what we offer.

Saddlemen™ motorcycle accessories are available across the country at thousands of dealers served through Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited. We encourage you to purchase our products from your local dealership where they may provide special service and immediate availability. Products may also be ordered through this website or by calling (800) 397–7709 where a Saddlemen customer representative will be glad to assist you. Retail prices are subject to change; most are listed in the website or in pages attached to the catalog.

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Why Your Motorcycle Needs SaddleGel™

Why your motorcycle seat needs SaddleGel!

Without question SaddleGel is the most important breakthrough in motorcycle seating technology in decades. This amazing product will increase the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle, creating the comfort necessary to ride all day. Every type of riding is more enjoyable, from touring to dual sport, canyon carving to street cruising