Saddlemen Road Sofa Satisfaction Guarantee

How does Saddlemen’s special Satisfaction Guarantee for our deluxe Road Sofa touring seats apply?

Saddlemen offers a 48-hour trial period for our customers to evaluate our Road Sofa line of touring seats purchased directly from us. Saddlemen is confident that you will be happy with our deluxe touring seat, but we want to confirm our confidence by allowing our customers to properly evaluate their purchase without further obligation. To reaffirm our commitment to customer satisfaction, Saddlemen has provided this limited trial period. During this period, ride and evaluate the Road Sofa seat to your satisfaction and contact Saddlemen if any problems are encountered. If we are unable to answer your questions or remedy your concerns, simply repack the seat in the original shipping container and return, freight prepaid, in new condition. For complete information, click the link below.

Road Sofa satisfaction guarantee To learn more about the special Road Sofa satisfaction guarantee click here.

This satisfaction guarantee does not apply to other products (such other styles and models of Saddlemen seats) or to Road Sofas not bought directly from Saddlemen.