Why Your Motorcycle Needs SaddleGel™


Why your motorcycle seat needs SaddleGel!

Without question SaddleGel is the most important breakthrough in motorcycle seating technology in decades. This amazing product will increase the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle, creating the comfort necessary to ride all day. Every type of riding is more enjoyable, from touring to dual sport, canyon carving to street cruising.

When it comes to motorcycle seat comfort technology, nothing compares to a Saddlemen seat with SaddleGel. The proprietary SaddleGel technology was gleaned from the medical industry with specific origins in wheelchair pads and hospital beds. The gel was used (and still is) to prevent bedsores for those confined to beds for long periods of time and for people in wheelchairs—some for their whole lives. Know anyone that rides as much as a person confined to a wheelchair?

In the early ‘90s, the experienced riders at Saddlemen figured out a way to incorporate all the benefits of gel into a motorcycle seat and quickly learned it was far more comfortable than standard seats for a variety of reasons. For one, SaddleGel isolates engine and road vibration, a common cause of rider fatigue. Saddlegel is a molded solid with fluid-like properties that will not slide to one side or move around in your seat like air or water in a plastic bag; instead the proprietary design eliminates pressure points at the hip bones and tail bone by evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the seat. Otherwise, pressure points or “hot spots” can hinder blood flow, causing pain and discomfort. Normal circulation is never lost on a seat with SaddleGel, and it keeps your rear end comfortable on a long ride, and ready to respond quickly as road conditions change.

Saddlemen SaddleGel is extremely advantageous, but we were able to maximize the benefits of it by developing a seating comfort system around it. Our integrated seat designs include a selection of materials that work together to make our seats as comfortable as possible, while still giving your bike show-quality style.

SaddleGel Seat Construction
  • Particularly good in low profile seats
  • Superior to foam alone
  • Floats rider on seat
  • Eliminates road shock and vibration
  • Dissipates weight evenly
  • No hot spots
  • Maximizes time in saddle
  • Exclusive composite construction

Each individual component works
together as a system.


Whether you’re looking for a large, touring seat for long-distance riding, or something low and slammed to the ground, SaddleGel gives you unsurpassed riding comfort. If SaddleGel isn’t in your seat it can be on your seat. Saddlemen’s original SaddleGel Gel Pads are available in three sizes to fit on top of your seat or anywhere else you want to use them.

All Saddlemen Seats are made in the USA!

SaddleGel™ by Saddlemen

Q: How does Gel work?

A: SaddleGel™ equalizes body pressures by conforming to the unique shape of an individual’s body, eliminating pressure points. SaddleGel™ also absorbs shock and vibration, unlike air or bladders.

Q: How does gel compare to foam?

A: Foam is a very effective material for use in a motorcycle seat; however it must be several inches thick to be comfortable. Foam works by collapsing under pressure until it conforms to the shape of the body above. In turn this equalizes pressure, like SaddleGel™, but it must be thick and soft to be most comfortable. When seat height is an issue, denser foam must be used to lower height and this tends to be uncomfortable to many people.

Q: Do your SaddleGel™ seats use foam also?

A: Yes, SaddleGel™ and foam are used in combination to maximize comfort and durability. A foam and SaddleGel™ combination bring out the best features of both the gel and foam.

Q: Will Gel Deteriorate?

A: SaddleGel™ is a specially developed Gel manufactured to strict tolerances for use on high mileage motorcycles. SaddleGel™ was tested for several years and many different formulations were tried and rejected. Saddlemen has found only two formulations that are satisfactory and we use them both. There are Gels available that most certainly do not survive on a motorcycle but these did not pass our stringent requirements and were rejected. Saddlemen offers a lifetime guarantee on SaddleGel™ and with tens of thousands of pieces sold over a period of five years, only a handful have ever been returned!

Q: Will the Gel leak or freeze?

A: SaddleGel™ is not a free flowing liquid and will not leak if cut or punctured. In fact, Saddlemen cuts and trims Gel to fit different seat applications. SaddleGel™ will not freeze. It is even used in Snowmobile applications to minus 40 °F.

Q: Is the Gel toxic?

A: There are no toxic or dangerous concerns with the use of SaddleGel™.

Q: What happens with Gel in hot or cold temperatures?

A: SaddleGel™ is heavier and denser than standard seat foams and will therefore absorb more heat or cold than foam: a hot seat stays hot longer than a seat without SaddleGel™. However, SaddleGel™ does not cause heat to build up, as our competitors would like you to believe. We do recommend that a SaddleGel™ seat be protected or covered from the hot sun during long stops. However, high or low temperatures will not harm the seat.

Q: The Gel feels hard or dense to my touch, shouldn’t it be soft?

A: No, SaddleGel™ isn’t meant to be soft, it is meant to equalize pressure under your body, eliminating pressure points or hot spots. If you push down with 10 lbs. pressure with your finger (or 150 lbs. with your buttocks) the gel will push back with the identical 10 lbs. (or 150 lbs.) except it will be equally spread across your finger (or buttocks). While you won’t feel the benefits of Gel with your finger (or when you first sit on a Gel seat), you will notice how much better you feel when you dismount your bike.

Q: Isn’t the Gel the same Material used in implants and other medical devices?

A: No, contrary to what some of our uneducated competitors would like you to believe, SaddleGel™ is vastly different than medical implant, or breast, silicones. It was, however, developed in conjunction with the medical and sporting industries. Gel was first developed to prevent bedsores and the discomfort of immobile patients confined to hospital beds and wheelchairs, and like on a motorcycle seat, it is very effective. The sporting industry uses similar Gels to absorb impact in running shoes, motorcycle gloves, re-coil pads for guns, horse saddles and on bicycle seats. Although these benefits are utilized to the maximum on our motorcycle seats, our SaddleGel™ was developed specially for motorcycles. Gels developed for other uses have no place on a motorcycle seat.

Q: If gel is so good, why don’t other motorcycles companies also use Gel?

A: Two main reasons:

First we have not shared our development secrets with other seat companies and, without experience, improper Gels would likely be selected. This could damage their reputation and harm the consumer (beware of start up copy cat Gel motorcycle seats, such products may be inferior).
Second, since other motorcycle companies don’t have SaddleGel™, they must use their best sales techniques to present their foam or bladder seats as positively as possible. Finally, outside of motorcycle seats, Gels are widely accepted and successfully used. We believe other major motorcycle companies will eventually develop satisfactory Gels and introduce their versions. However, in the meantime, our development continues and we will stay ahead of the crowd.


Q: Does Gel work well on very thin seats?

A: Yes, although thicker seats with more foam and Gel are generally the most comfortable, SaddleGel™ is very effective in thin or low profile seats. If you need a low seat to reach the ground, or if you like the low look, SaddleGel™ is a true savior with the most comfort possible in a thin seat.