• Saddlemen’s new FTB line of sport luggage offers modern style and quality materials and construction.
  • Universal mounting capabilities and various bag types makes this line a great option for any motorcycle.
  • Samples available for media evaluation.
Saddlemen's FTB Sport Sissy Bar Combo bag 3515-0142 offers options for both sissy bar and rear seat mounting

Rancho Dominguez, Calif. - June 4, 2013 - Saddlemen has introduced a new line of luggage aimed at bringing a modern and sporty look to motorcycles of all kinds, from cruisers to sport bikes and more. Saddlemen’s new FTB line of sport luggage combines style, utility and quality construction to offer an array of bags that not only serve their purpose, but look great doing it.

The FTB line features the same quality materials and construction that Saddlemen is known for, and presents a new set of options for motorcyclists that might be looking for functional luggage with an updated look.

Rugged 1200-denier SaddleTuff™ fabric and marine-grade vinyl make up the semi-rigid construction that offers a blend of shape retention and flexibility, all while remaining light weight and portable. A bevy of internal and external pockets, pouches, and storage compartments make these bags ideal for carrying everything from tools and small personal items to clothes and larger items.

The FTB line is also universally compatible with multiple mounting rings, and can also be used with Saddlemen’s Versa Mount System to mount directly to a seat or rack. With a full lineup that includes sissybar bags, sissybar combo bags, and trunk/rack bags, Saddlemen has an FTB option for any motorcycle.

Saddlemen's FTB Sport Sissy Bar Bag 3515-0139 includes a reflective rain cover with locking cinch cord and padded backpack straps FTB Sport Sissy Bar Bag 3515-0139 Saddlemen's FTB Sport Sissy Bar Bag 3515-0138 features internal pockets and beverage holder make organization easy and convenient FTB Sport Sissy Bar Bag 3515-0138

FTB Sport Sissy Bar Bags

FTB1000 Part #3515-0138
FTB1500 Part #3515-0139

  • Unique shape offers impressive cargo space while keeping the bike’s lines clean.
  • Internal pockets and beverage holder make organization easy and convenient.
  • Adjustable sissybar mounting sleeve and multiple rings for easy universal installation.
  • Saddlemen Versa Mount compatible.
  • Includes reflective rain cover with locking cinch cord and padded backpack straps.


Saddlemen's FTB Sport Sissy Bar Combo 3515-0141 is a larger version of sissy bar bags that includes removable top storage bag for extra cargo space FTB Sport Sissy Bar Combo 3515-0141 Saddlemen's FTB Sport Sissy Bar Combo 3515-0142 has adjustable sissy bar mounting sleeve, multiple rings and nylon straps make for quick and easy universal installation and removal

FTB Sport Sissy Bar Combo 3515-0142 base and top pieces

FTB Sport Sissybar & Combo Bags

FTB2500 Part#3515-0141
FTB3600 Part#3515-0142

  • Larger version of sissybar bags include removable top storage bag for extra cargo space.
  • Internal mesh compartments keep gear organized.
  • Adjustable sissybar mounting sleeve, multiple rings and nylon straps make for quick and easy universal installation and removal.
  • Saddlemen Versa Mount compatible.
  • Includes reflective rain cover with locking cinch cord and padded backpack straps.


Saddlemen's FTB Sport Trunk/Rack 3515-0140 has gull-wing flaps and 270-degree perimeter zippers for easy packing and unpacking of two main compartments FTB Sport Trunk/Rack 3515-0140 mounted on bike Saddlemen's FTB Sport Trunk/Rack 3515-0140 offers two additional side compartments for mid-sized cargo and large front and rear compartments with mesh pockets for smaller easy-access items FTB Sport Trunk/Rack 3515-0140

FTB Sport Trunk & Rack Bags

FTB3300 Part#3515-0140

  • Gull-wing flaps and 270-degree perimeter zippers for easy packing and unpacking of two main compartments.
  • Two additional side compartments for mid-sized cargo and large front and rear compartments with mesh pockets for smaller easy-access items.
  • Multiple mounting loops for secure installation and two retention straps for added security.
  • Includes reflective rain cover with locking cinch cord.


Saddlemen FTB Sport Bags are available through Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties.


Since 1987 Saddlemen has been dedicated to offering high-quality aftermarket seats, luggage and accessories for all types of motorcycles. Designed for increased comfort and style, all Saddlemen products are built with industry-leading technology and premium materials. Saddlemen's vast line puts American craftsmanship on any type of bike - Harley, cruiser, touring, sport, dual sport, off-road, ATVs and snowmobiles. Whether you explore the open road, tackle some unexplored terrain or commute to work, Saddlemen's quality products will help you get where you want to go.

By Peter Starr in Health Care Weekly Review, Michigan Edition, February 25, 2013, Volume 29, Issue 8


Editor’s note: This article is a continuation of the research by Peter Starr, Editor-at-large for Health Care Weekly Review™, on the subject of prostate cancer.

In the nine years that I have been studying natural healing modalities for the reversal of prostate cancer without conventional treatments, I have also learned about ways we men can change elements of our life to reduce the risk of inflammation, that in turn will help your prostate. I am not talking here of diet and supplements but the other part of our lifestyle, namely exercise, the way we move and the way we sit.

I have ridden a bicycle for most of my 70 years and along with so many bicyclists I have ridden with the hard leather saddle that has the prong that protrudes forwards under the genitals. This style of seat creates a pressure right at the perineum area, which is directly below the prostate. In fact if one rides for a long time – usually several hours, that area of the body can “fall asleep” and give a tingling sensation caused by the restriction of nerve energy and blood flow. Abuse of this area can extend upwards to the prostate and can become the root cause of inflammation, which in turn may increase the potential of other prostate disease.

I have known some dentists that sit for long hours working on patient’s teeth in seats that also create unwanted pressure on the perineum. Many suffer from similar symptoms as the bicyclists and experience unwanted outcomes and disease. Given this knowledge, it behooved me to seek a solution.

On a recent business trip to Italy to interview some Italian doctors about attitudes towards natural prostate cancer treatments I came across a dentists chair that had a gaping hole in the middle. I immediately recognized the advantage for men who spend a long time sitting – no pressure on the perineum area. I learned that the seat was inspired by an American design of horse saddles from the 1850s – the McClellan Trooper saddle. If anyone needed relief it would have been cavalry riders! I brought this Italian dentist’s seat back to my office.

Next I went shopping for a bicycle seat that would achieve similar results and I found it on the internet from a Canadian company. As a life-long motorcycle rider who enjoys long rides, I had to acquire a seat for my motorcycle, and thanks to Tom Seymour of Saddlemen I got that too. Now Saddlemen offer many models of motorcycle seat with this central relief. See the attached photos and understand that we live in a world of great stress and toxicity. Sometimes it is the simple and doable things that can make a difference.

Be conscious of how you treat your body and you might just avoid another reason to contract a chronic disease.

Our Riders Leave The Cars At Home

Recently, Saddlemen held a "Ride To Work Day," for our staff to commute on their motorcycles. Quite a range of machines showed up: baggers to sport bikes; Harleys and imports; brand-new, out-of-the-showroom models alongside vintage custom-project rebuilds.

Riders form the cornerstone of Saddlemen's people. From ownership and management, to R&D and engineering, customer service and sales, and out onto the factory floor, riders - who bring their experience and enthusiasm - are at the core of what we are about.

Our company's riding experience, and our love of motorsports, helps us to produce seats, luggage and other accessories with an eye for function, usefulness, ergonomics, as well as value. When you buy Saddlemen, you buy knowing riders are involved in every step of development of our product line.


Gooichi Motorsport's Purple Honda Featured In Super Streetbike Magazine

The June 2011 issue of Super Streetbike Magazine focusses in on this Honda CBR1000rr, a custom build by Sam Morris of Gooichi Motorsports, in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Saddlemen was pleased to build a custom sport bike seat for this top-notch 2008 CBR project.

From the striking to the subtle, Saddlemen's custom bike seats have been a cornerstone of our business since our founding. Great looks are always combined with excellent materials and years of design experience. Whether for a show bike, a high-adventure machine, a weekend cruiser or a commuter, Saddlemen can create the perfect combination of style and ride-enhancing, comfortable performance.


Busy Saturday At Los Angeles Area Metric Machine Retailer's Parking Lot Event


Saddlemen was pleased to take part in Del Amo Motorsports' massive annual parking lot sale, on Saturday, September 25th. We ran one of the many displays outside the Redondo Beach store, showing our motorcycle seats and motorcycle luggage.


Above: One of the event's promotional models graces a Yamaha R6, one of the two bikes we brought along for "test sits" on our latest, innovative Saddlemen sport bike seats.

Del Amo 2010 - Combo Crowd

It was a very hot September day, and we were pleased to meet so many riders and their families who came out to enjoy the day, along with the excellent deals, sights, sounds and product displays.


Our thanks to the ownership and staff at Del Amo Motorsports for being great hosts, and giving us the opportunity to show our product lines to the motorcycling public of Southern California.


Winner Has Choice Of Two Sizes Of Latest Motorcycle Luggage Release


During our appearance, Saturday, September 25th, at Del Amo Motorsports' 8th Annual Parking Lot Sale , we will hold a raffle to give away one of our two new "Tunnel Bag" motorcycle luggage pieces. These new additions to our luggage line offer excellent value, quality and flexibility: whether for bikes with smaller rear pillions, or wider rear seats.

Our booth will be located outside the Redondo Beach dealership during all the activity of this gigantic sales event.

We look forward to meeting lots of riders, and showing them the quality of our products, and how they can improve their riding experience.


Refurbished Touring Seat For 1991 Machine Gets Enthusiastic Approval From Owner


Saddlemen recently received an e-mail from satisfied customer Jim B., of Virginia. Jim had us refurbish and re-cover one of our Road Sofa touring seat packages, and sent comments and photos our way after he installed it on his GoldWing.

"The seat is simply amazing - the workmanship is second to none, the fit on the bike is superb (even better than the old, OEM factory seat) and the comfort is something that, unless you’ve tried it, you may never know how comfortable you could be over the one size fits all, factory molded vinyl seat.



I think others may think the seat is an on the shelf item, but when they call to order like I did, then you learn that your company actually asks you questions in regards to your height & weight to make the seat an exact, ‘your size’ seat, that will fit & wear perfectly for years to come.

I ride my bike year-round unless it is icy out, so my bike is starting to get up there in mileage and some paint fade, but I can tell you my seat is perfect in fit & comfort and a real pleasure to enjoy while out on my ‘ol Wing.

Thanks again for the superb customer service and going beyond the distance to make sure everything was done correctly and professionally, and in a very timely manner.





Our thanks to Jim for his feedback and continued patronage. We're pleased to know the seat works so well for you.

Whether producing a brand-new seat from one of our popular seat lines, or customizing or refurbishing, an existing seat, we at Saddlemen look forward to helping improve the riding experience of our customers. That's the cornerstone of our business. We hope we can improve your ride as well...

Asheboro Dealership’s Annual Open House

Saddlemen’s Director of Sales, Stan Alicki, was on hand in Asheville, North Carolina for Cycle Center Honda’s annual Open House on June 5th.

Cycle Center Honda Saddlemen Display

In conjunction with Parts Unlimited, a major distributor of Saddlemen products, Cycle Center offered a large selection of our luggage, seats for import (metric) motorcycles and saddlebags, as seen above.

Cycle Center Honda Saddlemen Products on Bikes

The Saddlemen product display drew plenty of attention, and a number of sales, as can be seen above, with two customers who purchased our sissy bar bags, and at right, saddlebags as well.

Below are two interesting machines brought in by local riders. At left, a 1972 Suzuki GT750 racing bike that has been run up to 207 mph at Charlotte Motor Speedway; while on the right, with its owner, is a 2006 Suzuki scooter with just under 150,000 miles on the odometer. The same owner put over 416,000 miles on a Harley-Davidson 1987 Tour Guide, which needed only one engine rebuild (at 245,000); that machine is now on display at Harley-Davidson’s museum.

Interesting bikes at Cycle Center Honda

Cycle Center, Inc. is located, in Asheboro, North Carolina, just off U.S. Highway 64 (North Carolina Highway 49).

Saddlemen is proud to show what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding better. Look for us at dealerships and stores across the nation, throughout the year.


“One Very Satisfied And Happy Customer”

With the recent introduction of our new range of sport bike seats we have started to offer custom conversions of stock seats to the standards of our three sport bike seat types: “Sport” style, “Tech” style and “Track” style.

One our first customers to get a saddle upgraded and converted with our sport bike seat technology was Robert S., in Minnesota. We reworked his Honda RC51’s stock seat, turning it into the equivalent of one of our Track models. Click on the images below to see them full size

Saddlemen Sport Bike Seat for Honda Saddlemen Sport Bike Seat for Honda Saddlemen Sport Bike Seat for Honda

Soon after we shipped the seat back to Robert, we received an e-mail from him, along with the photos seen above.

“I put 91 miles on the new seat and absolutely totally love it!!! It looks awesome and is a perfect compliment to my RC51. And it is way more comfortable than the factory seat. Great workmanship!”

“I was out again yesterday and really really like the new seat. I have had compliments from three people who saw it and asked where I got it, so you maybe getting more business.”

“Thanks again for helping me pick the seat I wanted and for making it happen.”

The response has been exciting to the introduction of our sport bike seat lines – and to the addition of these new styles and technology to our range of custom seat options. We’re always pleased to provide the perfect solution for the needs of the individual rider. Our thanks to Robert for the photos and feedback. We hope he gets years of riding comfort from his revamped saddle.

To inquire about getting an existing seat re-worked with Saddlemen’s sport bike materials and craftsmanship, please contact us by e-mail or telephone at the address or phone number listed below...

Whether with a new seat, a custom retrofit, or our wide range of motorcycle luggage, we at Saddlemen are proud to show what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.

Saddlemen Sport Bike Custom Seat Page


Classic Style And Handy Storage Options With Our Tanks and Fender Chap Varieties

One of Saddlemen’s longest-standing product lines is our range of great-looking tank and fender chaps. Over the years, we’ve added new designs, like our Expandable Pouch Chaps, and added new items for more motorcycles. Whether a rider wants only to add traditional studded leather looks to their bike with our Desperado style, the conch-and-fringe details of our Classic Pouch chap, or the clean layout of the Expandable Pouch, Saddlemen Tank and Fender Chaps are excellent, attractive options.

Saddlemen Classic Pouch Tank Chaps Saddlemen Expandable Pouch Tank Chaps Saddlemen Desperado Tank Chaps Saddlemen Desperado Fender Chaps

Saddlemen Tank and Fender Chaps come in four types, (from left to right, above) Classic Pouch Tank Chaps, Expandable Pouch Tank Chaps, and Desperado Tank Chaps and Desperado Fender Chaps and can be found at Saddlemen Tank and Fender Trim.

Saddlemen Tank and Fender chaps are designed from the start to be the perfect complements to our luggage and seats, both with materials and styling. Our Chaps are available for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha machines.


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