Explorer Seat With Backrest Part Of Upgrade Project For 2005 Softail Deluxe

Saddlemen Seat Featured in Hot Bike Magazine

Saddlemen’s Explorer Seat with Driver Backrest was the choice for a comfortable, long-range, two-up touring saddle for one of Hot Bike Magazine’s editors. This revamped 2005 model Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe is featured in the magazine’s October 2010 issue (Volume 42, Number 10), starting on page 68.

As described in the motorcycle seat section of our website: “The deep, wide contours of the Explorer™ makes this the perfect long distance saddle for both rider and passenger. The unique Split Cushion design reduces seating pressure for maximum long-range comfort. SaddleGel™ comes standard for both the driver and the passenger. SaddleGel™ reduces tail bone pressure and increases circulation…allowing you to ride longer. For your next trip of 10 or 10,000 miles, the Explorer™ is the comfort king by which all others must be judged!”

Industry insiders know the benefits of Saddlemen design and quality. We invite you to find out for yourselves. Whether with a new seat, a custom retrofit, or our wide range of motorcycle luggage, we at Saddlemen are proud to show what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.


A Step-By-Step View Of Our Experts During Design And Construction

Saddlemen was pleased to produce a seat for Keith Ball and our friends at bikernet.com, for their latest speed record machine, due to run at the Bonneville Salt Flats. We took a seat base pan supplied by the team, and made a top-notch seat and chest pad for their bike.

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: We started out with the metal pan that had already been fit to the bike. Weight wasn’t an issue – according to Keith, the weight actually helps with traction – important on all that slippery salt. Center: As this wasn’t going to be a comfortable seat, per se, tons of foam and gel weren’t high on the list of necessary materials. A thin, inch-and-a-half layer of foam was glued to the seat pan as a starting point for the “comfort” section. Right: Using a flexible knife the carving process began…

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: …and continued… Center: …until the rough shape of the foam was readily apparent. Right: Knife blades leave sharp corners in the foam. An angle grinder is employed, fit with a sanding disc, to smooth out the sharp corners.

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: In a short while, the seat foam had taken on an attractive, aerodynamic shape and was ready for its covering. Center: Instead of wasting good leather using the trial and error method to figure out exactly how much material was going to be needed to cover the seat, Saddlemen covers the entire thing with tape. Right: The tape fully encompasses the seat, just like a real cover would.

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: Then lines are drawn on the tape where we think the seams for the covering should go. Next the tape is removed and the leather is cut using the tape as pattern. Center: The chest pad received a covering treatment similar to the main seating area. Before the covering can be attached, a final thin layer of foam is glued to the seat and chest pad. Right: Leather for the chest pad is cut and checked to make sure there’s enough material to cover it properly before it is permanently attached.

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: Holes were drilled in the pan base of the seat and chest pad. The front of the chest pad cover was riveted into place. Center: Glue was applied to the foam and backside of the leather. Right: …then stretched over the base.

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: The seat required more work to get it finished. Once the covering for the lower part of the seat was cut and sewn in place, we marked where a small amount of material needed to be removed so the seam for the lumbar support would line up with the shape of the foam. Center: While the detail work was finished on the base, the lumbar support covering was stitched with the Saddlemen logo. Right: The lumbar support covering and the base covering were sewn together.

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: Next, it was fit to the pan, glued, and stretched into place. Center: The rest of the rivets were installed for the chest pad. Right: A final layer of glue was sprayed on the underside of the chest pad where a thick piece of felt is secured so the pad won’t damage the paint on the gas tank of the bike.

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above, left: A final layer of glue was sprayed on the underside of the seat. Center: The felt was smoothed out and the edges received a few final snips from the scissors for a perfect fit. Right: The finished seat and chest pad, ready to break records at Bonneville!

Saddlemen Custom Seat for Bikernet.com Bonneville Salt Flats Bike

Above: The completed custom Saddlemen seat and pad.

Since our company was founded, Saddlemen has been an enthusiastic sponsor of motorsports, whether on the track, or speed record attempts. We thrive on the chance to show what we can do for any machine, as well as the opportunity and fun involved in these efforts.


Article Focuses On Our Proven Seat Construction Techniques

Our friends at bikernet.com recently added an informative article about Saddlemen gel and foam technology and its benefits for comfort, support and riding endurance.

Bikernet Gel and Foam Article

We are always proud and pleased to let the motorcycling public get a look at the materials and know-how that make our seats top-of-the-line.

Real world riding experience, and years of craftsmanship have combined to make Saddlemen a leader in seat manufacturing and custom projects.

Bikernet Logo

Our thanks go out again to Bandit, and the folks at bikernet.com for publishing such an in-depth article about our gel and foam technology.

We at Saddlemen are pleased to share with you what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable.


“Valentino Rossi” Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Unveiled At Long Beach Show

At the recent Long Beach Cycle World International Motorcycle Show, Don Emde, publisher of Parts Magazine and project leader for the build, unveiled an attention-getting, street-legal, custom Yamaha, the Rossi/Riders For Health Yamaha R1, built to be auctioned for charity next year.

Proceeds will benefit the Riders for Health organization. Saddlemen was pleased to make and donate a special custom seat and pillion for this unique machine, and proud to be among the top-of-the-line aftermarket manufacturers asked to participate in its creation for the Friends Of Riders For Health organization.

Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1

The bike’s concept is to be a one-of-a-kind “Track Day” sportbike, wrapped in famed racer Valentino Rossi’s AGV “Five Continents” graphics. This machine boasts numerous upgrades from major aftermarket firms. When auctioned, the eventual buyer will receive all needed “street legal” items currently off the bike, as well as a second full set of body work and windscreen.

Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1
Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1 Saddlemen Seat on Valentino Rossi Themed 2009 Yamaha R1

Click on the gallery images above to see them at full size.

More details are available on the project’s fact sheet and press release.

We at Saddlemen invite you to see what our expertise, craftsmanship and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable – just as we’ve done for the Rossi/Riders For Health Yamaha R1 custom machine.


Saddlemen Deluxe Tail Bag

Saddlemen Deluxe Tail Bag featured in Hot Bike Magazine

Saddlemen’s Deluxe Tail Bag is featured in the latest issue of Hot Bike (Volume 41, Number 2) for December 16, 2008 through January 13, 2009.

The listing describes the quality construction, features and spacious dimensions of this expandable, large-capacity motorcycle luggage.

The SaddleStow TS3200DE Deluxe Tail Bag is easy to mount and full of features – offering  any bike maximum luggage capacity.  Its universal quick-detach mounting system offers a variety of quick-secure options for easy on/off mounting.  Its rigid construction looks great, even when empty, and has a wide top opening for easy packing. The TS3200DE features a top carry handle and shoulder straps for easy toting off bike. The bag’s high-quality construction uses UV-, water-, and weather-resistant 1200 denier Saddle Tuff™ and leather-like vinyl panels and a non-skid, heat resistant bottom. This spacious bag can hold 3,200 cubic inches.

See the full description of Saddlemen’s TS3200DE Deluxe Tail Bag, (Model Number 3516-0036), here, on the saddlemen.com website.

These bags are also available through Drag Specialties dealers. To find your local dealer, use the Drag Specialties dealer locator web utility, here.

Visit Hot Bike Magazine’s website at www.hotbikeweb.com.


Saddlemen’s Tom Monroe will make a guest appearance on Cycle World Radio this Saturday, December 20. Cycle World Radio is hosted by Steve Natt, formerly of TV’s American Thunder and many other motorcycle-related shows. The show is broadcast live from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in over 50 different radio markets, and is also available online at iTunes.

This fast-paced, highly informative and entertaining program represents the only national radio broadcast destination for anyone interested in motorcycling—from long-time enthusiasts to seasoned race-watchers to newbies. It’s the only place on the dial to hear leading industry insiders, pro racers and award-winning customizers as well as a collection of great motorcycling characters talk about their lives on two wheels. Listeners will also enjoy hearing from the Cycle World editorial team.

Other guests this week include Dr. Arthur Ting, the orthopedic surgeon who has worked with most of the top racers in our sport including John Hopkins and Nicky Hayden, and also Ed Moreland, the AMA’s VP of Government Relations, who will discuss important legal issues confronting the motorcycling community.


“If you need more room than this, you might want to think about leaving the bike at home and driving.”

Dresser back seat bag

Dresser back seat bag

Dresser back seat bag

That’s the advice of Steve Bohn, reviewing Saddlemen’s BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag in the August 2008 issue of American Rider magazine.

The Dresser Back Seat Bag is a very handy piece of motorcycle luggage that uses the passenger space of a two-up seat when you’re riding solo.  It’s designed to fit perfectly between the rider and Tour-Pak on the back seat of all Dresser models (but is made to fit securely on a variety of different seats).  The reviewer also appreciated how the bag helps avoid overloading the rear axle by placing weight further forward than many other luggage options.

Bohn was impressed by the storage capacity of the Back Seat Bag. “I was able to fill the bag with 15 T-shirts, two long sleeve T-shirts, one sweatshirt, four pairs of jeans, three pairs of shorts, one pair of tennies, one pair of sandals, and a shower kit, with room to spare – this thing is huge.”  He also complemented the bag’s ease of installation.  “Attaching the DBSB is a breeze.”

The BR4100 is also ruggedly made.  “The bag is constructed from 1200 denier Saddle Tuff and leather-like vinyl, wrapped around a lightweight, rigid skeleton.”

The American Rider reviewer found that the mounting system was very secure, and although the bag was designed for touring bikes with a Tour-Pak, it will also work on bikes without one.  Adjustable straps allow the bag to fit securely with other bike and seat layouts.

The Dresser Back Seat Bag has numerous storage and attachment features, including backpack straps for easy toting; convenient accessory straps that allow easy strapping down and access to jackets, chaps or roll bags; elastic mesh netting pouches for quick and easy access to maps and other small items.  Of particular interest was the insulated pouches, which keep up to six cans of your favorite beverage cold.

The BR4100 retails for a suggested $139.95, and is available here or by contacting your local Drag Specialties or Parts Unlimited dealer.


V-Twin-Magazine Reviews Saddlemen

V-Twin Magazine’s Kit Maira recently visited Saddlemen’s facility to get a new seat for his Harley FLHT.

Because he works for a major biker publication, Kit rides a LOT, and knows the value of having a good seat under you. Saddlemen set him up with a new Road Sofa, and guess what? He loves it.

The article also gives excellent explanations of the hows-and-whys of seat design, support and comfort – the exact things we take pride in at Saddlemen.

Read the full story in the December, 2008 issue of V-Twin. Kit’s review is on pages 120-121.

V-Twin Magazine’s website can be reached with this link.

For more about our Road Sofa seats, you can also visit our website, www.saddlemen.com, or click HERE and HERE to link directly to our main Road Sofa pages for Harley-Davidson and Honda.


Magnetic Sport Tank Bag

Magnetic and Suction Cup mounted Explorer Tank Map Pouches

Magnetic Sport Tank Bag

Saddlemen’s “Explorer” series magnetic and suction cup map pouches are reviewed in the February 2009 issue of American Rider.

The article, written by Reg Kittrelle, discusses the many features of these convenient quick-access storage pouches, and offers advice for selecting the right type of attachment system (magnetic or suction cup) for different makes and models of bikes. Their write-up appears on page 50 of the February issue.

American Rider’s website, www.americanrider.com, features weekly video segments, and a wide range of product reviews.

For more about our Explorer Map Pouches, you can also visit our website, www.saddlemen.com, or click HERE to link directly to our listings of magnetic and suction-cup attaching tank bags and pouches.

Click on the images on the left to see them full size.


Several of the latest additions to Saddlemen’s product line are featured in recent motorcycle magazines.

Pillow Top SaddleGel Pads

Pillow Top SaddleGel Pads

Road Sofa for 1008 Harley Touring Bikes

Rigid Mount Saddlebags for Harley-Davidson Dyna

The December issue of American Rider Magazine showcased our Pillow Top SaddleGel Pads, one of the new expansions to our popular range of external gel pads for increased riding comfort. Their write-up on our pads appears on pages 56-57.

The Pillow Top Pads were also featured in the November 21st “Inside Powersports” video news segment on American Rider’s website, www.americanrider.com. Select the video for the week of November 21st, which also focuses on Bonneville Salt Flat speed runs…

For more about our Pillow Top pads, you can also visit our website, www.saddlemen.com, or click HERE to link directly to our listings of Pillow Top pads.

Also, the January 2009 issues of Easyriders Magazine and sister publication, V-Twin Motorcycles show off two Saddlemen items: our Road Sofa for 2008 Harley touring bikes and the specific fit, rigid mount saddlebags for the Dyna. The write-ups in Easyriders are on pages 116-117, and appear in the V-Twin issue on pages 102-103. Their shared website can be reached with this link.

Click HERE to link to our online page featuring the Road Sofa for 2008 Harley-Davidson touring machines.

Our Rigid Mount Saddlebags for Dynas can also be seen on our site. Click HERE for all Harley-Davidson styles.


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