A Saddlemen Specialty:
Building New Seats To Order, From Scratch

Saddlemen Custom Seats Shaping Seat

At Saddlemen, our factory staff are constantly building our popular production seat models, with all of their variety, for a wide range of motorcycles. Another side of our work is putting together specially-built seats for our customers. Whether it is a special request for an exotic cover material, a new replacement seat for a rare, modified or older bike, or a saddle designed to be "just so" for a particular rider, or designers, crafts people and customer service staff are enthusiastic about taking on the challenges of creating something new and special. With many years of experience in creative seat design and modification, our technicians can offer expert advice and answers, and know the right questions to ask the potential buyer to make them the best saddle possible.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Pan Touch-up

We often start by producing a brand-new fiberglass base. This allows us expand the options for seating position, layout and appearance, and doesn't limit us to creating a seat based off of a stock pan. Our technicians have decades of experience in designing and producing new seat bases. We're so confident in the quality and durability of our custom fiberglass pans, that Saddlemen guarantees them for life.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Foam on Bike

The largest structural component of a seat is the foam, and it can make the biggest difference in its performance. Saddlemen designers are experts at optimizing the shaping and making alterations to provide the customer the best seat for their riding needs and requirements. We use a specially formulated foam for all of our seats.  This foam is much more supportive and durable that the foams used in most stock seats.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Black Foam with Inserts

Saddlemen's pioneering technology has been the use of our Saddlegel inside of our seats. Standard in our production seat models, it is also an extremely popular feature for people building custom seats, and retrofitting gel pads into existing seats. The same care we use in shaping our seat foam goes into the placement and layout of our Saddlegel pads, offering the best support and weight distribution available.

Saddlemen Custom Seats Cover Fitting

The final touch on any seat is the cover.  Our skilled designers and sewing technicians have been making stylish and durable covers for our seats since Saddlemen was founded.  We offer an exception range of natural and synthetic materials and fabrics to complete our custom saddles, and have the experience to make them work. Our customer service team can help go over the available options.

Our designers and crafts people enjoy the opportunity to work on unique projects, and the challenges and variety they offer.  Custom work also adds to Saddlemen's "knowledge base," and sparks our creativity.  We welcome the chance to help riders create the best seat to meet their riding needs and/or desired looks.


Saddlemen Online Instructions

Saddlemen Online Instructions index

At Saddlemen, we are constantly working to make better products, from motorcycle seats, luggage or related accessories. Part of our goal is also to provide more information for both the potential buyer and the existing Saddlemen owner.

One way we try to help is by publishing instructions for a wide range of our product line on our website. This can help both the shopper, curious about the features of an item, or as a backup source of instructions for gear already purchased.

The website is available “twenty-four/seven,” and has dozens of downloadable and printable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions of our instruction sheets ready for use at the user’s convenience.

Our goal is to have product instructions available online as soon as new items are released.

A good example is our new line of “Teardrop” shape rigid-mount saddlebags, specifically designed for particular bike models. They are now entering the distribution network, and can be purchased through retailers across the country affiliated with Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited. Teardrop bags can also be ordered directly from Saddlemen at (800) 397-7709. They will soon be available for purchase directly from Saddlemen on the web.

Click the image to the left to link to our instructions for our new Teardrop Specific-Fit Saddlebags for Harley-Davidson Dynas…

Click here for Saddlemen’s Online Instructions


Why Motorcycle Seats Need SaddleGel™!

We at Saddlemen have always been proud of our pioneering designs using our SaddleGel™ technology for better rider comfort and endurance.

To help better inform the public about the benefits of SaddleGel™, we’ve added a new “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) page to our website’s support area. For more info check the following link at saddlemen.com:

Why Your Motorcycle Seat Needs SaddleGel™!

We love to show our pride in what SaddleGel™ can do for you!



Normally sold for $75.00, these high-quality, made-in-the-USA chromed saddlebag supports were made specifically for each bike model, for a perfect custom fit.

U.S.A. Made Chrome Saddlebag Supports

U.S.A. Made Chrome Saddlebag Supports

Virtually all saddlebag installations require saddlebag supports, so if you’re thinking about saddlebags for your bike, you need these beautiful supports. The highly polished chrome finish adds a custom touch to any bike, and look great even when you take your bags off. All necessary nuts and bolts are included, plus detailed installation instructions. Limited quantities!

NOTE: The only way to order these at this fantastic price is to call Saddlemen directly at (800) 397-7709 and mention that you saw this on our website. Each saddlebag support listed is priced at $40.00, plus shipping within the continental U.S. which is generally $12.00 or less. You will not be able to order these online… YOU MUST CALL US AT (800) 397-7709 and ask for the Saddlebag Support Special.

Part # 6904, for Harley FX / FL models – 1958-84
Part # 6919, for Honda VTX1800C – all years
Part # 6995, for Honda Shadow 600VLX – 1991-98
Part # 6996, for Honda GL1500 Valkyrie – 1997-2003
Part # 6998, for Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic/Nomad – 1996-2005
Part # 6922, for Suzuki Intruder 1500LC / C90 – all years
Part # 6923, for Suzuki Marauder 800 – 1997-2003
Part # 6936, for Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic – all years
Part # 6938, for Yamaha Road Star (Warrior only) – all years


SaddleGel Technology Keeps You in the Drivers Seat

Without question SaddleGel is the most important breakthrough in motorcycle seating in decades. This amazing product will totally change the amount of time you spend on your motorcycle. Every type of riding just got more enjoyable. When you throw your leg over your motorcycle, you know you will be comfortable!

I rode from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on my custom seat with SaddleGel and it made the ride immensely more enjoyable!

-Metric Thunder Bob

SaddleGel provides the following benefits:

  • Redistributes weight over a larger surface area
  • Particularly effective in a fixed seating positions
  • Reduces high-pressure points or “Hot Spots”
  • Dissipates weight concentrated by hip joints
  • Increases blood flow previously restricted by compression of muscle

When it comes to motorcycle seating comfort, nothing compares to a Saddlemen seat with SaddleGel. Whether you’re looking for a large, touring seat for long-distance riding, or something low and slammed to the ground, SaddleGel gives you unsurpassed riding comfort. If SaddleGel isn’t in your seat it can be on your seat. Saddlemen’s original SaddleGel Gel Pads are available in three sizes to fit on top of your seat or anywhere else you want to use them.

Reduces Vibration, Eliminates Pressure Points
By evenly distributing your weight across the surface of the seat, SaddleGel absorbs and elminates the extra pressure that is normally experienced at hip bones and the tail bone. These pressure points or “hot spots” create a loss of blood flow, causing discomfort. By increasing circulation, your aching butt is eliminated.

Comfort Technology
It is true that SaddleGel works wonders for seating comfort, but Saddlemen doesn’t stop there. Saddlemen’s integrated seat designs include a selection of materials that work together to make our seats as comfortable as possible, while still giving your bike show-quality style.

I just finished an 8,000 tour and the most important change to my bike was the Saddlemen Stealth. The stock seat is slanted slightly toward the front, forcing you to push on the bars to maintain position. The level seating of the Stealth, and the gel material, provided a huge improvement in comfort over my previous tours. I knew from my last trip that it would be a painful for me to ride long days on a stock saddle. Thanks for providing a superior alternative.

- Steve S.


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