As shown previously, Drag Specialties’ ”Redwood Run” was a great chance for two of Saddlemen’s sales folks to hit the open road earlier this month, catch up with people in the industry, and have some fun during this ”thank you” event. Whether is was at a great local restaurant, during a fun cook-out, or taking a break from riding, there was lots of time to socialize, tell a few jokes and stories, and “network.”

Redwood Run Continued – The Festivities

In front of a 2600-year-old redwood… Left to right, back row: Eddie and Judy Ellis; Arnold Mills, Lisa Sekula, Kevin and Kay Sanger, Jeff Derge, Nick Trumbo, and Stan (Hollywood) Alicki. Left to right, front row: Gary Elliott, and Brenda Trumbo.

“Redwood Run” Continued – The Festivities

Among the people at the Run’s Reggae themed party: back row – At left, Judy Ellis of Easy Eddie’s Motorcycles; Nick “Nicole” Trumbo with Bassani in the stocking cap; Brenda Trumbo from ICON, with the tank top; Brian Sullivan of Drag Specialties, wearing shades; Dennis Jacques, Drag Specialties, at right; front row – Eddie Ellis, Easy Eddie’s Motorcycles, in black; and on the right, Saddlemen’s very own Gary “Rasta-man” Smith, decked out for the occasion…

Ted Sands of Performance Machine

Ted Sands of Performance Machine, Ron Bowen with Pirelli, and Lori and Dan Kruger with Drag Specialties.

Deidre Webber - Saddlemen saddlebags on Dyna Street Bob

Drag Specialties’ Deidre Webber, showing off her Saddlemen saddlebags on her Dyna Street Bob.

Arnold Mills and Lisa Sekula of Millers Custom Parts

On the highway with Arnold Mills and Lisa Sekula, of Millers Custom Parts.

Redwood Run

Clockwise from left: Hilary Weiss (Cycle Visions), Chris McGee (American Motorcycle Dealer Magazine), Lynda and Carl Brouhard, Rikki Battistini (Battistinis Custom Cycles), Dave Withrow (Maverick Publishing), and Jeff Zielinski (NAMZ Custom Cycle Products).

Larry Mills - DP Brakes with Drag Specialties Kathy Sommervold

Larry Mills with DP Brakes, with Drag Specialties’ Kathy Sommervold, Tom Motzko, and Jeff Derge, hanging out at a local brew pub for dinner.

Brenda Trumbo and Cheryl Rugland of Edge Advertising

Brenda Trumbo from ICON and Cheryl Rugland of Edge Advertising.

Drag Specialites Jim Machette

Drag Specialties’ Jim Machette.

Sharrye Noel Harley-Davidson of Bowling Green

Sharrye Noel from Harley-Davidson of Bowling Green, wearing a Saddlemen T-shirt, thank you…

Greg Blackwell of Drag Specialties and Amy Labouliere of Z1R

Also in a Saddlemen shirt, Greg Blackwell, Drag Specialties, and Amy Labouliere of Z1R.

Easy Eddie Motorcycle's Eddie and Judy Ellis

Easy Eddies Motorcycle’s Eddie and Judy Ellis.

Redwood Run - Stan Alicki and Gary Smith

Both Stan and Gary had a great time on the trip, and thank the people at Drag Specialties for organizing and hosting the festivities. Until next time!


Each year, Drag Specialties, one of Saddlemen’s major nationwide distributors sponsors a “thank you” getaway ride for their dealers and manufacturers. This year’s was in Northern California. Over the weekend that ended May and began June, two of our folks got a chance to represent Saddlemen, hit the open road, socialize with other people in the industry, and take in the sights of the California shoreline, coastal mountains, and of course, the redwoods…

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Saddlemen’s Director of Sales, Stan Alicki (left), and Gary Smith, our “road” sales manager and technical expert extraordinaire (right), ready to hop on their Harley “baggers” and hit the highway from Huntington Beach. Most of the ride north focused on Pacific Coast Highway and U.S. Highway 101. The weather was cool and overcast, and Stan says the heated Saddlemen seat kept the ride comfortable – as did our gel technology in the saddles.

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Fresh air and the open highway on a cool spring day along the central coast, leaving the “joys” of big city traffic far behind… Definitely not in “So Cal” anymore!

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

Saddlemen Sales Staff Ride in “Redwood Run”

After several days of riding and fun out along the coast and around the redwoods, it was time to head back south over the Golden Gate, and on home… For Stan and Gary, the six-day trip logged about 1600 miles on their Saddlemen seats.

Watch for a second Redwood Run report, with plenty of photos of the festivities.