Introducing "Pro Tour" Seats for Current Harley-Davidson Tourers

Pro Tour Seats for current Harley-Davidson Tourers

Pro Trou Seats for Current Harley-Davidson Tourers

Pro Tour Seats for current Harley-Davidson Tourers

Pro Tour Seats for current Harley-Davidson Tourers

For FLHS / FLHT / Road Glide / Road King

Superior comfort in the ultimate low-profile, touring seat for two. Features a wide, supportive bucket seat for the driver, with a slim, contoured rear seat.

Specially designed to drop the rider down into the bike for the lowest riding position possible, while maintaining our high standards of comfort and support.

Comfortable front seat is made with Saddlemen’s famous combination of progressive density foam and SaddleGel™ in the driver’s position, easing tailbone pressure and improving circulation for a smooth, comfortable ride.

Covered either with black SaddleHyde™, our durable, waterproof, soft-touch material for good looks and supple comfort, or with glove-soft, genuine leather seating surfaces for luxurious comfort.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Why Motorcycle Seats Need SaddleGel™!

We at Saddlemen have always been proud of our pioneering designs using our SaddleGel™ technology for better rider comfort and endurance.

To help better inform the public about the benefits of SaddleGel™, we’ve added a new “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) page to our website’s support area. For more info check the following link at

Why Your Motorcycle Seat Needs SaddleGel™!

We love to show our pride in what SaddleGel™ can do for you!


1960 Matchless G80CS Restoration

We’re calling it the “Match-ster”. It’s a 1960 Matchless G80CS, brought back to life by Saddlemen staffer Bill Oster. Bill wasn’t after a concours-perfect restoration; instead, he wanted a cool older bike that he could ride reliably (?) to work every day.

1960 Matchless G80CS Restoration

1960 Matchless G80CS

1960 Matchless G80CS

The bike started out life as an off-road-only “Westerner” model that had never seen pavement before. It was not running and nearly a basket case when he got it, but Bill’s a resourceful guy and was able to get many of the parts he needed, many coming from across the Big Pond. What he couldn’t get, he made, including that custom hand-cut “Flying M” logo engine mounting plate. The bike was cleaned up and rebuilt from top to bottom.

Collectors might cringe at the modern components, but they make the bike that much more practical as well as fun to ride. The hand controls, switches, headlight, front wheel and brake are from a current Sportster.

Bill hand-fabbed the mounting plate to adapt the Sportster front brake caliper onto the stock Matchless forks, without altering them. The single disc provides more than enough power to stop this featherweight bike from any speeds it might achieve.

The seat, a Bates model that was the cool aftermarket option in the ’60s, was restored by Saddlemen to better-than-original glory.

If you live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, don’t be surprised to see Bill tooling around on the Match-ster.

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Jason Freese from Green Day get custom Saddlemen seat

Multi-platinum selling musicians Jason Freese (left in photo) from Green Day (keyboards, guitar, sax, vocals), and his buddy Kevin Baldes (right), bass player from the band Lit stopped by to tour the Saddlemen facilities recently, and to get a custom Saddlemen seat for Jason’s XR650L Honda supermoto bike.

In addition to being world class musicians, Kevin and Jason are all-around nice guys, long-time motorcyclists and friends from Orange County, California. That’s Saddlemen President Tom Seymour showing them around.


Jason Feese Green Day custom Saddlemen seat

Jason Feese Green Day custom Saddlemen seat

Jason Feese Green Day custom Saddlemen seat

The seat on Jason’s Honda was reshaped for his riding style, and includes a lower rider position for better control in supermoto situations, a rider bump-stop (common racer mod), custom non-slip ultrasuede finish, contrast color stitching (red, naturally), and of course Saddlemen’s exclusive SaddleGel™ inside for a comfortable ride. It was also lengthened so that Jason’s bride could accompany him around town.

The bike is a project in conjunction with the Motorcycle Industry Council ( under the direction of IRS Media’s special project guru Avery Innes. Other modifications include 17″ wheels and sticky street tires, supermoto-specific brakes, lowered suspension, wider footpegs, aggressive handlebars, engine tweaks and a Jardine exhaust. This is one bad-ass XR650L streetbike!

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See Jason Freese and other rock musicians on the MIC’s new website, which combines the high energy of rock ‘n roll music with the speed and grace of motorcycling.


Saddlemen's Tattoo Flame Seats and Bags

The craftsmen at Saddlemen have come up with a stylish new design for your Harley-Davidson. The popular “Tattoo” design adds 3-D flames on top of Saddlemen’s famous SaddleGel seats, for a stunning look that matches the seats’ legendary comfort. Saddlemen’s unique, high tech variegated stitch embroidery is computer controlled for a perfect stitch every time. New for 2007 is the addition of colored stitching, and matching saddlebags.

The Highwayman Tattoo saddlebags use the same stitch technique and pattern, so that the bags perfectly match the seat, giving any bike an integrated, custom look. These saddlebags feature lockable, quick release buckles as well as a lockable, zip-off yoke making it easy to remove the bags.

Tattoo colored flame seats are available in a two-up Profiler as well as Solo style with separate pillion, for all Harley-Davidson Softail, Dyna, Sportster and FLH current models. Saddle prices start at $329.95 MSRP. Highwayman Tattoo saddlebags are available in three different sizes to fit most bikes, starting at $174.95.

For more about Tattoo Flame saddles, click HERE.

For more about Tattoo Flame saddlebags and tool bags, click HERE.


V-Twin-Magazine Reviews Saddlemen

V-Twin Magazine’s Kit Maira recently visited Saddlemen’s facility to get a new seat for his Harley FLHT.

Because he works for a major biker publication, Kit rides a LOT, and knows the value of having a good seat under you. Saddlemen set him up with a new Road Sofa, and guess what? He loves it.

The article also gives excellent explanations of the hows-and-whys of seat design, support and comfort – the exact things we take pride in at Saddlemen.

Read the full story in the December, 2008 issue of V-Twin. Kit’s review is on pages 120-121.

V-Twin Magazine’s website can be reached with this link.

For more about our Road Sofa seats, you can also visit our website,, or click HERE and HERE to link directly to our main Road Sofa pages for Harley-Davidson and Honda.


Custom Seat Spruces Up Suzuki Bandit

Tim Monroe of Anaheim, California had a Suzuki Bandit 1200 that was basically a good bike, but it was old and not really worth selling, so Tim decided to breath some new life into it with some customization.

Being a fan of the streetfighter movement, he went that route, replacing the headlights with a small unit from Europe, adding a custom shorty exhaust and abbreviating the tail section for a solo-only ride. The paint went a bit retro, with everything coated in flat black except for the wheels, which were powder coated red.

Tim came to Saddlemen for his new custom seat, since he had shortened the stock seat base by about eight inches and needed something cool to matched the bike’s theme. The result: this SaddleGel-equipped beauty with pinstriping inspired by Von Dutch.

Custom Seat Spruces Up Suzuki Bandit

Interested in having a custom seat made? Contact us at Saddlemen toll-free at (800) 397-7709 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Saddlemen’s Tattoo embroidery process adds stylish, deeply sculpted flames onto a good looking, very functional solo seat. Inside, SaddleGel makes sure you’re comfortable, too.

The special Tattoo embroidery is unique to Saddlemen, and provides a strong, solid stitch that resists the elements, as well as wear and fraying. This is one tough stitch. The Tattoo Solo is a bit lower than stock, which makes the SaddleGel comfort all the more remarkable, as you don’t expect to find this level of comfort in a seat this good looking.

SaddleGel is a viscoelastic silicon gel that reduces vibration and fatigue, and makes every trip more enjoyable. And it’s nice to know that all Saddlemen seats are proudly made in the USA. The Tattoo Solos for Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom and Classic models have an MSRP of $299.95.

Bike builders have been trusting Saddlemen with their custom seats for almost two decades; give them a call at 800-397-7709, or visit Saddlemen seats are found in the Parts Unlimited catalog, and are available at most fine motorcycle accessory retailer.

Part Number K06-11-0112

Tattoo Solo Seat for VN900 Models


Red, White and Blue (and Goldwing): A Saddlemen Custom Road Sofa for the GL1800

As this patriotic themed touring seat proves, not all custom projects involve exotic animal hide inserts, flame stitch patterns, iron cross designs or conchos-and-fringe.   This special project seat from several years ago took advantage of the smooth, wide contours of our Road Sofa seat to pay tribute to “Old Glory”.

These photos also show many of the special features of our Road Sofa design:

  • Tall lumbar support and wide driver saddle for excellent support
  • Our removable driver’s backrest, adjustable in both vertical and horizontal position
  • Adjustable air bladders in both the driver’s backrest and lumbar support
  • Split-cushion design, separating lumbar support and seat cushion for independent compression, reducing tailbone and hipbone pressure
  • Our exclusive “ergo channel” along the center of the driver’s seating surface, to reduce pressure
  • The streamlined nose to improve the rider’s reach to the ground

Red, White and Blue (and Goldwing): A Saddlemen Custom Road Sofa for the GL1800


Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R

Steve Kai from Hawaii wanted to build something unique and special, and since Steve’s son Garrett works for American Suzuki, Steve started out with a brand-new Suzuki M109R, the baddest power cruiser out there.  The M109R is a big, fast, mean bike that begs to be ridden hard, and it would have been a shame to take away any of that rideability.  The list of modifications was extensive, but since this bike is a rider and not a trailer queen, Steve wanted a seat that not only reflected his bike’s new style, but was also comfortable to ride on.

Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R

The Saddlemen Solo you see here was built on Steve’s custom steel seat pan, which was hammered out to fit between the wider rear fender and the stretched gas tank.  SaddleGel inside the seat, plus Saddlemen’s proprietary Black Magic foam, provide maximum comfort while the deep sculpted Tattoo flames, leather cover and custom contours offer the looks that will surely garner Steve some trophies in the coming months.  If he can stop riding it long enough to show it.

Click on the picture links below to see these great looking images full size…

Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R
Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R Saddlemen Adds Style to Hawaiian Suzuki M109R