"Slammed Pro Tour" For 1997-2007 Harley-Davidson Touring Models Nears Release


During the next few weeks, a new version of our Slammed Pro Tour Seat will be available for purchase.

This saddle is designed to fit Harley-Davidson Baggers/Tourers for the 1997 to 2007 model year range, and features the same top-of-the-line layout and materials used with our initial Signature Seat, for 2008-2010 models (shown at left).

Designed in collaboration with Todd Silicato, noted custom bike builder, and founder of Todd's Cycles of Huntington Beach, California, these seats are the ultimate low-profile, bagger seat that still provides acceptable comfort, support and riding endurance for touring.

Specifically, the new version Slammed Tour Pro is built to fit FLHX & FLHTC models, while also fitting FLHTC, FLHR, FLTR and FLHT designations. They are designed to look best and mate with the center dash of the Street Glide and Road King, models, and they will also fit other Harley-Davidson Touring machines, but there will be a gap between the seat’s nose and the center dash. The seat will fit bikes fitted with, or without, saddlebag guards.

Saddlemen is proud to work with respected designers and builders like Todd, combining manufacturing experience, acclaimed style, and the knowledge of what riders need and want, to create the best seats possible.


Huntington Beach’s Todd’s Cycles Teams With Saddlemen To Create Inaugural Saddle For New Collection


Saddlemen is proud to unveil the first of an ongoing series of exciting cooperative projects with top-of-the-line motorcycle builders and designers to produce innovative and stylish new seats.

Our first effort, the Slammed Pro Tour combines the proven, popular Pro Tour seat design with refinements and the styling experience of Todd Silicato, founder of Huntington Beach, California’s Todd’s Cycles. Todd sculpted the seat to drop down into the bike for a low riding position that also helps the rider touch the ground with confidence at stops. The aim – to create the ultimate low-profile, bagger seat that’s acceptable for touring.

As with the standard Pro Tour, this comfortable seat is made with Saddlemen’s famous combination of progressive density foam and SaddleGel™ in the seating areas, easing tailbone pressure and improving circulation for a smooth, comfortable ride.

For more product details about the Slammed Pro Tour saddle CLICK HERE.

We feel the new Signature Seats will prove to be an exciting addition to the Saddlemen product line. We look forward to proudly showing what our expertise and technology can do, when teamed up with well-respected designers and builders, to make riding more comfortable, stylish and enjoyable.


The Ultimate In Handy, Convenient Storage

Saddlemen Tank Bags and Map Pouches

Saddlemen’s Tank Bags and Pouches offer super-convenient storage options for all kinds of travel. These multifunctional pieces of small luggage are easy to install and remove, and are perfect for the many small items riders want to have ready for instant access – especially today’s range of small electronic items like cell phones, MP3 players and digital cameras.

Saddlemen Explorer Large Magnetic Tank Pocket with Removable Pouch

  • Twistlocks and magnets secure zippered pouch and allow quick removal


Saddlemen Explorer Large Tank Pocket with Removable Pouch – (Suction Cup Attachment)

  • Twistlocks and suction cups secure zippered pouch and allow quick removal

Dimensions: 10.75″ x 11.75″


Saddlemen Explorer Medium Magnetic Tank Pocket with Removable Pouch

  • Twistlocks and magnets secure zippered pouch and allow quick removal


Saddlemen Explorer Medium Tank Pocket with Removable Pouch – (Suction Cup Attachment)

  • Twistlocks and magnets secure zippered pouch and allow quick removal

Dimensions: 9″ x 11″


All of our Tank Bags feature:

  • Non-scratch bottom
  • Transparent pocket with velcro closure provides clear view of maps or electronic gear
  • Audio ports for earphone cables, etc.

Saddlemen is the industry leader in value and design in motorcycle luggage. We invite you to see what our extensive expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable and convenient.


SSR1900 & SSR1200 Provide Excellent Value And Versatility

Saddlemen’s “Universal Bike Bags” offer great flexibility with uncomplicated styling, making them at home on almost any machine. They are a cornerstone of our motorcycle luggage line.

Saddlemen Universal Bike Bags

These sissy bar bags come in two sizes: the 1,900 cubic inch SSR1900 and its smaller sibling, the 1,200 cubic inch SSR1200. Both share similar construction, styling and features, and are top-notch values, whether for commuting or road trips.

Saddlemen Universal Bike Bags

Each Universal Bike Bag features:

  • Rugged, fully rigid construction, maintaining bag shape even when empty
  • Fully adjustable mounting system, including two adjustable-length hooked bungees. Mounts onto sissy bar, luggage rack or back seat
  • Zip/hook-and-loop wide top opening with gusseted zip front
  • Top carry handle and backpack straps for easy toting off bike
  • Lockable zipper pulls
  • Three exterior zippered pockets for easy access to maps and other items
  • UV-, water- and weather-resistant 1200-denier SaddleTuff™ and leather-like vinyl panels

Saddlemen is the industry leader in value and design in motorcycle luggage. We invite you to see what our extensive expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable and convenient.


More Style Options With Leather-Look Vinyl And Chrome Studs Now Available For Successful BR3400 And BR1800 Models

Saddlemen Back Seat Bags

Saddlemen is proud to introduce two new versions or our top selling “BR” hybrid Back Seat and Sissy Bar Bags. Using the same design and layout of our BR3400 and BR1800 models, we’ve added two new style selections, using our great looking leather-grained cover material, along with the option of chromed studs.

These new bags have all the features and versatility that have made their “SaddleTuff” fabric predecessors so successful, including the convenient top-loading compartment, ultra-versatile mounting system, detachable backrest pad and numerous easy-access external pockets.

Saddlemen Back Seat Bags Detail

The new variants of the BR bags come in four models, in two sizes (3400 and 1800 cubic inch capacity) and two cover styles: straight-forward, grained, leather-look vinyl and the same cover material with the addition of studs for the “Desperado” look.

For the larger leather-look BR3400EX, CLICK HERE.

For the studded version, BR3400EXS, CLICK HERE.

To see the smaller leather-look BR1800EX, CLICK HERE.

And for the smaller, studded BR1800EXS, CLICK HERE.

At Saddlemen, we are continually expanding, refining and improving our motorcycle luggage line. We invite you to see what our extensive expertise and design savvy can do to make riding more enjoyable and convenient.


Our Product Development Staff Is On The Lookout For Bikes For Design And Research

Saddlemen Research and Development

Here at Saddlemen™ we are not only working on products for new motorcycles, but also constantly updating our existing products and adding products for existing motorcycle models.

As it’s often more difficult to find a existing model motorcycle at one of our friendly local dealerships, we are turning to you, our customers, to lend us a hand.

We need various brand and model motorcycles to develop or check the fitment of new accessories. Obviously we do not expect anyone to do this for free and are more than willing to reward your efforts with new Saddlemen product.

If your bike is listed below, you live in the Los Angeles area, and are willing to part with your ride for a few days in exchange for some cool accessories, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Currently, we are looking to work with:

Honda Shadow VT1100C Spirit for 1995 through 2008

Honda Shadow VT1100C2 Sabre for 2000 through 2009

Suzuki M109 for 2006 through 2009

Saddlemen continually works to develop new, innovative products, as well as refining and improving existing products.


Saddlemen Modifies Two-Up Seat From Victory Cross Country For Event And Advertising Photography Duties

Saddlemen Rebuilt saddle for Victory Motorcycles' Camera Bike Saddlemen Rebuilt saddle for Victory Motorcycles' Camera Bike Saddlemen Rebuilt saddle for Victory Motorcycles' Camera Bike Saddlemen Rebuilt saddle for Victory Motorcycles' Camera Bike

Click on the images above to view them at full size.

Saddlemen had the interesting opportunity recently to design and produce a highly modified seat for Victory Motorcycles’ new camera bike kit. This kit allows compatible stock Victory machines to be quickly and temporarily converted for on-road photographic use. Besides the Saddlemen re-worked saddle, the setup also includes shielding for the rear wheel, running gear and exhaust.

Our rebuild included a special front-and-back pad on the driver’s backrest for use by both riders, a modified passenger backrest with storage pouch, our famous SaddleGel inserts in the seating areas, and a new custom seat cover.

Victory plans to use this setup for their own corporate advertising use, as well as making it available for loan or rental.

Photos provided courtesy of Victory Motorcycles.

Victory Motorcycles is a part of Polaris Industries, also makers of snowmobiles and ATVs.

At Saddlemen we thrive on the chance to show our expertise and creativity, no matter how unusual the project.


Our Comfort Pads Bring The Benefits Of SaddleGel To Any Motorcycle Seat

Saddlegel™ Comfort Pads make any motorcycle seat into a touring seat. A state-of-the-art material, brought over from the medical industry, that will never freeze, crack, dry out, leak or melt, Saddlegel™ is designed to evenly distribute a rider’s weight across the full surface of the pad, eliminating annoying pressure points and “hot spots” for uncommon comfort. Our gel pads also provide excellent shock absorption and insulation from vibration. Saddlemen gel pads are available in a variety of cover types and sizes to fit most touring motorcycles, sport bikes, cruisers and even off-road bikes and ATVs.

Our Saddlegel™ Pads are available in three standard sizes, made to work with the widest range of machines: Extra Large (12.5″ length x 15.5″ rear width x 8.5″ front width), Large (10.5″ length x 14″ rear width x 8″ front width) and Medium (9.5″ length x 8″ rear width x 6″ front width).

Saddlemen Original Soft-Stretch Cover Gel Pads

Saddlemen’s Original Advanced Comfort Seat Pads maximize SaddleGel™ efficiency, and feature a non-slip underside. Quick-disconnect harness system mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed. Stretchable “Spandura” cover adds to comfort, responsiveness and performance. Available in our three standard sizes.

Saddlemen Synthetic Sheepskin Cover Gel Pads

Advanced Comfort Fleece Covered Seat Pads soften your ride, are cool in summer and warm in winter – an excellent compliment to SaddleGel™ support and comfort. Zero maintenance, man-made materials make these pads as care-free as they are comfortable, and eliminates the issues natural sheepskin can have when wet. Pad also features a non-slip bottom. Available in our three standard sizes.

Saddlemen 3-D Molded Gel Pads

Our Tech Memory Foam Seat Pads helps pad conform quickly and comfortably to rider’s anatomy. Center “ergo channel” reduces pressure to prevent numbness and discomfort. Includes exclusive air canals for increased cooling and breathability. “Comfort foam” top layer maximizes SaddleGel™ efficiency. Features soft, resilient, non-slip underside. Available in our three standard sizes.

Saddlemen Pillow Top SaddleGel™ Pads

Saddlemen™ Pillow Top Seat Pads have a nostalgic button-tufted style. They feature an extra-soft layer of pillow foam on top of Saddlemen’s famous SaddleGel™. Features non-slip underside. These comfortable, strap-down gel seat pads look perfect on top of most cruisers. Available in our three standard sizes.

All of our external gel pads feature our quick-disconnect harness system, which mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is removed.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable and comfortable.


Tank-Mounting Storage For Any Ride

The Saddlemen Bottle Caddy is one of the convenient storage options from our range of tank bags and pouches, designed for maximum flexibility and ease-of-use.

Saddlemen Bottle Caddy Tank Mounting Storage

  • Multiple suction cup mounting points, easily installs onto any tank, comes off just as easily. Safe for paint too.
  • Comes with tough, high-quality water bottle, easily accessible and easily secured when on the road.
  • Generously sized, side-by-side zippered pouch also accommodates other storage duties: sunglasses, gloves, cell phones, etc.
  • Flexible mesh outer pocket offers the ultimate in convenience.
  • A perfect blend of rugged materials make the Bottle Caddy great looking on any bike, while maintaining tough, weather-resistant and long lasting performance.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology can do to make riding more enjoyable and even more refreshing.


While most interest and attention directed towards Saddlemen products is normally focused on “big” items like our motorcycle seats and motorcycle luggage, we also provide a number of “little” products that can improve the performance and experience of using Saddlemen products.

Saddlemen Bag and Luggage Accessories

Our Bag & Luggage Accessories section offers items that can fine tune the mounting, securing and performance of our motorcycle storage products:

  • The same styles of bungees and straps that come with our SaddleStow luggage line are available separately, whether for added stability and security, or to replace lost or damaged pieces.
  • Saddlebag liners add another layer of protection for your valuables, and let you quickly unload your bike without having to remove your bags.
  • Alternate saddlebag “yokes,” like our Versa-Mount, give the rider more choices and convenience.
  • Turn signal relocator kits are available to allow the mounting of saddlebags on many of the hardest-to-fit motorcycle models.
  • We also offer specially formulated cleaning and conditioning sprays for our synthetic and natural leather materials.

We invite you to see what our expertise and technology (and attention to the “little things”) can do to make riding more enjoyable.


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