Model Seat Backrest
2018-2019        Fat Boy FLFB/FLFBS 0802-1026 0802-1027 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2018-2019        Breakout FXBR/ FXBRS Coming Soon Coming Soon 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2018-2019        Deluxe FLDE, Softail Slim FLSL, Street Bob FXBB, Heritage Classic FLHC/FLHCS 0802-0957 0802-0958 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2018-2019        Low Rider FXLR/Sport Glide FLSB 0802-1051 0802-1052 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2013-2017        Breakout FXSB 0802-0980 0802-0981 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2006-2017        FXST/B/S Softail Standard (06-09) & FLSTF/B Fat Boy (07-17) 0802-0309 0802-0310 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2006-2017        FLSTN Deluxe (retains stock rear rack) 0802-0581 0802-0582 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2006-2017        FLSTC Heritage (option for FLSTN Deluxe if rack is removed) 0802-0579 0802-0580 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2007-2010        FXSTC Softail Custom 0802-0554 0802-0555 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2000-2006        FXST Softail, FLST/C Heritage & FLSTN DeLuxe with rear rack removed (00-05) / FLSTF Fat Boy (00-06) 8100J 8102J 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1984-1999        FXST/FLST Softail 0802-0211 0802-0212 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2000-2007        FXSTD Deuce 0802-0280 0802-0281 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2006-2017        FXD Dyna Models (plus FXDWG 2010-up & FLD 2012-up) 0803-0315 0803-0215 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2004-2005        FXD Dyna Glide (excludes FXDWG) 0803-0133 804-04-040 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2004-2005        FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide 0803-0145 0803-0146 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1996-2003        FXD Dyna (excludes FXDWG) 8300J 8302J 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1996-2003        FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide 83G00J 83G02J 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1991-1995        FXD Dyna 8900J 8902J 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1993-1995        FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide 89G00J 89G02J 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1982-2000        FX-FL 0805-0049   0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1958-1984        FXR 8700J   0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2004-2019        XL Sportster Custom (4.5G Tank) 0804-0312 0804-0336 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
2004-2019        XL Sportster Standard (3.3G Tank) 0804-0316 0804-0346 0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1979-2003        XL Sportster 0804-0060   0408Y 0411Y 0513Y
1958-1978        XL Sportster 8400J   0408Y 0411Y 0513Y


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