New from Saddlemen: the GP-V1 Performance Sportbike Seat

This Changes Everything.

Speed, Comfort, and Control are essential for success on the street and on the track. If you are looking for the ultimate performance upgrade, look no further. With just the turn of a screw, you get a hi-tech seat that fits you, your motorcycle and your style.

Change Your Ride Today

Shock and Vibration are the real world forces acting on your body that cause rider discomfort and fatigue. Take a moment and think about your last ride and ask yourself – Are rough roads and constant vibration cheating me out of the ride I deserve? If the answer is yes, you owe it to yourself to read on and learn more about what Gel-Core Technology can do for you.

Saddlemen's GelCore Technology

Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Understanding the forces acting on your body while riding is critical to understanding why homogenous polyurethane foam seats developed in the late 1940’s and probably on your motorcycle right now are preventing the extended ride times you desire. Saddlemen uses science to change everything by offering the GP-V1 line of seats featuring our unique manufacturing process known as Gel-Core Technology.

Gel-Core is engineered to dampen, divert, and deflect energy through a mechanical process resulting in a smooth, therapeutic ride. Our technique combines a specifically formulated viscoelastic polymer also known as SaddleGEL with the latest in co-molding comfort technology to reduce engine vibration transmitted to your body by up to 50%, and reduce direct impact forces by up to 92%.

Saddlemen invented Gel-Core Technology and today we are widely recognized as the industry leader, selling more gel seats than any other seat manufacturer. However when it comes to the benefits of gel don’t take our word for it – Follow the links below to learn about some of the exciting places you can find similar gel polymers.

NASA uses gel to protect sensitive camera equipment on the Space Shuttle Discovery as it pierces the Earth’s atmosphere at 17,000 mph. NASA also uses gel to keep the International Space Station in orbit, gel is currently used in the medical industry for Wheelchairs and Hospital beds to promote blood flow, and see how a major league baseball mitt manufacturer utilizes this cutting edge material to dampen the impact of a 100mph fast ball.

The Science In Action

When it comes to reducing the damaging effects of SHOCK and VIBRATION.  Traditional OEM and foam after-market seats are no match for Saddlemen’s Gel-Core Technology.

SHOCK // IPad Gel Impact Test

VIBRATION // Gel vs. Foam RPM Test

Stress Under Pressure

Every Saddlemen GP-V1 is engineered with Gel-Core Technology to provide dynamic support for the rider and fit differently proportioned bodies.

Example of Gel-Core Pressure Test

Example of Gel-Core Pressure Test

Example of Foam Pressure Test

Example of Foam Pressure Test

Instead of relying on foam cushions that may impose improper contours, a riding saddle with Gel-Core Technology provides a topographically neutral suspension that will conform to the shape of the person who sits in it. Using pressure-mapping technology, we experimented with different tensions across the backrests and seats, fine-tuning our designs to produce the desirable distribution patterns: peak pressure zones under the ischia, with wide distribution of lower values along the thighs and across the back, avoiding the spine and the area behind the knees. 

Extra foam padding does not necessarily solve the problem, because a too-soft seat can put pressure on the gluteus maximus muscles at the sides of the buttocks as well as on the heads of the femur bones and the sciatic nerves, resulting in the kind of discomfort experienced when sitting in a sling-type playground swing or a director’s chair. 

Gel-Core Technology is a scientific approach to minimize circulation-restricting pressure with just the right combination of material layers, by curving the ProFoam structure away from pressure-sensitive areas of the body and cushioning it with ComfortFoam while dampening shock and vibration with SaddleGEL. Co-Molding the materials with this technique is what makes Saddlemen’s GP-V1 far superior to the homogenous polyurethane foam seat that came stock on your motorcycle. 

Race Proven & Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

American made quality and craftsmanship since 1987 is something we take very seriously at Saddlemen’s Long Beach, California manufacturing facility. Every detail, every stitch, and every step of the process from raw materials to the final product delivered to you has been carefully considered and inspected to ensure that you receive the upgraded saddle you deserve.

Made in the USA

Designed, Tested, and Built for the long ride.

Gripper Where it Counts

Based on 30 years of street and track testing we know how important the interface between the body and seating surface are to controlling your motorcycle at speed. The strategic placement of the appropriate materials allow for increased bike control during acceleration, braking, and at extreme lean angles which directly translates into improved lap times. Our seats provide proven performance advantages and are considered by top professionals and everyday riders as one of the most effective off the shelf performance upgrades you can make to improve lap times or inspire confidence on your daily commute.

America's First Choice

No other seat company goes to such great lengths to insure the Quality, Craftsmanship, and the Comfort we deliver is at the highest standard possible, resulting in one very comfortable and satisfied rider.

Saddlemen remains America’s first choice when you decide to upgrade your motorcycle seat because at Saddlemen we recognize every body, and every bike is built a little different and that sometimes even the best motorcycle seat may not meet your comfort expectations. Unlike other seat companies who might defer the blame on you or your bike, we are here to help make it right. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your new GP-V1 Performance Sportbike Seat just let us know and one of our friendly Product Specialist will gladly assist you. 

Engineered For Speed, Comfort, And Control.

With precisely matched styling for your modern sportbike it's not hard to see why the GP-V1 is our #1 selling sportbike seat.
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GP-V1 Seats:

(Click Arrow Left Of Manufacture To Expand Applications)
Model Seat w/ Pillion Cover
2012-2018        S1000RR & S1000R 0810-1893
2009-2011        S1000RR 0810-1892
Model Seat w/ Pillion Cover
2007-2015        848/1098/1198 0810-1894
Model Seat w/ Pillion Cover
2011-2013        CBR250R 0810-H037
2011-2013        CBR250R "Low Cut" 0810-H039
2015-2018        CBR300R 0810-H041
2007-2018        CBR600RR 0810-1895
2008-2016        CBR1000RR 0810-1883
2004-2007        CBR1000RR 0810-1896
Model Seat w/ Pillion Cover
2008-2012        Ninja 250 0810-K066
2008-2012        Ninja 250 "Low Cut" 0810-K068
2013-2017        Ninja 300 0810-K070
2013-2017        Ninja 300 "Low Cut" 0810-K072
2008-2018        ZX10R (08-10) & ZX6R (09-18) 0810-1882
2011-2018        ZX10R 0810-1897
Model Seat w/ Pillion Cover
2011-2018        GSX-R600/750 0810-1905
2008-2009        GSX-R600/750 0810-1904
2006-2007        GSX-R600/750 0810-1903
2016-2018        GSX-S1000 0810-1926
2009-2016        GSX-R1000 0810-1902
2007-2008        GSX-R1000 0810-1901
2005-2006        GSX-R1000 0810-1900
2008-2018        GSX1300R HAYABUSA 0810-1899
1999-2007        GSX1300R HAYABUSA 0810-1898
Model Seat w/ Pillion Cover
2013-2018        675R 0810-1907
2009-2012        675 0810-1906
Model Seat w/ Pillion Cover
2015-2018        YZF R3 0810-1878
2015-2018        YZF R3 "Low Cut" 0810-1879
2010-2016        YZF R6 0810-1913
2003-2010        YZF R6 (03-05) & YZF R6S (06-10) 0810-1912
2008-2009        YZF R6 0810-1911
2015-2018        YZF R1 0810-1908
2009-2014        YZF R1 0810-1909
2007-2008        YZF R1 0810-1910


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