FTB3300 Sport Trunk & Rack Bag

This  special piece of luggage brings never-before-seen style to the top of your  touring bike’s trunk, trunk-rack or large rear rack. Semi-rigid walls,  specially contoured for style and load capacity, hold their shape regardless of  your cargo. It’s simply the new standard in trunk-rack bags.

    Saddlemen Part #: 3515-0140
    Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 3515-0140
Price: $129.00

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  • Gull-wing  top flaps have 270-degree perimeter zippers that open large for easy loading  and unpacking of the two large main compartments.
  • Two  additional side compartments also open from the top with half-perimeter zippers  to keep mid-sized cargo handy.
  • Long  front and rear edge compartments with inner mesh zippered pockets so you can  segregate your belongings, yet visually find them fast.
  • Six  outer-edge mounting hoops with ultra-strong hook & loop materials mounts  the bag securely to your top rack.
  • Two  additional, front-mounted retention straps with cinching buckles add more  mounting security by controlling forward-and-aft movement of the bag once its  mounted.
  • Semi-rigid  luggage shell maintains its shape regardless of cargo load, yet is lightweight  to reduce the impact on your motorcycle.
  • Rugged  1200-denier SaddleTuff TM fabric cover construction which also  includes matte finish, marine-grade vinyl accent panels and stylish  black-chrome emblems.
  • Marine-grade  materials and stitching holds up the elements to give you decades of sound use.
  • Strong,  nylon meshing zipper teeth with chrome sliders equipped with large pulls for  easy use with a gloved hand.
  • High visibility, reflective rain cover with  locking cinch cord included.

Capacity - 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Dimensions - 22.5" W x 9" H x 12" D (57.15 W x 22.86 H x 30.48cm H) - Bag excluding pockets

26" W x 9" H x 15" D (66.04 W x 22.86 H x 38.1cm H) - Bag including pockets

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