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XX Large Do-It-Yourself Gel Pad

made in the usa

Do-It-Yourself Gel Pad
Installation Overview (HD)


Drag Specialties Part #: 0810-1655
Saddlemen Part #: BG990R
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When a rider uses SaddleGel, the forces created by road induced shock and engine vibration that are normally transferred through foam cushioning are absorbed and dampened by the SaddleGel, instead of being telegraphed to the body.This technology makes three significant comfort enhancing improvements: first, it dampens, or absorbs, engine and road vibrations, a common cause of rider fatigue; second it isolates the rider from all of the hard motorcycle pieces located below; and third, it conforms to the rider’s butt and spreads pressure over a larger area to eliminate hot spots and loss of blood circulation. Eliminating the pounding and minimizing these forces result in lower fatigue, stress and exhaustion

Now you can make any motorcycle seat into a SaddleGel™ seat. Install this pad under the cover of your stock or aftermarket seat to give you all-day comfort. This pad will fit most cruisers and most touring motorcycles including H-D Baggers, Gold Wings, as well as larger adventure bikes.

To retrofit a gel pad into an existing seat requires removal of the seat cover, carving or hollowing our a pocket in the seat cushion for the gel pad, insertion of the gel pad and reinstalling the seat cover. It is recommended to cover the seat cushion/gel assembly with a 1/8" thick open cell foam sheet prior to reinstalling the seat cover. Gel Pad installation is an available service from Saddlemen®. For more information please contact our sales department at 310-638-1222.

Saddlemen’s® gel pads are available in five different sizes to suit almost any motorcycle seat, simply select the one that best fits on your bike's seat. Motorcycle makes and models are constantly changing therefore Saddlemen® has created sizes and shapes to fit to almost any model. Simply measure your motorcycle's seat's width and length and select a pad whose dimensions just fit within the outer edges of your seat. Saddlegel pads can be trimmed to properly size the pad to the seat.

XX Large Pad Dimensions

  1. Remove the Seat from the motorcycle
  2. Remove the seat cover from the seat. (Drill out pop rivets with a sharp drill. Pry staples out with a staple removal tool or a small screwdriver and a pair of diagonal cutters being careful not to cut or tear the cover).
  3. Place the gel pad in the desired location on top of the foam cushion. Be sure to position the pad directly where the rider would be sitting on the seat.
  4. Using a felt tip pen, trace the outline of the gel pad as close as possible onto the top of the seat cushion. The foam inside this line will be removed to the depth equal to the thickness of the gel pad.
  5. Using a razor knife or a single edge rezor blade, cut around the inside of the felt pen line (the felt pen line should be left on the part of the cushion that will not be removed) to a depth approximately equal to the thickness of the gel.
  6. Using a thin flexible blade knife (like a fillet knife) rough carve our the area inside the cut line. Hold the knife as close to horizantal as possible. Do not cut as deep as the thickness of the gel pad.
  7. Use a small disc grinder to smooth the bottom of the pocket and bring it to the final depth (equal to the thickness of the gel pad).
  8. Fit the gel pad into the carved pocket in the cushion.
  9. Spray the cushion and gel pad with contact adhesive and cover with 1/8" open cell foam.
  10. Refit the seat cover and staple or rivet in place.
  11. Reinstall the seat on the motorcycle.