PERFECT FIT > Choose from five sizes to fit rider or passenger on virtually any motorcycle or ATV.

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Medium


9" length
Tapers 7.5" to 5.5"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Large


10.5" length
Tapers 14" to 8"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Easy Reach


11.5" length
Tapers 14.5" to 5.25"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Extra-Large


12.5" length
Tapers 15.5" to 9"

SaddleGel Comfort Pad Jumbo


13" length
Tapers 14.5" to 10"

Always remember to review your Motorcycle Owner's Manual before you ride. Before each ride, take time to check all your equipment. Always wear an approved helmet, eye protection, long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, gloves and boots. Always be sure your bike is in first-class condition before riding. Keep it well-maintained and always outfitted in accordance with state and local laws. Every motorcycle rider should be aware of the limits of his or her skills, experience and abilities and in accordance with state and local laws. Beginners should be extremely cautious and allow extra time and distance for maneuvering and braking. Saddlemen encourages you to ride safely and respect the environment.

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