"Performance" Restoration Foam & Cover Kit

Brand Fitment: Honda
Model Fitment: CRF450X
Year Fitment: 2009-2013

 Standard foam height - CF-weave/smooth vinyl cover
1pc-2up kit - Requires use of stock baseplate

    Saddlemen Part #: 0910-H006J
    Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited Part #: 0821-1637
Price: $136.00

Saddlemen has a value-minded solution for riders who wish to upgrade their Dual Sport or Off-Road motorcycle’s original seat. Saddlemen’s Performance Seat Kits include specially shaped foam with GEL and a custom-crafted vinyl cover that mounts easily to motorcycle’s original seat pan.

Depending upon the application and the option(s) the rider selects, these kits can improve the seating position though optional seat heights, enhance rider control through refined shapes and cover material grip, or improve riding comfort through superior design and construction.

In addition to the foam and marine-grade vinyl cover, each kit is packed with easy-to-follow installation instructions. Installation is easily handled by most motorcycle dealer technicians or a rider with good mechanical skills. Usually the only required tool is a good stapler.

Also included is a certificate for a special $20 installation rate when the kit is installed by one of Saddlemen’s seat artisans. Return shipping is extra, but the turnaround is usually a couple of days.

  • CF-weave vinyl cover has a "Carbon Fiber-look" weave pattern using high quality, marine-grade vinyl which is element resistant and holds up to extreme heat or cold

Information for Off Road-oriented Performance Seat Kits:

  • Includes specially shaped Saddlemen progressive density foam with a SaddleGel insert
  • Expertly cut and sewn seat cover has integrated headliner foam layer to a smooth appearance and extra cushion
  • Each cover is assembled using high quality, Marine-grade vinyl which is element resistant and holds up to extreme heat or cold
  • Most kits available with lower seat heights
  • Easy to install by your local dealer or yourself
  • Includes easy-to follow instructions that are chocked full of tips from Saddlemen’s expert seat craftsmen
  • Don’t want to do it yourself? Each kit includes certificate for $20 cover installation at Saddlemen (return shipping additional)
  • Each seat kit is designed and made in the USA.

Saddlemen Limited Warranty Policy



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